Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovin' all the Lovelies!

This past weekend I took a jaunt to a local spot that I check out from time-to-time and found some great stuff! Love these adorable victorian calling cards. Isn't it a shame in this day and age that we don't do more things like this. How quaint!
The paper doll books are not ancient, but a little vintage and in great shape. Some of this stuff will make its way to my Etsy Shop. I haven't been very good about putting new items in the store, so hopefully I'll get to this soon.

There are many outfits that go with each of these books. All new old stock. Nothing is cut or discolored. Absolutely beautiful! Gotta love these designer looks!

Then I stumbled on 3 different hats. I liked this vintage millinery hat for fall. Thought the colors were pristine! A few velvet flowers here and there, mixed in. Lovely! And don't you just love the hat base!

This feather hat is in absolutely perfect condition. A smattering of rhinestones and the veil (even though I can't figure it out) is perfect.

This little cutie is adorable. Love the pink flowers and the style is just too cute! These 3 hats are in impeccable condition. It would be difficult to tear them up for creating, but decide for yourselves. Sometimes you just have to do it! LOL!

A number of weekends ago, Lori from Faerie Window was here to shop and spend the day with Heather and myself, and she sent the nicest little gifts to us. Thanks so much, Lori. I love all of the great stuff to create with. Your little collage was just so dear, and I absolutely, positively love the sparkly "K", as well as the other supplies. Thanks for being so thoughtful. Loved having you here with us. Can't wait to "shop" with you again.

I was recently in a fairy wand swap and will be posting those pictures of what I created soon. Hope you all are having some fun mixed in your days. Have a wonderful week!



  1. The hats you found are simply gorgeous! Really great condition! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  2. What fabulous things you found on your little 'jaunt'

  3. Kitty, the calling cards are SO pretty, what a great find! LOVE the hats!!! i know what you mean about tearing off the flowers...when we were shopping, i bought my hats intending to use the flowers, but i just can't bring myself to do it...yet! i am glad you liked your goodies...i can't wait to see you again next year!!!

  4. Hi Kitty, what wonderful finds. Wouldn't it be lovely to have calling cards again! Let me know when you list the paper doll book . . . Rachaelxo

  5. I love your finds Mom... the calling cards are so sweet. The fall hats are such a good idea! Never thought of that. lol

  6. woops I guess I was signed in as you!!! hahah

  7. Lori makes the prettiest collages, doesn't she?


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