Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Picnic or Two......

I've been thinking alot about family and picnics and just spending some relaxing time together in conversation.  Maybe not talking at all, but watching the kids run around.  No pressure to "use our manners" ~  No pressure to "use the right fork".  Just to say AH~H~H~H, kick the shoes off, and sip that glass of sweet tea, all frosty and cold.

I absolutely love this picture.  It is a picture of a family back in the 70's (yes, back when I was in my prime).  The picture is from a vintage issue of House and Garden.  Now these people are a little "over dressed" for my picnics.  Shorts, t-shirts, sandals and flip-flops are a must at my picnics!  But, doesn't this picture just bring a smile to your lips and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing they are having such a good time.  All under the shade of a tree, with wonderful balloons, umbrellas, and yes, even hats for those of us that worry about the sun.  Children in cotton dresses, the feel of grass under your feet, and the sweet smell of clover in the air!  Just so wonderful.

While pondering about this picture, I suddenly had a flashback to my youth.  When I was a little girl, probably 6 or 7.  My family went to my Dad's grandparents who lived in Frametown, WV, near Gassaway and Sutton.  Now these were country people, and Oh, such sweet country people they were.  Big Mommy and Big Daddy (as I knew them), were the kindest, gentlest souls.  With their thick local accent (which I found myself picking up the longer I was there :)), they would give hugs and talk and talk about what was going on in the local town and of course, their little church.  Dad would line us up, me, my brother and my sister, and have us sing hymns for them.  A small little concert.  You would have thought we were stars on the stage by the twinkle in Big Mommy's eyes.

They lived in a very small, very simply furnished cottage ~ no air conditioning.  Big Mommy's sister, Merle, lived behind her in a little cottage, where she raised chickens and a had a few sheep.  I was thrilled to find out Aunt Merle had named the one sheep "Kitty Lynn".  I mean, really, at the age of 7, wouldn't that be the most amazing thing in your life?  We found eggs in the hen house, ran through the creek, and petted Big Daddy's dog, "Bally".  Carefree summer days, where we would walk down the dirt lane, and take a ride through the mountains.

We didn't visit my great grandparents much, and it wasn't long until Big Daddy passed and then Big Mommy.  Time gets muddled in your youth, so I couldn't give you the year.  But the one thing I remember most is how Big Mommy died.  The story goes, she was sitting in church, she stood up to give her testimony, sat down, and the Lord took her home.  If I could ask for anything, anything at all, it would be to go home to the Lord, in this way.

So, as I was looking at this family, in the vintage picture above, all these memories came rushing back. 

Yes, family, so precious, ever changing, and so many memories.....  If there is one thing I want to do this summer, is to make some "family memories", for me, for my kids, and especially for my grandkids.

Blessings to all.  Happy Summer! Kitty