Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Little Shopping

My husband and I were out doing errands the other day and I passed by a local store that I can usually find "something" to brighten the day! LOL! I found this little purse with woven wooden strips and a wooden handle. Now the "fruit", although probably lovely in its day, is not what I have envisioned to adorn this lovely purse. Can't you just see it with vintage millinery flowers and an elegant ribbon? And maybe some adorable little trinket on the front?

The inside of the purse showed this label. I've never seen a label saying "Hand Made in British Hong Kong". So, I will be "updating" this lovely purse and will later give you pictures. It will probably go for sale on my "Etsy".

I also found these 2 mini oil lamps that are 7" high. I thought they would be very cute in someone's collection or to decorate for the upcoming holidays. These are now listed in my Etsy.

These reflectors (I believe to be vintage) are so cute. I got quite a few of these in red and gold, blue and pink. The blue and pink I am having trouble letting go of, but I will list the red and gold in Etsy soon. But, as they say, you can't keep everything, right? It's quite possible the blue and pink will make its way over to the shop. I can just see little ornaments, or who knows what, made with these adorable things! I can just see something made with the inside of the reflector as the skirt! LOL!

Included in the basket with the reflectors were these little bells. Some are larger than others and some show signs of age (which is what we love). So, these too, will be making their way to my Etsy shop.

That's my treasures to show for today. I wish you all successful hunting!



  1. What great finds Kitty, I can so see that basket decorated with millinary flowers!!! I haven't seen that label before either! Did you get my Etsy/Paypal order for one of the Paper Doll books?? Take Care, Rachaelxo

  2. I know its meant to be a handbag, but I think it would be the perfect little "basket" for a picnic lunch *for one*. Do you?

  3. Kitty, great finds indeed...that purse will be TDF all foofed up with millinery and a pretty ribbon:)

  4. Love that purse. You will have a beauty when you are finished!

  5. Lovely finds there Kitty! I can just see that basket with millinery from your daughter's collection (i won't tell her if you go steal some!)

  6. HI Kitty! I'm so glad you stopped at my blog! YOu think like I do, I often stop to find a little treasure .. just something small, inexpensive and sweet.. to brighten my days! the problem is I dont need another thing in my house!! At least you turn around and put things on etsy.. I may start one eventually for my miniature bears!
    have a sweet day and be sure to stop again soon!

  7. Hi, Kitty, I'm Holly! I joined the Sweet Six and saw your name.

    I'm going on a quick treasure hunt today before I go to a pic nic! Sounds like a fun day, eh?

    ~ Hearts~

  8. Sweet stuff Kitty...I have already started Christmas shopping !!! I'm always on the look out for vintage Christmas decor and will be flea marketing tomorrow for just such items. Great that bsket purse.

  9. Hi!
    This basket purse is beautiful! I know that China was occupied by (hmm, is that the right word?) Great Britain. Maybe this is why. OR maybe Great Britain was given occupation of Hong Kong for a period of time as stated in a treaty. Ah, I have forgotten all of my history!
    Hugs, Mary

  10. Hi Kitty :)
    I thought I would ask you about the bells. I left a note at your etsy shop!
    Thank YOu!

  11. Wonderful treasures you have found there! I especially like the basket handbag. How sweet!

    You are a lucky girl!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  12. K-I need to know, regular or decaf? Katie

  13. I got all excited when I saw those bells because we had some just like that on our tree when I was a kid! Then I realized just how much that dates me...ack! So I'll just go back to my corner now and finish my cup of tea.


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