Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bump In The Night....

Oh, it was a frightful night, this night of Halloween Eve. The storm outside raged against the window, rattling the glass, and enormously blew the leaves on the trees, as if they were thin blades of grass. I had to settle myself, so, I decided to read a book that I had laid on the side table. I lit the candle and looked warily about. It was one of those nights; a night so dark, that it seemed to swallow up any bit of light.

Opening the book to the first chapter, I forced myself to stare at the pages, instead of around the darkly lit room. Ah yes, Chapter 1, “Emma and the New Swing”. Yes, this would do nicely, to forget such a night. Settling down into the comfy chair, I let out a sigh and started reading. I had only gotten into the first page about four sentences, when I heard a “THUMP”! Startled, I jerked around in my chair and saw that a mirror had fallen from the wall, onto the table below, but was not broken. The sound was muffled by the lace cloth Mother had placed on the table, earlier in the day. I got up, walked across the room, and replaced the mirror on the wall. There, everything was fine, I thought, as I let out another deep sigh, settling back into my chair and continuing with my reading.

Just as I began to relax, and was becoming more comfortable with the gloominess of the night, I heard a strange sound. It was not the wind wuthering outside. It sounded like a sort of crying. It wasn’t a baby cry, nor was it my little brother, who was upstairs sound asleep. I could not place where the crying was coming from, because it seemed to come from different places. As quickly as it started, it had stopped. I waited for a bit, and then heard no more, so I decided, whatever it was, it must have worked itself out. I really would like to get back to my book! Chapter 3, “The New Flower Garden”; Oh, this was delightful!

I had gotten no further than Emma planting her new daffy-down-dilly bulbs, when a sound, so wretched, made me jump from my chair in fright! This was “quite enough”! I had to settle my nerves, so I slowly got up from the chair and moved around a bit to investigate where the sounds may be coming from.

Each step I took, I became a little braver. I walked around the house, room to room, looking here and there, when suddenly I could hear it, the crying. It seemed to be coming from the Kitchen. I slowly walked toward the sound, as it seemed to draw me to the corner of the room, near the wood cooking stove. This was not a child’s cry. Not like it, at all, but a high pitched squealing sound, and more than one!

I felt the warmth of the stove, as I knelt down, ever so quietly, trying to get as close as I could to the sound, but afraid of what might be waiting for me! At first, I saw nothing, nothing but a bit of dirt from the stove, and the darkness of the corner. I breathed in the smell of wood and slowly, slowly crept. I looked hard into the corner, and just as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, glowing back at me were 8 very orange and green eyes; and just at that time I heard a “REEEERRR”! I jumped back in fright and nearly knocked myself silly on the edge of the stove. Recovering, I slowly moved back towards the corner. It was then I heard the “mewing” and “purring” and saw the soft, round fuzz balls of kittens laying on a pile of dish towels that Mother kept there for the stove messes.

Nestled in the back of all this fuzziness was Molly, my dear little Molly. My own sweet cat of nearly 5 years. Nestled in her softness were three of the dearest, sweetest, tiniest kittens, all of different colors. One a soft gray with little white booties, one all white with black around its eyes, that looked like a sort of mask. The last one was, oh so small, with the colors of the most beautiful fall day; orange and brown, black and white. A frightful night had turned into a delightful night, indeed!

So as the wind began to calm, and the moon came out and shown so brightly through the window, I held each kitten, stroking ever so lightly and ever so slowly. I was mesmerized by the purring, sitting in the dark, warm corner. My mind wandered to what to name these little dears. Because it was such a dark, spooky night, I decided to call the soft gray, “Nebula”, which means dark mist. The gray of his coat seemed to remind me of such. I spoke his name as I stroked the soft fur.

I gently laid Nebula back near his mother, Molly, and picked up the little masked kittie. “I shall call you “Delano”, meaning “Of The Night”, and your sweet sister (the calico kittie) we will call “Kaleo” which means “Shattered Mirror”.” Nearly appropriate, don’t you think?

So, should you hear a "the bump in the night" as you are sitting and reading on such an evening; just know that not “all” sounds of the night come from wretched and frightful creatures! One such creature might just make the sweetest sound of all, a tiny little "MEOW"…..

Happy Halloween To All Of You!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"It's All About Me" Challenge

The lovely Natasha Burns from Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns is hosting an "It's All About Me" Challenge. It was a challenge to complete a project that we have been wanting to do for some time. So, here it is, an inspiration board that I have been wanting to make from a frame I bought at a yard sale 2 years ago! Yes, I know, time does fly. But, Natasha put us up to the challenge and this is my result. I've added a little tutorial below so you all can see just how easy this is. Jut a little time and a little patience.

Get your favorite frame and buy a bulletin board that you can cut to size. The cork tiles didn't seem thick enough, so I opted for the board.

Measure the opening on the frame (notice mine has an inset). Since I am wrapping the cork in fabric, I cut it just a "smidge" smaller (and yes, that is a very technical term - LOL!).

Check it in the frame and trim it as necessary with a razor knife.

Pop it in the frame to make sure it fits. Take your favorite fabric (this is an old curtain panel that reminds me of bark cloth), center on the front, flip it over and hot glue away! Since this was the back (below), I used a small piece of already cut fabric to put in the middle of the back. I didn't want to cut any more of this fabric than was necessary. Hopefully, I can use what is left for another project.

Hot glue it in the frame inset and flip it over. Isn't it gorgeous?!

A while back, I bought this brown ribbon from Andrea of Velvet Strawberries. It was just the right shade of brown to trim the frame. Don't ya just love the ruffles on the edges of this ribbon? So sweet.

So, here it is after the ribbon trim is applied. Again, just hot glued on the edge of the frame. So simple.

So, now, what to put up my "inspirations" with? I was on a "bead kick" not long ago. I bought the pearl top pins very reasonably at a local craft store and put some pretty pins together. My thought is to sell them, but I think these might do the trick for a pretty way to tack things on the board.

Once I was totally done, my mind went to, what will be the very first thing I tack to my board for inspiration. Well, that was a "no brainer" for me. Years ago, my first grandson, Braden, (who is now 15) gave me this sweet little rose pin for Christmas. I've kept it on the edge of my mirror all these years. This is, without a doubt, the first thing I wanted on my board.

So, here it is, the finished product. Love it. I just have to put a wire on the back to hang and tack away.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad I finished this. Thanks to Natasha for the "inspiration" to get this done! Make sure you stop over to her web site to see all the ladies that have joined in the fun....

Blessings to all of you,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Antiques "In The Woods" - Ah-h-h-h, such a delight...

Well, the computer problems are fixed, and I am up and running again. Whew! That is awful when you don't have your computer. I know some of you have had the same issues. It is amazing how "connected" you feel once you have it back. I've missed you all. I am sorry it has been a while. We also took a vacation in the middle of all of that. So, we are back to our normal routine. So happy to be back blogging with all of you...

I wanted to put out the pictures of the last antique show I went to and share this.

Imagine driving up to a lovely wooded area, parking your car, and entering "the woods" where there are little cabins and cottages (some as small as little sheds), all filled with antique treasures. Amongst all of this, scattered here and there, is wonderful fair-type food, OOOHHHH the scrumptious smells! Sweet potato fries, sandwiches of all sorts, hot chocolate, corn dogs, YUM! You also can smell the wood smoke in the air, some of the food is cooked over open fire.

To soothe the ear, there is beautiful music, of all sorts, flutes, harps, country and western, and on Sundays, Christian quartets. You know, the old time'y hymns done in beautiful harmony.

A release for the mind and soul, for sure....

It was a beautiful day, that day at the "Antiques In The Woods" show in Columbiana, OH. This is held annually the 2nd weekend in September. And usually, the weather cooperates nicely ~ as was the case this day. To make it even more special, my sister was here from Colorado, and Heather, my sister and my Mother and I trotted off to find some treasures.

These first 3 pictures are of a "shabby chic" type booth. These gals also set up at the Washington Antique Fair (Washington, PA), so it was nice to see some familiar faces. There items are just a delight to peruse. I wish I had pointed the camera at the ceiling of this little cabin so you could see the chandeliers they brought. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

This garden display was just adorable. Loved all the colored watering cans lined up like little soldiers in a row.
And how about his sweet little display. Some people know how to put things, "just right". And the quilt tops (below). All stacked up just waiting for someone to buy them. All those colors!

Of course, with Christmas not so far away (I know ~ can you believe it?), there was a nice selection of old Santas and sheep.

And let's, PLEASE, not forget the jewelry! Just a sampling. There was tons of jewelry at this show.

Sweet little linens were displayed, all cleaned and pressed. Just the prettiest of colors.

The crochet and lace collars (of all sorts) were just divine in these photos. Who wouldn't want to take that little "dolly" home? Just love her....

And, I am such a sucker for old cabinets. Look at this old bakers cabinet. Couldn't you just see this in a miriad of places in your home? And especially all decked out for Christmas! Can't you just imagine it? Love it!

I could have taken so many more pictures, but if you are in the area, next year, don't miss this show!

Hope you enjoyed all these luscious treasures. It was a very fun day, and I did come away with a few things, but as you can see, I could have bought a whole lot more!

Blessings to all of you. Talk to you soon.....
Update: I have listed a few items on Etsy and will be listing more over the next week or two. So stop by and take a peak, if you are so inclined..... :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion...

I just loved the Title quote by Henry David Thoreau. Isn't it just so true??

I really feel like I've been in a pumpkin shell for the last while. I am having computer problems. So, I "borrowed" a computer to do a quick post to let you all know, I will be back as soon as possible. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lovely fall weather and the "gorgeous leaves". See you soon ~