Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"It's All About Me" Challenge

The lovely Natasha Burns from Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns is hosting an "It's All About Me" Challenge. It was a challenge to complete a project that we have been wanting to do for some time. So, here it is, an inspiration board that I have been wanting to make from a frame I bought at a yard sale 2 years ago! Yes, I know, time does fly. But, Natasha put us up to the challenge and this is my result. I've added a little tutorial below so you all can see just how easy this is. Jut a little time and a little patience.

Get your favorite frame and buy a bulletin board that you can cut to size. The cork tiles didn't seem thick enough, so I opted for the board.

Measure the opening on the frame (notice mine has an inset). Since I am wrapping the cork in fabric, I cut it just a "smidge" smaller (and yes, that is a very technical term - LOL!).

Check it in the frame and trim it as necessary with a razor knife.

Pop it in the frame to make sure it fits. Take your favorite fabric (this is an old curtain panel that reminds me of bark cloth), center on the front, flip it over and hot glue away! Since this was the back (below), I used a small piece of already cut fabric to put in the middle of the back. I didn't want to cut any more of this fabric than was necessary. Hopefully, I can use what is left for another project.

Hot glue it in the frame inset and flip it over. Isn't it gorgeous?!

A while back, I bought this brown ribbon from Andrea of Velvet Strawberries. It was just the right shade of brown to trim the frame. Don't ya just love the ruffles on the edges of this ribbon? So sweet.

So, here it is after the ribbon trim is applied. Again, just hot glued on the edge of the frame. So simple.

So, now, what to put up my "inspirations" with? I was on a "bead kick" not long ago. I bought the pearl top pins very reasonably at a local craft store and put some pretty pins together. My thought is to sell them, but I think these might do the trick for a pretty way to tack things on the board.

Once I was totally done, my mind went to, what will be the very first thing I tack to my board for inspiration. Well, that was a "no brainer" for me. Years ago, my first grandson, Braden, (who is now 15) gave me this sweet little rose pin for Christmas. I've kept it on the edge of my mirror all these years. This is, without a doubt, the first thing I wanted on my board.

So, here it is, the finished product. Love it. I just have to put a wire on the back to hang and tack away.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad I finished this. Thanks to Natasha for the "inspiration" to get this done! Make sure you stop over to her web site to see all the ladies that have joined in the fun....

Blessings to all of you,


  1. Oh Kitty! I love it so much! The pattern and colors and the frame, it is all just perfect! You did such a great job and I love that you told us how to do it! Thank you! My post will be up first thing in the morning. One of my things is the journal from the class I took from Heather :)

  2. oooooooooooooh Kitty!!! that is so gorgeous...the frame you used is just stunning...and the fabric is lovely...that is one beautious inspiration board!!!

  3. Kitty, your project is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it, and the fabric you chose is gorgeous, and the pins!! oh my..

    Sheryn xox

  4. Just lovely! Bark cloth is one of my favorites, and I just have to tell you I used that same ribbon on a project not long ago - isn't it fabulous? Thanks so much for posting your project as a "how -to". I might have to give this one a try!

    Sue E.

  5. What a beautiful inspiration board! I have an old frame that would be perfect to make one for my self. Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs ~ Nichole

  6. What a beautiful inspiration board. I love that you showed us how you created it too. The frame and that board go together perfectly. I love that Natasha gave us all permission to create something special just for us.

  7. Kitty, to quote your technical term that is a whole 'smidge' of awesomeness! I hear you, I have a lot of those 2 year projects in the pipeline!

  8. Oh, your inspiration board is beautiful! I love the fabric you used, and the pins are so pretty!

  9. I love your inspiration board! That fabric and ribbon are so pretty!

  10. Kitty,
    This turned out fabulous! And that fabric looks like Barkcloth!! I know...I'm a collector. :0) And totally hooked on those big cabbage roses...Thanks so much for sharing how to make this.

    Do drop by to see what I've been up to for the party.


  11. This turned out beautifully!! I love the floral material you picked!


  12. beautiful your inspiration board came out! The frame, the color, the fabric, trims and the pins you made for it...simply gorgeous! Are the pins regular size pins or like ones used for corsages? I love them. Besos, Rose

  13. Hi, Kitty! What an awesome frame! I know you're glad to finally be able to use it! The board is great and thanks for the tutorial! ♥

  14. This is beyond gorgeous Kitty! I love love love your inspiration board, what a wonderful frame, and gorgeous fabric!

  15. Gorgeous! The frame is beautiful and accents the fabric you used perfectly!! Great job :)

  16. This is a response to Rose's question. The pins are corsage pins, some even a bit longer.


  17. What a wonderful idea Kitty, and it turned out just gorgeous! I love that fabric and think the first item hung on the board is just perfect :)

  18. You are a great teacher and also soo inspirational! I can't wait to try this! Thanks and blessings.

  19. what an inspiring board and thank you for the step-by-step! it came out beautifully.

    how fun that natasha has inspired us all and given us a deadline.


  20. LOVE your inspiration board..that frame is fabulous! And I like the extra detail by using the beaded pins...nice touch!

  21. Hello, Kitty,
    Your inspiration board is so beautiful! Makes me want to try one. Love, love, love the ribbon and print you chose along with the white frame. Have a beautiful day! Vicki

  22. From such simple
    beginnings comes
    such a Beautiful
    Inspiration Board...
    I ♥ it!
    Thank you so much for
    sharing, and for
    explaining how it was done...
    now I'm feeling like I can
    create one for myself!
    Hope you're enjoying the
    swap as much as I am!
    ~ blessings ~
    please stop by for
    a visit, and enter to
    win one of my give~aways!

  23. Hi Kitty!! You did an incredible job with this! It looks so very lovely and I especially like that brown ribbon you finished it off with!!!

    :) T

  24. Hi Kitty! We must be grateful to Natasha, otherwise I didn't see this lovely bulletin board nor your perfect tutorial. Your project turned out beautiful, almost to beautiful to pin something on the gorgeous fabric, don't you think? I didn't forget you, but these weeks have been so busy, hope all is well with you.

  25. I also enjoy making message boards to tack up all the tags, cards and gifts I receive from friends and bloggers. That's beautiful, honey.

  26. wow! so cute!

    fantastic workª!


  27. That looks like a really fun project to do. I love your inspiration board. The fabric is lovely. Love it. Enjoy it!

  28. Mom, your board turned out STUNNING!! I LOVE that frame... it is the perfect one for that beautiful fabric. Almost too pretty to cover up with things?? lol!

    I completely forgot about that rose! That is so sweet that you put that there... ;)

    Love Heather

  29. This inspiration board is so beautiful. I like so much about it - the frame, that ribbon you used on the border, and the adorable beaded pins. Great job and thanks for showing us how you made it.

  30. Your board is just stunning.I love it.You did a beautiful job.XXOO Marie Antionette

  31. Oh Kitty!
    This is super-duper FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Love that fabric to pieces!
    You did such a great job, I'm sure you're glad to have this finally finished!
    Thanks for your always sweet words too!

  32. Hi Kitty! Thanks so much for sharing that! I have seen that done before and loved it. I may do this for sure now that I have seen your tutorial!
    I appreciate your visit to my blog and your sweet comment! That is so cute that your hubby surprised you with the lovely flowers!

  33. Kitty, your work is gorgeous! I have so many frames that I could do this with & hang some of my Momma's antique broaches. Thank you for the lovely idea and the tutorial. Hasn't Natasha's challenge been a wonderful way to meet new people. I will be back often to see what you are up to.
    Great project!

  34. I love the frame you selected for your inspiration board. The rounded top makes it so special! Those beaded pins you made are exceptional. I think those would sell really well!

  35. Your inspiration board is so pretty! I love the frame and the fabric. Thank you for the tutorial. Wasn't this a fun event?

  36. Hi Kitty, Oh my goodness I love your inspiration/message board. That frame with the fabric is lovely together. Thank you for sharing your steps to making it too. I would love to try this sometime with a frame. I have done others, but never framed them like yours. It just finishes it so nicely. The posting pins are beautiful too.

    Have a great week and blessings always,
    Celestina Marie

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  38. Dear Kitty,
    Thank you so much for visiting me and for you kind comment! You have a beautiful blog! I love the inspiration board you made, it is gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. I have some empty frames that would be perfect for this. :)

    The Lord bless you!
    Love, Paula

  39. What a pretty piece…
    This really came out lovely, beautiful fabric and trim …

    Thank you for the step by step
    instructions,I would love to try this one someday.


  40. Hi Kitty, what a beautiful inspiration board you have created. I love those little beaded pins.

    Hugs Karen

  41. I love your beautiful inspiration board. I find it very inspiring. I will now be on the lookout for elements to create my own board. I hope you have many ideas to fill your board.8~)
    ~Myrna Lee

  42. Gorgeous!!! I love the barkcloth and white frame. Just may have to make myself one of those :) Karen

  43. Kitty what a fabulous memory board you have created. Love the frame and the fabric is so pretty. It was such a fun idea of natasha's to host this party


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