Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Wish We Could Put Up Some of the Christmas Spirit in Jars and Open a Jar Of It Every Month...

It seems we are all getting far enough along now with our Christmas decorating to show a few pictures. I am no exception, and decided I'd better get out what is accomplished. I have cut back a bit this year, in the decorating, and the rushing. I really am trying to "enjoy" this blessed season.

The big question for me this year, was whether or not to put up the 9 foot tree. You see, 2 years ago, after many years of buying "real" trees, we decided to go fake. I know, I know, it is true, it is just not the same. No beautiful pine smell, no red rash on my arm from the tree, no pine needles to sweep up. So, we bought the fake tree. Am I happy, you ask? Not a chance.

The argument this year was, "Honey, can we get a real tree, but this year, can we get a 6 or 7 footer?" He tried the many ways he knows of to get me to re-think my proposal, and in the end, I did, mostly because of the work it would cause for him and the cost. You see, I am a Christmas tree "snob". Yes, I know. You're thinking *gasp*, I can't believe she said that. But, I am. I admit it whole heartedly. A real tree is never quite right, I critique, and critique, and critique. I am not happy with the results after it is decorated, and always have been in pursuit of "the perfect tree". You know, it has to be straight, no holes, and most importantly, the branches had to "almost" reach the floor. Not too high, and not too low. So, the dilemma of always cutting off just the right amount of tree trunk.....

Well, I hate to tell you, but I have passed this gene onto my dear daughter, Heather. Yes, yes, she is a "Christmas Tree Snob". ~ She probably doesn't want me to tell you this, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She hinted of this in a recent post, driving her own dear hubby crazy when putting up the tree. So, I thought I would just come clean. There's nothing like "telling all" to cleanse the soul. I hope you all will not judge me (or Heather), and I hope NONE of you out there have this same illness. It has taken me years to get this far.

So, please enjoy my "fake" tree, and I promise, I WILL ENJOY this year's tree. :)

On with the Christmas decorating ~ :)

This Bible was given to my father when I was 8 years old by his Dad. It is one of the things I treasure so very much, and it was given to our family at Christmas, 1963.

The nativity set is not vintage, but I do love it and the banner (which, I hope you all can see), "Behold The Child", was given to me by my dear friend Madai of Wren Cottage. It is the perfect touch in my little bay window...

Garlands on the stairs.

Angels watching on the landing.....

An all white vignette....

And here is my beautiful tree, (without the flash), in all its glory....

Blessings to you all this blessed Christmas season. Praying for a most memorable holiday for all of you....

Merry Christmas

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  1. Oh WOW Mom!!! Everything looks just beautiful!!! Well, yes we are christmas tree snobs aren't we?? hahaha. There are pros and cons to them both... the real is so fresh and pretty and um... not plastic. But the fake tree is nice and sturdy... always will look perfect and you can hang giant heavy ornaments on it and they will not fall off. :) Next year I may be joining you with a fake one.

    I LOVE The behold the child banner! It is wonderful and perfect in your bay window. The banner looks so pretty with the garlands and the tree is just magnificent. I love how tall it is!

  2. I meant to say "the banister looks so pretty with the garlands"

  3. All of your decorations are just beautiful and your tree is stunning. I love the pretty garland that you've put on the stairs and the lovely white vignettes. Everything is so gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  4. Your home looks gorgeous Kitty! I am a tree snob too but I love my fake tree. We bought it last year and it was so nice this year to just put it up and not worry about watering it and I can leave it up as long as I want!

  5. I want a fake tree every year, but my husband is the tree snob and insists on a real one! i keep telling him we need to go "green" but he is still adament about trekking thru the woods to find one. I have to say I love the family tradition of the trek though!
    Happy Holidays! The house looks beautiful....

  6. Oh your Christmas home is just gorgeous Kitty! You crack me up with your explanation being a Christmas tree snob and passing this gene to Heather! I told Heather before that is is a miracle that our husbands (and yours probably too) didn't unite for a society of people who put up their trees up only once and don't want to change and move the tree the whole time and who think a tree is good, just good!
    Happy Holiday season Kitty!

  7. Kitty, too funny what you said about you and Heather being Christmas tree snobs...hee tree would probably drive you crazy madison is up to his antics of climbing in the tree to take a nap again this year...and this makes hideous gaps in my tree from his weight making the branches bend down...oh, he makes me SO mad!!! your home looks just gorgeous for the holidays!!!

  8. Lol !! Too Cute Kitty :) When Ed and I married, he brought home a fake tree. I Hate it !! It takes SO long to put together and "Fluff" I have always had real trees. I miss the smell, it really makes it feel so Christmasy, that smell. Now we also have a fake white tree as well. Sigh, Just once more, before I die, I am going to INSIST on a real tree one year :) lol !! Your home is SO pretty, I love it all !! What a Treasure your Bible is :) Hugs :) :)

  9. Hi Kitty, thanks for coming over for a visit to my blog. It's funny, my hubby always buys the biggest fresh tree that he can find for the family room and I just feel it wastes too much money every year that could go to better things (like shopping!). I have my faux white tree in the living room, wish he would go with faux green! Blessed holidays to you and your family

  10. What a beautiful home you have. I too live the perfect look. The tree has to be just so and yours is. Blessings to you, Martha

  11. Kitty, your decor is so beautiful!! I love your tree :):) The bible is just beautiful, what an amazing, meaningful gift to have!! I LOVE your white deer!!!!!!
    Big Hugs,

  12. snob here, thats why I have a fake one, perfect shape! but do miss the smell! your house looks lovely Kitty! Hope you feel better after that cleansing of the soul! lol - Rachaelxo

  13. It all looks so lovely! I love the tree and your nativity vignette.

  14. Hi Kitty!!
    What a treat to get to see your beautiful home {it always reminds me of a gorgeous B&B} all decked out for the blessed season! I lol'd at your tree story, hehehe!! you are too cute :)
    It was beautiful to see the banner, I love the way you used it!! Right above the manger scene, which is so beautiful!! I loved seeing it, thank you!!! I ADORE my HOME banner, it is just perfect here at WC, it's staying up even thru the Holidays!
    I love the garland on your stair rail with the fairy lights mixed in, so magical!
    And how lovely that you still have your dad's Bible. I can see why it is so special to you and the cover is so beautiful.
    Wishing you the most Joyous and Blessed Christmas ever dear friend!!
    Think of you often ~~~
    XOX ~ your friend ~ Madai

  15. So funny Kitty! Love your story. Well I guess I am a fake Christmas Tree snob, if there is such a thing. Mine is 18 years old now and I still can't find anything I like as much. The color is very realistic and I just can't bear to replace it with any of the bright green trees I see so frequently.

    My fake tree even loses its needles so it looks real. Just a few needles here and there to keep you guessing, lol. We have said that we will search yet again in January for a "high end" fake on sale . . . but so far we just keep going back to the thinning one we have . . . The broken branches make for the perfect Charlie Brown Tree :)

    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010!

  16. Your decorations are just divine! Love the decked banister, the tree, the believe vignette and the Holy Bible (.... how precious is that??).
    I also have a fake tree, my hubby gave me it the very first Christmas in our first home, so it is impossible for me to even think of replacing it! It is very realistic and has the very perfect size and shape!

  17. Hi Kitty! I love your idea of putting an ornament on the tree to honor loved ones passed...I think I might adopt that next year! Also love those velvety deer in the white vignette - so beautiful. Your tree and home are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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