Sunday, September 23, 2007

Artful Creations - What Fun!

It's been a busy summer for me, as I'm sure all of you will agree. So, taking the time to sit and create some lovelies has been challenging. With working full time, having time to enjoy the grandbabies and helping my parents, I've squeaked out a little time to bring you my newest creations.

Heather, my daughter from Pretty Petals Boutique , has listed in her boutique, a few items I have created over the last while. I'm so very excited to bring you two of my Romantic Lady Boxes - Rose and Rebecca.

Rose is the first, and dare I say, a dream to see. She has been created on a box of seaglass blue and glittered just enough here and there. Vintage lace has been used to embellish along with those gorgeous paper roses. The ultimate touch for Rose is a rhinestone necklace and earring. You have to hurry if you want her, there's only one!

A small pink veil covers the vintage lace on the bottom of the box:

Now Rebecca is the shy one. That romantic glance over her shoulder is just too beautiful! A glistening background of the lightest pink glitter and that fabulous glass glitter that Heather is selling in her boutique surrounds her portrait. A vintage bauble on her hat and the cutest little pink pom-poms adorns the edge of the lid.

I was so taken with Heather's WISH Banners that I just had to try an aqua/turquoise JOY banner. It is the prettiest of blues! The tulle hangs so gracefully, combined with two colors of coordinating ribbon. The letters are glittered with a high-end glitter that sparkles like diamonds. The vintage white millinery flowers add the most delicate touch. Hop on over to Heather's boutique and take another glance. I think you'll love it!

Well, ladies, I'm off to get supper on the table. We've had a busy weekend. The grandbabies were over and my son-in-law's birthday was yesterday, so I had a dinner. My parents are coming over now to have supper with us. The weather is gorgeous and oh yes, I got my cornstalks and pumpkins around my bell pole! I'm decorated for halloween and will try to get a post out soon. So have a wonderful evening. Talk to you all real soon!



  1. I can see where Heather gets her talents!! These are wonderful.

    Glad you are coming to our party tomorrow!

  2. I can see where Heather gets her talents!! These are wonderful.

    Glad you are coming to our party tomorrow!

  3. Oh Kitty those lady boxs are stunning!
    I looooooooove them both!
    Heather is right...its hard to choose which one you like better!!!!!

    I want a joy have inspired me to create one for our home!

    Enjoy your day!

    Hugz, Dolly

  4. Oh! Your boxes are beautiful and I love that banner! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Beautiful-I love the colours you have used and the glitter!

  6. Your ladies are GORGEOUS! Rachael xo

  7. You have been busy! They are beautiful, not sure if Rose or Rebecca is my favourite, they're both as pretty as each other!
    Kim x

  8. I love your boxes Kitty !!! And the banner is just too sweet !!

  9. So busy with Karla's party yesterday .. finally had a chance to come read the rest of your blog :)

    Your boxes are just gorgeous! And what a fabulous color on the joy banner!

    Love your blog! I will visit again soon!

  10. Your Artful Creations are beautiful as is your blog.

    Enjoyed your post on the theme of lighting and can’t wait to see what you get up to with the vintage stocking swap.

  11. What pretty sparkles!!

    Angelic Accents


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