Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Little Shopping

My husband and I were out doing errands the other day and I passed by a local store that I can usually find "something" to brighten the day! LOL! I found this little purse with woven wooden strips and a wooden handle. Now the "fruit", although probably lovely in its day, is not what I have envisioned to adorn this lovely purse. Can't you just see it with vintage millinery flowers and an elegant ribbon? And maybe some adorable little trinket on the front?

The inside of the purse showed this label. I've never seen a label saying "Hand Made in British Hong Kong". So, I will be "updating" this lovely purse and will later give you pictures. It will probably go for sale on my "Etsy".

I also found these 2 mini oil lamps that are 7" high. I thought they would be very cute in someone's collection or to decorate for the upcoming holidays. These are now listed in my Etsy.

These reflectors (I believe to be vintage) are so cute. I got quite a few of these in red and gold, blue and pink. The blue and pink I am having trouble letting go of, but I will list the red and gold in Etsy soon. But, as they say, you can't keep everything, right? It's quite possible the blue and pink will make its way over to the shop. I can just see little ornaments, or who knows what, made with these adorable things! I can just see something made with the inside of the reflector as the skirt! LOL!

Included in the basket with the reflectors were these little bells. Some are larger than others and some show signs of age (which is what we love). So, these too, will be making their way to my Etsy shop.

That's my treasures to show for today. I wish you all successful hunting!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bella Enchanted's Magic Wand Swap

I was recently in a swap to make a magic wand hosted by Bella Enchanted. It sounded fun and something a bit different. So, Lori, from Morning Glories and Moonflowers, and I were partnered. It was great fun getting to know a bit about Lori and her two lovely daughters. Lori home schools her two daughters. I admire anyone that can have such dedication to their children's education!

Here's the results of our labor and the wand created for me. Lori used a vibrant pink for the base and silver glitter paint. Trimmed in luscious pearls and of course edged in her trademark, those beautiful buttons! She added the delicious wire ribbon with silver accents and glittered the shaft of the wand. Just beautiful!

All that silver glitter! Yummy!

Buttons and pearls - a nice pair, don't you think?

Lori told me she loved the color combination of blue and white, so that was my inspiration for her wand (see below). I love using vintage materials, so I felt that it was absolutely necessary to add the vintage glass drawer pull as the top of the wand. I topped it with a vintage rhinestone pin. The shaft of the wand was painted white, glittered with a stamp design, french blue ribbon, and of course the bling of blue rhinestones. I couldn't leave out her two precious daughters. So, flower fairy wands were in order for them.

Lori and I decided that we would wish for peace and contentment, and of course, good health. So, I added those tags to the wand to remind of us of what's important.

Flower wands for two little girls!

Thank you Lori for making the swap so much fun. I loved your magic wand you created for me and am hopeful you loved the one I created for you, as well.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovin' all the Lovelies!

This past weekend I took a jaunt to a local spot that I check out from time-to-time and found some great stuff! Love these adorable victorian calling cards. Isn't it a shame in this day and age that we don't do more things like this. How quaint!
The paper doll books are not ancient, but a little vintage and in great shape. Some of this stuff will make its way to my Etsy Shop. I haven't been very good about putting new items in the store, so hopefully I'll get to this soon.

There are many outfits that go with each of these books. All new old stock. Nothing is cut or discolored. Absolutely beautiful! Gotta love these designer looks!

Then I stumbled on 3 different hats. I liked this vintage millinery hat for fall. Thought the colors were pristine! A few velvet flowers here and there, mixed in. Lovely! And don't you just love the hat base!

This feather hat is in absolutely perfect condition. A smattering of rhinestones and the veil (even though I can't figure it out) is perfect.

This little cutie is adorable. Love the pink flowers and the style is just too cute! These 3 hats are in impeccable condition. It would be difficult to tear them up for creating, but decide for yourselves. Sometimes you just have to do it! LOL!

A number of weekends ago, Lori from Faerie Window was here to shop and spend the day with Heather and myself, and she sent the nicest little gifts to us. Thanks so much, Lori. I love all of the great stuff to create with. Your little collage was just so dear, and I absolutely, positively love the sparkly "K", as well as the other supplies. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Loved having you here with us. Can't wait to "shop" with you again.

I was recently in a fairy wand swap and will be posting those pictures of what I created soon. Hope you all are having some fun mixed in your days. Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Before The Blooms Are Lost

I was thinking today of how far we are into the summer, and how short the life is of those gorgeous annuals and perennials (until next year) that we planted not long ago. So, as I sat there, a little poem started developing in my mind. Every once in a while, it hits me to put to paper what I am thinking and feeling.

So, please enjoy "Before The Blooms Are Lost", not only with paper and pen, but with images from my garden.....


Oh look! They’re there! As a saunter down the lane,
How lovely to see that the pinks and blues remain;
The green has grown so tall and the buds no longer small;
As if they know to hurry ’cause their color intrudes on fall.

The dimming of the light and the swaying of the trees;
A leaf floats along, as if sailing on the seas.
How sweet those sounds of the bees and the birds;
A twitter and a buzz are their only sweet words.

But before the blooms are lost, I must take a look around;
I must press into my memory, the lovelies that abound.
For soon this precious green will be lost to quiet white;
Not that I’m complaining, just lingering in its sight.

So before the blooms are lost, I will take just one more look;
Not long into the future, I’ll possess a fire and book.
To sit beside and think again of pinks and blues and greens;
“So long, until next year“, I’ll say, as I sit and think and dream.

Have a lovely day,