Monday, December 21, 2009

A Story So Old.....

The fire is bright, a crackling sound
The wonderful smell of wood smoke abounds;
A sigh slips out, as I hang my head
A feeling so heavy, a feeling of dread.

I look to the window, the snow falling down
A curtain of white, a carpet is found;
The twinkling of lights, the shine of the tree
Such beautiful things, it must mean something to me!

The smell of the baking, those cookies, divine
Out of the oven, they cool in a line;
The presents all wrapped, colors red, green and white
It all works together, such a beautiful sight.

So, why am I feeling this sadness, so low
I sit and I question, as I add one more bow;
The toiling, the cooking, the work, all aplenty
It’s nothing so different, the lists are so many.

I go to the shelf and pull down one “Old Book”
This maybe will cheer me, I’ll have one more look;
I flip through the pages and find the old story
I know it by heart, I can see all its glory.

A mother so young, and a man full of faith
The journey they took was more than a place;
Such blessings bestowed, on these two, did they know?
The wonderful gift, she surely would sow.

Such darkness with starlight, and straw, all aglow
A beautiful child, in a manger, so low;
The sheep and the donkeys, the cows lying down
A cry and a smile, such love did abound.

A humble beginning, but lessons were learned
I thought of my Saviour, my heart was up-turned;
No longer the sadness, no longer beguiled
The gift of “The Father”, Jesus, “His” child.

I finished the story and sighed once again
Only, this time, a sigh of rejoicing within;
A tear of the joy from the story, I shed
Like sheep with the shepherd, I too felt led.
To tell you just read it ~ accept his great love
An act all too simple, it comes from above;

So, bless you, my dear ones, a moment, just take
This glorious Christmas, Oh let us awake!
To sit and remember the story, so old
The Christ Child, our Saviour, “The Book”, it has told….

Merry Christmas
December 25, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decorating ~ Take Two......

I thought I would do another "Christmas Decorating" post before Christmas. This is the final, for sure. No more decorating. I hadn't shown pictures of my old dry sink or the mantel decorated in the last post. These are close ups of what is inside the dry sink. I lined everything with buffalo snow and then this new snow that I found at a local gift shop. It is the texture of buffalo snow, only little balls. You can see it in the pics. It is great to work with. I then printed out some of my favorite Christmas card pictures and some "words of the season" that I absolutely love and edged in silver glitter. Hope you like the results.

The birds are in honor of my Dad as he loved the birds. This is the third Christmas he has been gone. I know he is celebrating with us....

I don't usually do alot with the mantel, as it is small, but, I cleared it all of except 2 sets of candlesticks. Put more of "the snow" down, and added my collection of sheep, and more Christmas cards. Wish you could see the glitter of the cards. They are so pretty.

A full picture of the mantel. I used vintage tinsel to loop underneath with some very sweet Bethany Lowe ornaments I found at T.J. Maxx.

And finally, a few shots of ornaments that I love on the tree. I have vintage mercury glass bead garland on the tree. And, I usually add "more snow" (LOL!) on the branches, but decided to "go green" this year.

The year my Dad died, I decided it was time to hang pictures of family that had passed, on the tree, in memory. This is just to show you what I did. This is my Dad's parents. They have been long gone, but not from my memory. I look forward to the day I get to see them all again!

I started a new tradition this year. I have many pictures of my family at the holiday gatherings, pictures of "all of the trees" we have had in the past, and of course, the infamous "snow pictures". I collected as many as I could, quickly, and put them in a red scrap booking album. No fuss, just put them in there, randomly, and will add to the collection when I print out more, or find more in the old photos. "I LOVE" the results. I LOVE sitting there and flipping through all the old photos, remembering (and sometimes not remembering), the time of the picture and what was occuring in life then. And laughing, too. I'll add a nice cover to it that says "Christmas At Our House".

God Bless You all this holy Christmas season. May you remember all who have passed on, and hopefully start a new tradition of your own this year...

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Wish We Could Put Up Some of the Christmas Spirit in Jars and Open a Jar Of It Every Month...

It seems we are all getting far enough along now with our Christmas decorating to show a few pictures. I am no exception, and decided I'd better get out what is accomplished. I have cut back a bit this year, in the decorating, and the rushing. I really am trying to "enjoy" this blessed season.

The big question for me this year, was whether or not to put up the 9 foot tree. You see, 2 years ago, after many years of buying "real" trees, we decided to go fake. I know, I know, it is true, it is just not the same. No beautiful pine smell, no red rash on my arm from the tree, no pine needles to sweep up. So, we bought the fake tree. Am I happy, you ask? Not a chance.

The argument this year was, "Honey, can we get a real tree, but this year, can we get a 6 or 7 footer?" He tried the many ways he knows of to get me to re-think my proposal, and in the end, I did, mostly because of the work it would cause for him and the cost. You see, I am a Christmas tree "snob". Yes, I know. You're thinking *gasp*, I can't believe she said that. But, I am. I admit it whole heartedly. A real tree is never quite right, I critique, and critique, and critique. I am not happy with the results after it is decorated, and always have been in pursuit of "the perfect tree". You know, it has to be straight, no holes, and most importantly, the branches had to "almost" reach the floor. Not too high, and not too low. So, the dilemma of always cutting off just the right amount of tree trunk.....

Well, I hate to tell you, but I have passed this gene onto my dear daughter, Heather. Yes, yes, she is a "Christmas Tree Snob". ~ She probably doesn't want me to tell you this, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She hinted of this in a recent post, driving her own dear hubby crazy when putting up the tree. So, I thought I would just come clean. There's nothing like "telling all" to cleanse the soul. I hope you all will not judge me (or Heather), and I hope NONE of you out there have this same illness. It has taken me years to get this far.

So, please enjoy my "fake" tree, and I promise, I WILL ENJOY this year's tree. :)

On with the Christmas decorating ~ :)

This Bible was given to my father when I was 8 years old by his Dad. It is one of the things I treasure so very much, and it was given to our family at Christmas, 1963.

The nativity set is not vintage, but I do love it and the banner (which, I hope you all can see), "Behold The Child", was given to me by my dear friend Madai of Wren Cottage. It is the perfect touch in my little bay window...

Garlands on the stairs.

Angels watching on the landing.....

An all white vignette....

And here is my beautiful tree, (without the flash), in all its glory....

Blessings to you all this blessed Christmas season. Praying for a most memorable holiday for all of you....

Merry Christmas

Title Quote by Harlan Miller

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pretty Petals Garland Class....

Heather told me about her idea for this sweet Christmas Garland, and I thought how inventive, how creative, and "Why Didn't I Think of That"! LOL! LOL! She is so very talented and creative ~ I just love my daughter, and couldn't be more proud of her.....

So, I just wanted to give all you gals a heads up to pop over to her boutique and sign up for her "on-line" class on how to make the "Sweet Messengers of Christmas Garland". I'm adding it to my list to do. Of course, that will be right after I finish her class on making the art journal. I'm nearly done with that one, just a "little pokey", as my dear Mom says.

I'll be doing a post very soon of Christmas decorating. My sweet friend, Madai from Wren Cottage gave me a banner to use over my nativity in a swap we had this past summer. It is in place, and I couldn't be happier. As soon as I have a good "light day", the camera will be buzzing.

Talk to you all very soon...

Merry Christmas,