Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decorating ~ Take Two......

I thought I would do another "Christmas Decorating" post before Christmas. This is the final, for sure. No more decorating. I hadn't shown pictures of my old dry sink or the mantel decorated in the last post. These are close ups of what is inside the dry sink. I lined everything with buffalo snow and then this new snow that I found at a local gift shop. It is the texture of buffalo snow, only little balls. You can see it in the pics. It is great to work with. I then printed out some of my favorite Christmas card pictures and some "words of the season" that I absolutely love and edged in silver glitter. Hope you like the results.

The birds are in honor of my Dad as he loved the birds. This is the third Christmas he has been gone. I know he is celebrating with us....

I don't usually do alot with the mantel, as it is small, but, I cleared it all of except 2 sets of candlesticks. Put more of "the snow" down, and added my collection of sheep, and more Christmas cards. Wish you could see the glitter of the cards. They are so pretty.

A full picture of the mantel. I used vintage tinsel to loop underneath with some very sweet Bethany Lowe ornaments I found at T.J. Maxx.

And finally, a few shots of ornaments that I love on the tree. I have vintage mercury glass bead garland on the tree. And, I usually add "more snow" (LOL!) on the branches, but decided to "go green" this year.

The year my Dad died, I decided it was time to hang pictures of family that had passed, on the tree, in memory. This is just to show you what I did. This is my Dad's parents. They have been long gone, but not from my memory. I look forward to the day I get to see them all again!

I started a new tradition this year. I have many pictures of my family at the holiday gatherings, pictures of "all of the trees" we have had in the past, and of course, the infamous "snow pictures". I collected as many as I could, quickly, and put them in a red scrap booking album. No fuss, just put them in there, randomly, and will add to the collection when I print out more, or find more in the old photos. "I LOVE" the results. I LOVE sitting there and flipping through all the old photos, remembering (and sometimes not remembering), the time of the picture and what was occuring in life then. And laughing, too. I'll add a nice cover to it that says "Christmas At Our House".

God Bless You all this holy Christmas season. May you remember all who have passed on, and hopefully start a new tradition of your own this year...

Merry Christmas


  1. Mom, your home is so beautiful!! I always love your decorations .... the dry sink and mantle look perfect! Love those cute little cards you have all glittered and tucked here and there. I can't wait to see it all this week!

    Your book is such a good idea... I should start one of those too!

    love you, Heather

  2. Kitty,
    I loooooove all of your pretty decorations.. Those cards you glittered up look so cute mixed throughout!!
    That Santa is so cute in the first picture and your tree looks gorgeous in the back...

  3. I forgot to say how much I looooooooooove all of your ornaments... You have a beautiful collection...

  4. So beautiful! Just stopped by to say Merry Christmas wishing you a wonderful holiday full of lots of warmth.

    Hugs Cassandra


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