Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tread Gently Now, There May Be A Fairy Afoot.....

I came across this amazing fairy art by David Delamare. Isn't he such a talented illustrationist? I popped in a few pictures for you to enjoy and a little "fairy lore". Enjoy....

How do you attract faery folk to your garden or home?

There are several ways to attract the wee folk to your home. First you need to decide what type of faery you hope to attract. If you hope to attract flower and garden faeries you need to have some of their favorite plants around. Some of these are: Foxgloves, Fairy like to make their clothing from them. Ferns, these make nice soft beds for the little guys. Apple and or Oak trees, Fae often inhabit these trees. The oak is held sacred by many of them. Tulips, the faery like to use the tulip bloom to put their babies to bed. Rosemary, heartsease, and forget-me-nots are some others. While there are many others that fairy like these are some of their favorites. You can also build a little faery house from twigs, stones, crystals or other items found in nature. Put a crystal on the house to attract the faery to it. Place it in your garden, and soon a faery may make it home. Faery are attracted to bright and beautiful things. Oh and very important, if you want to keep the wee folk around, keep the cat out of the garden!

And Yes, they even appear in winter? Obviously it is majic that keeps them "toasty warm"!

Oh, and Yes, they can FLY TO THE MOON (and back, of course!) Such talented sprites!

One of their many talents is to tell stories! Oh, how they love to tell the stories of their past. No One knows for sure how long they live, but the stories are passed from generation to generation!

You might get lucky, and actually see a "little fairy". They are very fast, and just once in a while, when the conditions are right, and of course, if they want you to see them, it happens! It is magical! I feel sure I have seen one or two in my lifetime!

And let's not forget, that they take care of all of those little critters of the forest. Living happily among the trees!

So when you think you see a glint, or a wisp, or a whirl, you might have just seen a wee fairy!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Finally Finished The Bird House!

It was ONLY back in March that Karla from Karla's Cottage hosted a "Bling your Birdhouse" Swap (or not). You didn't have to swap, if you wanted to create your own bird house. I immediately decided this was a swap for me and went out and purchased my little birdhouse at Joanne Fabrics. The shape of the house reminded me of the little country churches my Dad preached at when I was growing up.

OK, OK. It's only taken me 3 additional months to finish, but it is finished! Ta-Da! I guess since I decided to create my own little bird house, just for me, I wasn't pressured by time. (Gee, do you think?!?!?)

Wel-l-l-l-l, better late than never! I am happy with the results and wanted to share with you. My Sea Glass Blue Bird House, with Silver German Glitter, and a little extra bling from some rhinestones. I added a rhinestone button to the end of the little perch.

I added some pretty sheet music on the strips on the roof of the house, separated by strips of german glass glitter. I coated the sheet music with Mod Podge to protect it.

The steeple is glittered all around. As is all the trim.

The bottom of the bird house was stamped with a contrasting paint color, but I thought the result was a little dull. So, I hand painted glitter glue on the pattern and glittered away. On the back top of the little house I added a rhinestone pin top.

Well, that's my bird house story. I did get another bird house and painted it pink. We'll see how long that one takes! LOL! The Bird House story is to be continued............

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Organizing and Just Some Pretties!

Well, I can hardly believe it's been almost two months since I did a post. I won't bore you with all the "why haven't I blogged" stuff. But, it's good to get back and I've missed all of you! Hope some of you are loving the new summer and those of you that are in winter, hope you stay toasty warm! This is just a picture of my lovely azelea bush. All of the flowering trees and shrubs bloomed wonderfully this spring.

I know there's been talk of how to organize things and this is how I organize my brushes, pens, etc. It's an old plant stand in yummy "aqua blue". Love all those curly cues, don't you?

I was at the local antique fair with Heather the other day and got this cute little pink wire basket. Couldn't find a better place for those "journals" and scrapbooks!

I got this "lovely" at the antique fair as well. Heather gave me the half German doll in the bottom front. She's very sweet and just the right companion!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but this is what I loved the most from the antique fair. I've been looking for one of these for quite some time. It's a bank, and ladies used to call it "pin money" that they saved to buy these sweet little pins that they would put on their clothes. Probably around the turn of the century that was popular to do. But, I just love the little purse styling!

Well, ladies, that's about it for me today. I wish you all a beautiful day and many blessings! Look forward to bouncing around to see how all of you have been!