Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, I've finally taken the plunge and decided to open an Etsy shop. I'm finding it fun to put items for sale out there that I either create or others can use for artist supplies.

Such is the case of this vintage ledger paper. I happened onto an old 1880 ledger from the Youngstown, Ohio area. Gorgeous handwriting! It seems to be an accounts receivable type ledger. Pages are for sale in my Etsy shop! This is a great find, with just enough ink blots and marks on the pages to give it that lovely vintage character we all love.
As you can see by my side bar, I've just put out there a pair of felt baby shoes. They seem to have faded to a blue/blue-green color. I've glittered them up and added vintage pink seam binding for ties. Just too cute!

I've also put my Romantic Lady boxes out there. What a great gift idea for Mother's day, etc. Wouldn't a gift card look lovely in them?
Well, that's my news. Heather is posting a new post today for her shop. I've included a few dresses I had (one prom dress and one child's flower girls dress) for her new listings. Check her out at Pretty Petals.
Hope you all are enjoying the spring as much as I am. My flowers are now just coming up. Crocuses are showing their pretty little heads! Daffodils and tulips will be next! Time for yard work! I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that?? I'll say happy until mid summer! LOL!

Enjoy your day!
P.S. - not sure why blogger set my pictures up the way it did. Oh well, not being a techy, I'll have to live with it! LOL!


  1. Congratulations Kitty, your Etsy will do well:) Rachael

  2. Yay.. you got your ledger papers listed! What an amazing find that was. I LOVE the baby shoes... they are the sweetest. Your etsy is going to do wonderful!

  3. What a great find and congratulations on the opening of your Etsy shop. Good luck!

  4. Congratulation on your new Etsy shop. It will do wonderfully well


  5. Jenn and Jacqui01 April, 2008 19:45

    Hi Kitty!

    Congratualations on opening your Etsy, we just know it will be beautiful :) The ledgers are fantastic as are the baby shoes, so so sweet! You will be so looking forward to Spring, crocuses are as cute as buttons aren't they! Well Happy Spring Kitty, hope you are keeping well :)

    We are home for a short time and then our renos start, yikes, repacking everything we unpacked three months ago! Take care sweet lady and we will visit again whenever we can. We have missed your beautiful blog and a cup of sweet tea on the porch with you would be so wonderful :)

    Jenn and Jacqui

  6. Those shoes are super, super cute!!I adore your glittered buttons, such creativity!! And the ledger paper...gorgeous!! you and Heather do have the best treasures!! :) ~ Lovely post sweetie!!
    xo Madai

  7. hi kitty ! i love your blog too! congrats on opening your shop, when i get a minute i'm going to head on over and peruse your lovely wares! best wishes! xo ~ heidi

  8. Hi Kitty, Lovely paper and very pretty Etsy shop! ~ Karen

  9. Good luck on your Etsy shop! Love the old ledger papers, and the gowns on Heather's blog are gorgeous! Happy Spring!


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