Monday, October 13, 2008

The Dawn Fairies.....

I was perusing some internet sites and came across this adorable little story of "The Dawn Fairies". Being as it is Monday, the start of another work week, my mind wandered to how wonderful it would be to start the day with the siting of "The Dawn Fairies"......

Once a little boy had heard of the Dawn Fairies and was so eager to see them that he got up long before daybreak—in fact, before the fairies themselves were up, for they sleep when it is really dark.

This little boy hid in the trunk of a tree. After what seemed a long time to him, the lovely Dawn Fairies came out from their sleeping places, and he heard them laugh their low bell-like laughs.

Suddenly one of them realized that someone was around and caught sight of the little boy. "Oh, dear," shrieked the fairy, "there's a huge person near us!" at which all the fairies scattered.

From that day to this, the fairy queen has been careful that no one else should see the Dawn Fairies, and so they all dress in invisible costumes.

Hope you all get to see "The Dawn Fairies" to start your day right! Have a wonderful week,



  1. Hello Kitty,
    I just wanted to say long time no seen, but I see I totally missed at least your previous gorgeous Halloween creations, so well done!
    What a sweet story about the Dawn fairies. I'm not the person that rises very early if I don't have to, but alas my alarmclock buzzes at 6.15 am. Never seen the Dawn fairies yet, but perhaps I'm too busy! Or should I put my contactlenses in right away, what do you think?

  2. I guess i need to post the art fairy that lives in my art room --
    I love the idea of all the sweet little winged things people create
    Kathy -ga

  3. I loved this... how sweet! Thank you for sharing it, made my day :)
    All smiles here!!
    Have a magical darling!!
    xoxo Madai ~*~*~*~~*

  4. What a cute story! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    And that illustration is just so darling!

  5. Hi Kitty!
    I love the fairies! I have a blog award for you!

  6. Love the fairies!! All creating....

    have a blessed evening,
    kari & kijsa

  7. What a cute post about the Dawn Fairies. I must have a little bit of their dust in my eyes because I slept in this morning. I lost you for a while but now have you in my favorites and will be back often.

  8. Sweet blog, Kitty. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  9. VERY sweet!
    Happy Thanksgiving...

  10. Kitty, we haven't heard from you in a while...just wanted you to know that i am thinking about you...i hope all is well...God Bless!!!

  11. I adore your blog, so happy to have stumbled across it, I will definitely return! Mandy x

  12. Very sweet....
    Wishing you wonderful!


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