Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show Me Your Form Party!

Tiffany at Shabbyscraps is hosting a "Show Me Your Form Party". What a great idea, and what fun to see everyone's mannequins and their ingenious decorating ideas!

Bridgette and her two younger sisters (who have just begged their way into the pictures), are shown below. You might say, I have a family of "sister mannequins". All together there are four and their names are Bridgette, Claudette, Renee, and Clio. Renee and Clio being the two youngest.

So, here goes the pic's. Can't wait to see everyone else's "family".

Bridgette (the oldest), Renee (middle) and Clio (the baby) are shown in the picture below in the corner of my bedroom, where they hang out most of the time. Of course that little one gets into so much trouble. But, being as she is the baby, she gets away with way more than Renee. Renee might have what you call "Middle Child Syndrome"! LOL! LOL! But Renee is all dolled up in her finery and I have added some pearls, just to make her feel a bit older! Little Clio has rhinestone buttons atop her neckline, just so she will feel like she has a bit of bling! (More pictures below). Of course the 1950's prom dress hanging from the screen is the backdrop for all of this. Renee can't wait to fit into that one day!

But, let's give Bridgette a bit of a show as she was "the first" and she is "the oldest". So, we've given her the pick of the rhinestone jewelry to wear today. Her 1940's dress is just the softest of pinks and might I say, it is her favorite!

So Renee (on the left below) is wearing her best outfit, dolled up with a flower at the collar and of course, those beautiful pearls. She told me she just feels so elegant when she wears pearls! She hopes to wear them one day at her wedding. We'll tuck those away, just for her!

Now little Clio is wearing a very fashionable doll dress that fits her perfectly, and of course, to make her feel included, we just had to give her that bit of bling at the neckline!

Well, what started out as my first $10 mannequin from a yard sale , has now blossomed into another, very wonderful New York mannequin. Need I say, she is very high style, and very sophisticated. Her name is Claudette and here she is showing off her very fine figure! She has that wonderful bird cage bottom. Very high style, indeed!

She decided to wear a bit of lace and some millinery flowers from a designer hat that was found at a local vintage shop.

Even though the rhinestone necklaces are showy, she feels it adds just the right oomph and razzle-dazzle!
Now Bridgette did get the pick of the rhinestones, so she went for the beautiful rhinestone choker, adding a rhinestone pin and a few other goodies. She looks divine, and oh the compliments she has received!

Renee sporting her pearls. She hasn't developed a taste for the rhinestones yet, but I see that as not being far off! I can see the sister fights now!

And little Clio's rhinestone buttons. Just the right size for her. She says they remind her of shiny marbles. As they say, "Through a Child's Eyes"! LOL!

So ladies, there is my "Family of Mannequins". You just can't have one, you know. Can't wait to hop around and see everyone else's designs. Thank you Tiffany. This was a marvelous idea. I think your husband may be convinced after this show! LOL!

Have a great day ladies!



  1. I'm confused, sweetpea, which hubs will tell you is my "natural state" so don't blame me!! But which is Clio, which is Claudette and which is Bridgette???? Are there 3? And, my little nest chick, where do you get those delightful "forms"?!?!?! I need to get one to participate in the partieees!!!!!

  2. I love she is looking smashing but Claudette is definatly the beauty! You sure are getting yourself quite the little collection over there. lol!

  3. tiffany~shabbyscraps01 August, 2008 01:35

    your ladies are oh so lovely, none more than the other! Thank you so much for sharing and helping prove to the world and especially my dear sweet husband that I do NOT indeed, need a straight jacket!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  4. Kitty, what adorable dressforms you have! And you have displayed & regaled them royally!! Love all the bling!

    Come visit mine when you get a chance!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  5. Haha Kitty you are so right, with dress forms one is none ( as with jewelry, dolls well need I say more?) You simply have to have more!! I love Bridgette the most as you seldom see those over here.
    Don't forget to check my dress forms too! Have fun today!

  6. Kitty, your family of girls is sooooo pretty!!! they look very beautiful all dolled up for the party:) my Tallulah Belle is very mad at me now, because i did not find out about the party until it was closed and she wanted to show off too...maybe next time...

  7. What lovely pink dresses and your forms are really pretty. Your lucky to have them! ~Martha

  8. Your dress forms are great, love their names too!

  9. Wow--4 girls, 4 weddings--there goes the family budget. Thank goodness they seem to have a thrifty nature and appreciate those flea market finds! Your post was such fun. Thanks for sharing your girls.

  10. I Love the sisters, they are all so BEAUTIFUL!!!! They look so pretty all dresses up love the pink dress too. Have a wonderful day.


  11. I like all of the pretty pink!!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. What a fun little club you have! I lurrve the sash of flowers with rhinstones *sigh* and only wish I could get away with wearing just that.

  13. Kitty~ Your kind comments on my blog really touched my heart! Thank you so much!
    Also, your blog is so lovely!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. We have a Claudette at the store but she doesn't belong to me. I want her ever so badly. I think yours may be even more cool though =) Blessings... Polly

  15. What a darling little family you have all dolled up in their finery!

  16. They are beautiful, and I love the clever touches you incorporated!

  17. Well Hello there Kitty, thank you for visiting my blog! I too love company.

    I just love your mannequins, and that you named them. I think Claudette is special. Bridgette looks so beautiful and the younger ones are such princesses. I need a mannequin of my own.

    take care and have a great weekend.


  18. Your 'family' looks so lovely. You have made me want to collect them myself now! Have a wonderful weekend. Twyla

  19. Beautiful sisters! Lovely attire too. Wonderful rhinstones!
    I think Claudette is my fave, and I love the name.

  20. Claudette is a stunner! You have a beautiful collection. I totally understand how one form is not nearly enough. I'm forever searching...

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  22. Your girls are so pretty Kitty! Rachael

  23. Oh! I really, really need a dress form after seeing all of these beauties! Brigette is tres chic!

  24. Well, I love all your girls. But Claudette is my favorite - because I LOVE the cage she has for her skirt, and the rhinestones she is wearing are my favorite. (But don't tell Bridgette.)


  25. So lovely....I have been looking for one of these!

  26. Oh wow, how lucky are you to have not one but three forms. They look fabulous.
    Come by for a visit I am having a giveaway

  27. Oh, how lucky of you and everyone who has a dressing form...
    I so want one!
    But the prices in the U.K, are ridiculous!
    Never mind, I will have to come over and over to your blog just to look at yours...
    Kisses Kisses

  28. Love your blog ~ so soothing!
    And some fabulous forms!

  29. They're beautiful dress forms Kitty! Heather was telling me about the amazing one you found, and how perfect it is! love how you have dressed them up!

  30. Wow, a whole family of them !! lol Do they eat much ?? lol !! I LOVE that sweet pink dress, Sigh, that is Pretty !! :)

  31. Lovely....Ive got my eye on that pink dress


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