Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The End of Summer Antique Fair

Well, it has been a month since the last antique fair. I was happy that my schedule allowed me to attend this one, as there is only one more for this year (sigh). How can it possibly be that the summer is gone?

Well, I guess that means I just have to cozy up in my chair, light the fire, read a good book and work on some new projects! But, before that snow flies, take a little trip with me to the Washington Antiques Fair.....

Doesn't the above chair have such wonderful form? Can't you just see it reupholstered in your favorite yummy fabric? Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to one antique sale and have enough money to buy what you wanted and THEN........ have enough money to fix what needs fixed! I think I have purchased lots of things that need fixin' in my life, but not enough have gotten out the other end, refurbished! Projects for another day!

Isn't this picture a beauty! This particular table had LOTS of pictures. Just gorgeous. This one, in particular, reminds me of two sisters, playing happily. Good times, indeed!

These doors caught my eye. Looks like someone used some creative license on them. I think I like the one on the right better than the one on the left. But great colors, don't you think?

Now who can't use a fabric screen? I have a weakness for these. I own only one, but, boy, could I own more! There's that money thing again... Hmmmmmm.......

And, another screen. Cute dishes. Great table for the porch or a kitchen.

Sweet arrangements.

Love that white drop front desk in the background. I have just the place for it! (No, it didn't go home with me (sigh))!

Lots of tables with small items. Lots of silver at this booth. So pretty!

A few of my treasures. These little babies were a steal! Aren't they adorable?

These light switch covers are metal facings mounted on wood. Wouldn't they be so cute incorporated into a collage? Can't you just see some sweet little faces peeking out through the holes?
And this little china hat will be making its way to my Etsy. Perfect condition. It's just adorable!

Well that's it for today's trip to the antique fair. Hopefully I'll have one more trip to show you pictures and hopefully some purchases. I did get some great shell buttons at this sale, as well. Happy Hunting!


  1. What a wonderful fair...I too adore that rose screen, in fact that whole display could be transported to my house and I would be a very happy girl. oh well nice to dream isn't it? Thanks for sharing, it is great fun to look at all things I would love to have!!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

  2. Hi Kitty, my parcel arrived! Thank you! Love the book and adore all your extra touches! Thank you so very much! Rachaelxo

  3. I love those screens too. I have one and just like you I feel I could use more. I bought mine in Belgium, for about 15 usd and I had to foof it up, but I'm so much enjoying it. Thanks for the market tour! I loved it, sorry that the season is over (here too!). Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for taking me to the flea market. We have NOTHING like that where I live....So lovely.

  5. such beautiful things! I wish there would be antique fairs where I live! I guess Arizona is just to hot for it... I love your little babies, and who could resist shell buttons?!

  6. looks like a great place to look around! Love those little babies you found!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  7. Looks like it was a fun one! Wish I would have been able to come.... the babies you got are SO adorbable! love your displayed them..little cuties. :)

    love, Heather

  8. hello kitty ~

    what a perfect way to end the summer!

    thanks for stopping by my little corner of blogland, very sweet of you! and i am looking forward to SB and meeting heather!

    xo ~ heidi

  9. Oh my, so many pretties! I think my husband is really really glad we don't have a wonderful fair like that near us or we'd probably be homeless due to my lack of will power in vintage spending. I love love love that little blue table with the pink chairs and sweet china! And boy can I ever relate to a long list of unfinished projects, I am the master procrastinator. :) Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

  10. ooh these pieces, you make me want to have them LOL

    Thank you for sharing Kitty!

  11. FAB Finds! Love them all!
    Those pink dishes .. with the aqua .. Oh, My! . . .

  12. Too much fabulousness on one place!! We are drooling over the great finds!!
    kari & kijsa

  13. Ooohhh, love those babies !! And, yes, that screen is a beautiful piece. I like that aqua dresser, i would have had to shove that in my car and take it home. I hope this finds you happy and well !! :) Hugs,


  14. Oh what a wonderful antique fair! I love everything I see! I always say, even if I can't buy it all, I can enjoy seeing it at the fair :>)

  15. Thank you for lovely comment! Wow I want everything!

  16. Love all your photos! looks like a great fair!!
    thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi Kitty~ LOVE the fabric screen and I don't own one, but always wanted one. Lots of pretty things to tempt you at the fair!! Just got home from an all day fair in Northern California. Tons of treasures!!!!

    Have a lovely new week,

  18. Oh you did well! Such pretty pictures and lots of great treasures. Looks like it was a great day!


  19. Looks like a wonderful flea market!! I love your finds- especially those adorable dolls!


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