Monday, October 13, 2008

The Dawn Fairies.....

I was perusing some internet sites and came across this adorable little story of "The Dawn Fairies". Being as it is Monday, the start of another work week, my mind wandered to how wonderful it would be to start the day with the siting of "The Dawn Fairies"......

Once a little boy had heard of the Dawn Fairies and was so eager to see them that he got up long before daybreak—in fact, before the fairies themselves were up, for they sleep when it is really dark.

This little boy hid in the trunk of a tree. After what seemed a long time to him, the lovely Dawn Fairies came out from their sleeping places, and he heard them laugh their low bell-like laughs.

Suddenly one of them realized that someone was around and caught sight of the little boy. "Oh, dear," shrieked the fairy, "there's a huge person near us!" at which all the fairies scattered.

From that day to this, the fairy queen has been careful that no one else should see the Dawn Fairies, and so they all dress in invisible costumes.

Hope you all get to see "The Dawn Fairies" to start your day right! Have a wonderful week,


Monday, October 6, 2008

New Etsy Items and a Very Vintage Halloween Swap

I've been in the "creative spirit" with some new paper items for Etsy. I couldn't resist making a very Fallish (is that a word?) journal for the upcoming season. A place to jot down lists, to-do items, creative thoughts, and even daily journaling. It's just a fun little journal that brightens the season!

I added some vintage millinery, a few rhinestones and lots of black swirly glitter.
Inside is a little pocket with a sweet little cupid tag. German silver glitter adorns the tag.

I could not resist printing some tags with these silhouettes of children feeding the chickens. What fun for the upcoming Thanksgiving season! Just a hint of black glitter and the yummy black and white polka dot ribbon!

And last, but not least, these sweet cupid tags, all done up in German glass glitter and silver cord. So sweet to add to a package.

I was in a "Very Vintage Halloween Swap" hosted by Heidi at Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly. Unfortunately, my partner had some family illnesses, so I am not able to show you her creation. But, here is what I sent to Missy.

I was inspired to create this "pumpkin lady" from a design by Bethany Lowe. I just loved that the "little lady" had a house of her own, and of course, vintage sheet music seemed to be the way to go for wallpaper. I edged the window openings in black glitter and added the sentiment of the season "Halloween".

She holds a banner of "Halloween Wishes" and seems a bit shy as she peeks out her window. Since the weather is getting a bit chilly, I gave her a crepe paper collar and a muff for her hands.

And where would she go without a hat? Made of vintage sheet music and circled in glitter, it adds a delightful frame for her little pumpkin face.

So, a very Happy Halloween to all of you in the "Very Vintage Halloween Swap", and to all of my dear sweet friends in blogland!