Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Follow The Star.....

Every year about this time, I try to write a poem. I have been neglectful of this task the last 2 years. But, here it is for this year. I hope you enjoy it.

I always try to get back to the TRUE meaning of this beautiful season....

Merry Christmas


Follow The Star....

I woke at five, jumped out of bed
I’m late, I’m late, I loudly said!
I’ve got to run, just do the hair
Throw on the clothes, oh gosh, a tear!

Grab a mug and poor some jo
Grab the ads, thrown to and fro!
Coupons laid beside the purse
I have to hurry to be the first!

Racing to get down to the mall
I plan to make a great big haul!
Elbow to elbow, we stand in line
The doors swing open and search the signs!

Oh, there it is, the video games
Grab one of those, it’s the right name!
A barbie for Heather; a game for Rose
An empty bin – I just about froze!

Where’s the stock I saw in the ads
What do you mean – the paint was bad!
What will I do without the right gifts
Oh my goodness, the kids will be miffed!

I’m wasting such time
Can’t wait in line
I ran out the door, and onto the next store
I got in the car, OH what a bore!

The car raced ahead, but not too far
Day turned to night, and I saw the first star
I suddenly stopped and stared at the light
I thought to myself, why put up a fight.

This time was not meant for money and strife
This time was not meant for all this hype.
I slowed my breathing and closed my eyes
Searching my memory, I then realized

This Christmas is sacred, so pure, full of love
The Christ Child, OUR SAVIOUR, HE sent from above
My heart filled with gladness, I took a deep sigh
That star, still above me, in heaven, on high.

The birth of our Saviour, so pure and so sweet
The wise men and shepherds and angels did greet
Such simple reminders, such simple regard
Just sit and remember, it isn’t so hard.

So when you are rushing and toiling about
Your heart is pounding and you have some doubt
Remember the birth of the baby that night
Praise, God, Hallelujah, HE gave us this light!