Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bella Enchanted's Magic Wand Swap

I was recently in a swap to make a magic wand hosted by Bella Enchanted. It sounded fun and something a bit different. So, Lori, from Morning Glories and Moonflowers, and I were partnered. It was great fun getting to know a bit about Lori and her two lovely daughters. Lori home schools her two daughters. I admire anyone that can have such dedication to their children's education!

Here's the results of our labor and the wand created for me. Lori used a vibrant pink for the base and silver glitter paint. Trimmed in luscious pearls and of course edged in her trademark, those beautiful buttons! She added the delicious wire ribbon with silver accents and glittered the shaft of the wand. Just beautiful!

All that silver glitter! Yummy!

Buttons and pearls - a nice pair, don't you think?

Lori told me she loved the color combination of blue and white, so that was my inspiration for her wand (see below). I love using vintage materials, so I felt that it was absolutely necessary to add the vintage glass drawer pull as the top of the wand. I topped it with a vintage rhinestone pin. The shaft of the wand was painted white, glittered with a stamp design, french blue ribbon, and of course the bling of blue rhinestones. I couldn't leave out her two precious daughters. So, flower fairy wands were in order for them.

Lori and I decided that we would wish for peace and contentment, and of course, good health. So, I added those tags to the wand to remind of us of what's important.

Flower wands for two little girls!

Thank you Lori for making the swap so much fun. I loved your magic wand you created for me and am hopeful you loved the one I created for you, as well.



  1. Beautiful Wands. they are all fantastic. The flower wands are so cute and your blue one is elegant. I also love the pink star.


  2. Ohhh look how pretty your wands are Mom! I love that cute glass knob at the top and the words are just the right touch. SO thoughtful of you to include wands for her daughters too, I bet they loved them.

    She also made you such a pretty one as well! Such a fun swap.

  3. Kitty, those wands are all so beautiful!!! i love the glass knob you used on the end of the one for Lori, it is the perfect finishing touch!!! that was so sweet that you made wands for her daughter also, they will be so excited to get those...
    i got my lovely paper bundle from you in the mail yesterday:) thank you SO much!!! it looks so pretty i am leaving it just how it is!!!

  4. They are all beautiful!!

  5. KItty- You spoiled all of us! The girls and I feel so special with our new glorious wands! Thank you so much for your beautiful gifts. Please stay in touch!:-) Lori

  6. What gorgeous wands you and Lori swapped

  7. Those tags hanging off of your wand make it so special! Great wishes.

  8. Kitty, What adorable "wands"!!!
    ...& so "glittery"... & I LOVE glitter! I blog with Lori, isn't she just the sweetest person!...It looks like you two were perfect partners!...Also Kitty, I don't mean to bother you, but would you please e-mail me your address,..I am assigning you each a partner in my Halloween swap tomorrow, so would really appreciate it!....Thanks so much!...heidi XO

  9. Love the crystal, very unique and pretty !! The pink one she made you looks like a yummy sugar cookie !! :) Love them all !! :) God Bless Moms who home school. :) Hope you are enjoying your summer. Hugs !!!! :)

  10. Such lovely wands! The flowers are so adorable and I love the addition of the glass pull.

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