Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pretty Petals Garland Class....

Heather told me about her idea for this sweet Christmas Garland, and I thought how inventive, how creative, and "Why Didn't I Think of That"! LOL! LOL! She is so very talented and creative ~ I just love my daughter, and couldn't be more proud of her.....

So, I just wanted to give all you gals a heads up to pop over to her boutique and sign up for her "on-line" class on how to make the "Sweet Messengers of Christmas Garland". I'm adding it to my list to do. Of course, that will be right after I finish her class on making the art journal. I'm nearly done with that one, just a "little pokey", as my dear Mom says.

I'll be doing a post very soon of Christmas decorating. My sweet friend, Madai from Wren Cottage gave me a banner to use over my nativity in a swap we had this past summer. It is in place, and I couldn't be happier. As soon as I have a good "light day", the camera will be buzzing.

Talk to you all very soon...

Merry Christmas,


  1. The garland is so pretty and sweet. I will go over and see if I can learn something. lol. I am not that crafty, but it looks gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Mom, thanks for your sweet post and for always supporting what I do... you are the best Mom!

    Have I told you how much I love that angel in blue on your sidebar? She looks gorgeous on there!

    love Heather

  3. Oh Kitty you are so right being proud of Heather, I think too that she is one of the most talented girls here in blogland! Cannot wait to see all your Christmas decorations. Enjoy this special time of year. I am always running around like a chicken without a head, as we say, this year I even postponed our Santa's arrival, his cousin your father Christmas will be visiting our home on Christmas eve, but I don't have the feeling that I have more time to spend. Well so be it, enough nagging, I just wish you a happy and creative day!

  4. Kitty, you have much to be proud of in your daughter...she is so talented, and a sweetheart too...i have one of Madai's banners that i won on her blog...and i just cannot get a nice picture of it where it is hanging...i am bummed about that, because it looks so pretty!!!

  5. Kitty,
    Wait to you get started on that banner, you'll be gluing those candy cups to everything.. I've been on a roll.. Heather really is lucky to have such a sweet mom like you.. Hope you and Ted have a wonderful Christmas Holiday..


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