Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Spring????!!!!!!

It has been Way-y-y-y-y too long since I've done a post and touched base with all my blogging friends. So, I am sorry I've been away so long. But, it is good to be back, and to have some time to enjoy catching up with all of you!

Might I say, "Happy Spring?"!!!!!!! Is it too early? Dare I say that? Either way, the birds are singing, the male cardinals are getting brighter, the days are getting longer, and that wonderful sun is shining! ALL the snow is gone, and my daffodills are poking through the ground! I just can't wait for those to bloom, and see the first signs of the crocuses.

I've been putting a few new things on ETSY for Spring/Easter, and am adding some pictures for all of the paper art fans. You'll find vintage pink Easter baskets, vintage wallpaper heart tags, cupid tags, and some images for use in your collage and mixed media arts.

The pictures that I am selling are framable, as they are printed on a high-end soft gloss card stock. Should you want them printed on regular card stock, that is possible, just let me know.

Here's a little poem that goes with the "Sweet Pea" pictures I have for sale on Etsy. It is from a Victorian trading card. Oh, so sweet! Perfect for Spring!

I wonder if you'll find me behind this tall sweet pea?
I'm 'fraid if you should look here you'd get a peep at me.
There's something on your doorstep, and I just rang the bell.
O dear, what am I saying, what made me go and tell?

I'm going to pop over now and see some of you. Hope you all got through the winter fine, and for my southern hemisphere friends, I hope your summer was absolutely divine!

Happy Spring to All!