Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, I've finally taken the plunge and decided to open an Etsy shop. I'm finding it fun to put items for sale out there that I either create or others can use for artist supplies.

Such is the case of this vintage ledger paper. I happened onto an old 1880 ledger from the Youngstown, Ohio area. Gorgeous handwriting! It seems to be an accounts receivable type ledger. Pages are for sale in my Etsy shop! This is a great find, with just enough ink blots and marks on the pages to give it that lovely vintage character we all love.
As you can see by my side bar, I've just put out there a pair of felt baby shoes. They seem to have faded to a blue/blue-green color. I've glittered them up and added vintage pink seam binding for ties. Just too cute!

I've also put my Romantic Lady boxes out there. What a great gift idea for Mother's day, etc. Wouldn't a gift card look lovely in them?
Well, that's my news. Heather is posting a new post today for her shop. I've included a few dresses I had (one prom dress and one child's flower girls dress) for her new listings. Check her out at Pretty Petals.
Hope you all are enjoying the spring as much as I am. My flowers are now just coming up. Crocuses are showing their pretty little heads! Daffodils and tulips will be next! Time for yard work! I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that?? I'll say happy until mid summer! LOL!

Enjoy your day!
P.S. - not sure why blogger set my pictures up the way it did. Oh well, not being a techy, I'll have to live with it! LOL!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Greetings!

Well, it's not even a week away now. Easter is early this year and weather temperature predictions are in the mid 40's for Easter Sunday. But, after the long winter here in western PA, we'll take it! Just a few shots of my "quickly put together" Easter decorating.

In the picture above, my feather trees are scrumptious easter'y colors. My Mom got me the little white one for my birthday. The mercury glass beads are glittered and I love how they look intertwined in the trees.

Little Peter Rabbit is on his way to make the "egg" delivery! Love the soft colors in his clothes...
Chicks and Eggs!

A Teena Flannery glittered sheep. So sweet.....

"Birds of a Feather!"
Hope you all enjoy a very blessed Easter. And for you "young at heart" out there in blogland, hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of sweets and treats!

Easter Blessings,