Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Finally Finished The Bird House!

It was ONLY back in March that Karla from Karla's Cottage hosted a "Bling your Birdhouse" Swap (or not). You didn't have to swap, if you wanted to create your own bird house. I immediately decided this was a swap for me and went out and purchased my little birdhouse at Joanne Fabrics. The shape of the house reminded me of the little country churches my Dad preached at when I was growing up.

OK, OK. It's only taken me 3 additional months to finish, but it is finished! Ta-Da! I guess since I decided to create my own little bird house, just for me, I wasn't pressured by time. (Gee, do you think?!?!?)

Wel-l-l-l-l, better late than never! I am happy with the results and wanted to share with you. My Sea Glass Blue Bird House, with Silver German Glitter, and a little extra bling from some rhinestones. I added a rhinestone button to the end of the little perch.

I added some pretty sheet music on the strips on the roof of the house, separated by strips of german glass glitter. I coated the sheet music with Mod Podge to protect it.

The steeple is glittered all around. As is all the trim.

The bottom of the bird house was stamped with a contrasting paint color, but I thought the result was a little dull. So, I hand painted glitter glue on the pattern and glittered away. On the back top of the little house I added a rhinestone pin top.

Well, that's my bird house story. I did get another bird house and painted it pink. We'll see how long that one takes! LOL! The Bird House story is to be continued............

Have a great day!


  1. I like your style Kitty, I am not one to rush things either! And so worth the time, it is beautiful:) Rachael

  2. It only took you a few months but SOOOO worth it! lol Looks beautiful Mom and I love the color. :)

  3. Well worth waiting for! Its a beautiful birdie abode!

  4. Its beautiful !!
    I dont rush things either, anything worth making takes time.

  5. It's utterly FABULOUS!!!! Love the color and all your bling embellishments!!! I really love the music sheet roof, very very clever ;)
    So good to see what you've been upto, your ears must be ringing, been thinking of you ALOT :)
    HUGS sweetie!!

  6. Hi Kitty!
    Your birdhouse is just beautiful! I love all of the little touches. Just lovely!

  7. I love it, so precious. I wouldn't want to give it away

  8. Kitty, I am just drooling all over it. I saw it on flikr and thought. Oh My gosh that is the prettiest one yet !! I love it !! You did such a great job. :)

  9. Wow it was worth the wait, it's FABULOUS DARLING!

  10. very pretty! I love birdhouses and glitter so the combo is perfection!

  11. Kitty, my friend!! What a stunning little bird house. It was well worth the wait. Just beautimous!!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  12. This is truly one of the most beautiful bird houses I have ever seen. The color is fantastic...where did you get the paint and what it the name of it?
    LOVE meeting other w. Pa-er's here. Someday we must all get together. I am seriously thinking of hosting a w. Pa bloggers tea here at my little periwinkle poor house!

  13. I love your birdhouse Kitty! It was worth the wait!

  14. I really am liking the blue lately too. The birdhouse is divine. Come for a visit.

  15. Hi Kitty,

    Thanks for visiting me over at the "nest". I absolutely love the finished product - so unique and creative!


  16. Simply gorgeous. Where do you get your glitter from?


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