Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show Me Your Form Party!

Tiffany at Shabbyscraps is hosting a "Show Me Your Form Party". What a great idea, and what fun to see everyone's mannequins and their ingenious decorating ideas!

Bridgette and her two younger sisters (who have just begged their way into the pictures), are shown below. You might say, I have a family of "sister mannequins". All together there are four and their names are Bridgette, Claudette, Renee, and Clio. Renee and Clio being the two youngest.

So, here goes the pic's. Can't wait to see everyone else's "family".

Bridgette (the oldest), Renee (middle) and Clio (the baby) are shown in the picture below in the corner of my bedroom, where they hang out most of the time. Of course that little one gets into so much trouble. But, being as she is the baby, she gets away with way more than Renee. Renee might have what you call "Middle Child Syndrome"! LOL! LOL! But Renee is all dolled up in her finery and I have added some pearls, just to make her feel a bit older! Little Clio has rhinestone buttons atop her neckline, just so she will feel like she has a bit of bling! (More pictures below). Of course the 1950's prom dress hanging from the screen is the backdrop for all of this. Renee can't wait to fit into that one day!

But, let's give Bridgette a bit of a show as she was "the first" and she is "the oldest". So, we've given her the pick of the rhinestone jewelry to wear today. Her 1940's dress is just the softest of pinks and might I say, it is her favorite!

So Renee (on the left below) is wearing her best outfit, dolled up with a flower at the collar and of course, those beautiful pearls. She told me she just feels so elegant when she wears pearls! She hopes to wear them one day at her wedding. We'll tuck those away, just for her!

Now little Clio is wearing a very fashionable doll dress that fits her perfectly, and of course, to make her feel included, we just had to give her that bit of bling at the neckline!

Well, what started out as my first $10 mannequin from a yard sale , has now blossomed into another, very wonderful New York mannequin. Need I say, she is very high style, and very sophisticated. Her name is Claudette and here she is showing off her very fine figure! She has that wonderful bird cage bottom. Very high style, indeed!

She decided to wear a bit of lace and some millinery flowers from a designer hat that was found at a local vintage shop.

Even though the rhinestone necklaces are showy, she feels it adds just the right oomph and razzle-dazzle!
Now Bridgette did get the pick of the rhinestones, so she went for the beautiful rhinestone choker, adding a rhinestone pin and a few other goodies. She looks divine, and oh the compliments she has received!

Renee sporting her pearls. She hasn't developed a taste for the rhinestones yet, but I see that as not being far off! I can see the sister fights now!

And little Clio's rhinestone buttons. Just the right size for her. She says they remind her of shiny marbles. As they say, "Through a Child's Eyes"! LOL!

So ladies, there is my "Family of Mannequins". You just can't have one, you know. Can't wait to hop around and see everyone else's designs. Thank you Tiffany. This was a marvelous idea. I think your husband may be convinced after this show! LOL!

Have a great day ladies!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Pleasures.....

Well, it was certainly a fun day last Sunday at the Washington Antiques Fair with Heather (Pretty Petals) and her friend Stephanie, Karla (Karla's Cottage) and Lori (Faierie Window). Fun was certainly had by ALL! And need I say, FUN shopping.

Here's a few shots of one of the prettier booths at the fair. Love all that WHITE! How summery is that?

Karla and Lori are in the photo above, enjoying the "wares"!
This wicker daybed was to die for. It just screams summer, doesn't it?
Aren't these the prettiest chairs? Love the whole set! It would look great on my porch!

Aren't those plates in the basket divine! YES! They are paper! LOL! I had to get close to see that!
Chandeliers and vanities! Ah-h-h-h, so pretty!

Karla brought the beautiful "birdie" cone below filled with wonderful treasures for me. Just love it Karla.

Heather made the cone above for all of us. Just so beautiful in white and ledger paper. Love the beautiful flower on the front.

I couldn't pass up this tin of buttons for $3. Yes, that included the tin!

I think I love this the most, though. It's a victorian over the bed reading light. Of course hubby will rewire for me. I just love the colors and the beautiful ribbon flower on the front!

Isn't this book darling? Printed in 1897. Can't wait to read "Dotty's" Story!

And last, but not least, I got these great cabinet cards and photos. Just love them. Check out the little girl in the striped socks. So cute!

As usual, I could have spent a ton more money, but as they say, "You Just Can't Have Everything". Can't wait for next month to once again go antiquing at the "Washington Antique Fair"!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to give all you ladies a "heads up" that someone very special to me is having her 30-something birthday today! Sorry this is a bit late, but I know she'll be so tickled to have all of you give her some birthday wishes! Here's to you, Heather, my lovely daughter. I love you and wish you 34+ (oops, I guess I've spilled the beans!), more wonderful years. Now blow out those birthday candles and tell that sweet husband of yours to take you OUT TO DINNER! LOL!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It Only Takes A Minute.....

It's been a rough week and a half for me and my family. Many family members have come up with different health problems. This has caused much anxiety and I would humbly ask for your prayers this week.

To aid in ridding myself of the anxiety and to help remind myself where my strength lies, I've written this poem. Thanks for stopping by and visiting... Kitty

It Only Takes A Minute

It only takes a minute, to brush your teeth and go
Into the world, drive to the job, running to and fro
It seems a must that we just trust we’ll get it all just right
But something says, did I forget? It’s edged just out of sight.

It seems there’s days when troubles rise, it’s all out of control
When peace within seems lost, there’s nothing to console
Where is the thing that kept me sane, the thread I thought was there
Oh did it break, where did it go? Does no one out there care?

“Be Still My Child” a voice I hear, so small I hardly heard
What was that sound, soft on the wind, the calling of a bird?
Again I hear, “Be Still Your Heart, Have Faith, Just Trust In Me”
“Ah yes”, I say, “What’s wrong with me?” I need to let it be.

You see my friend, I only need to put my faith “In Him”
With troubled life and all the strife, it isn’t just a whim.
He is the thread that still is there, my pain has blinded me.
For Christ the King, my Lord of Lords has died to set me free.

So when you feel that feeling rise, that life you can’t control
Things get rough, you just can’t bear, the hurting of your soul.
It only takes a minute to just say a little prayer
Just give to “HIM”, all your hurt, “He” is the one that cares.