Sunday, August 10, 2008

Before The Blooms Are Lost

I was thinking today of how far we are into the summer, and how short the life is of those gorgeous annuals and perennials (until next year) that we planted not long ago. So, as I sat there, a little poem started developing in my mind. Every once in a while, it hits me to put to paper what I am thinking and feeling.

So, please enjoy "Before The Blooms Are Lost", not only with paper and pen, but with images from my garden.....


Oh look! They’re there! As a saunter down the lane,
How lovely to see that the pinks and blues remain;
The green has grown so tall and the buds no longer small;
As if they know to hurry ’cause their color intrudes on fall.

The dimming of the light and the swaying of the trees;
A leaf floats along, as if sailing on the seas.
How sweet those sounds of the bees and the birds;
A twitter and a buzz are their only sweet words.

But before the blooms are lost, I must take a look around;
I must press into my memory, the lovelies that abound.
For soon this precious green will be lost to quiet white;
Not that I’m complaining, just lingering in its sight.

So before the blooms are lost, I will take just one more look;
Not long into the future, I’ll possess a fire and book.
To sit beside and think again of pinks and blues and greens;
“So long, until next year“, I’ll say, as I sit and think and dream.

Have a lovely day,


  1. You are so talented Kitty! I love your poem! It's saying goodbye in a positive way. And you have lovely plants in your garden. I love ferns, foxglove and peonies too. Those garden ornaments really are gorgeous! Why not make a post touring around with us in your garden? I will surely come and party!

  2. Gorgeous garden and simply gorgeous poem! I think it must be so lovely to have such drastic changes of Seasons, to be reminded that the circle of life will continue year after year. We have one season, we just change the name every three months..that is about as different as it gets...well it does very in temperature a little but is not anywhere near as dramatic and beautiful as your Seasons! Have a glorious day and enjoy! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  3. Kitty, that is SO beautiful. You really have such a talent for expression. I always feel like a big dork with my foot firmly wedged in my mouth. :) Your garden is lovely too, what a slice of Heaven you live on. :)



  4. Oh Kitty,

    What a beautifully refreshing post. My favorite flower is the Foxglove. Mine have come and gone, but I've saved all the seeds. Hopefully I'll have another garden full of these lovelies next summer.


  5. Kitty, what a lovely poem...your foxglove is gorgeous...i always had trouble with that plant...the biennial ones always traveled places i didn't want them to...and the perennial variety always died for me...i do have one now that managed to survive, but the silly thing won't bloom:)

  6. Love your sweet poem, you have so much talent! It is nice that you have a place to express it here in your little corner of the It is SO true that they will be gone before long... summer goes by so fast. Love Heather

  7. Dearest Kitty, what a beautiful poem. Thank you. It makes the eventual end of gardening season easier.

  8. Kitty the poem is just beautiful!!! You are really good with words, such a gift... I felt such a calm feeling reading and gazing on your beautiful flowers...
    Thank you for this... I needed it!
    xo ~*~*~ Madai

  9. Hi Kitty! What a lovely poem! Thanks so much for sharing it. I just love the word "sauntering" ~ not many people ever use it!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. The flowers are beautiful!
    Im starting to feel a bit blue because summer is coming to a close.
    but fall is gorgeous so its not all bad.

  11. I love your poem and your garden pictures Kitty. You have green thumbs and a gift with words too!


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