Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Time For The Prom!

It's PROM Time!

Hosted by the lovely Natasha (http://www.natashaburns@blogspot.com) at Natasha Burns Creations. Natasha is going to give us alot of info on who is "Going to the Prom" today! Stop by and see her blog! It should be fun dropping by to see "What Everyone Is Wearing"!

I couldn't decide what to wear, so I've decided to let you all help me decide. I've started off with this "GORGEOUS" 50's prom gown. Studded rhinestone bodice, strapless, with loads and loads of white tulle. I'd say you'd have to have a teeny-tiny waist for all of this tulle! But I just love it! Since it's so near Christmas, I'm thinking of this as a Christmas prom!

This B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Prom Gown is from the 40's. Soft as a baby's skin. Doesn't this just scream romantic and ALL GIRL! The neckline drapes with the softest pink ruffles I've ever seen. Waisted with an overskirt of ruffled fabric. This is not tulle, not sure what it is, but it is just gorgeous! Brigette Claudette, my mannequin is also sporting some rhinestone jewelry. Forgot to get a closeup of that, but just enlarge the pictures....

Just as add'l info, this is the corner of my bedroom (still working on the bedroom). The screen I found at a local antiques fair Heather and I attend. I've gathered two crinoline skirts on one side and on the other side is a child's bridesmaid dress or confirmation dress? Not sure. But, adorable with the veil.

Needless to say my round suitcases come in handy to hide all the "unsightlies". Jammed with creative paraphanelia!

And what girl goes to the prom without shoes? I found these vintage Saks Fifth Avenue shoes at a local antique store. Sorry about the light in the pictures. Best I could do late last night. They are clear vinyl with rhinestone bows. There are also rhinestones embedded in the heels! Don't you just love them. So absolutely romantic!

Well girls, can't wait to see what you all are wearing to the prom. Hope you have a fun day! I'll be stopping by!



  1. Hi Kitty! Oh such adorable dresses both of them!! Love tulle, there is something about tulle making that unmistakeable swishing sound!! Love the shoes, what a find! Let us share a quiet moment whilst the Band is resting, we'll fetch you a glass of punch! Jenn and Jacqui

  2. Pretty Dresses and I love the shoes. See you at the Prom


  3. Hi Mom! Your gowns look gorgeous!!! I can't decide which one I like the best... the white is so fluffy and pretty! But I love the soft pink one too. Maybe you could change halfway through?? lol! xoxo

  4. Hi Kitty,
    Both you gowns are absolutely divine!! I love them! Yes, I agree with Heather...wear them both!
    Have fun at the prom!!
    Kathy xo

  5. Both gowns are gorgeous!!
    Love the shoes.... I can't even remember what my prom shoes looked like.
    For the rest of my attire though, stop by my blog and have a peek at my RETRO pics!

  6. Kitty I love your gowns and wow those shoes!!!! oh my goodness!!!!!! thanks so much for joining in the fun, i'm updating the list now ox

  7. twinkleshabbystar20 November, 2007 20:50

    Omigosh!!! Your dresses are EXQUISITE & DREAMY!!! :)

  8. Hi Kitty! I'm prom hopping and am so glad that I found your blog!! Your dresses are simply lovely!! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one to use those great little round suitcases to stash things in!! I will have to visit again!

  9. such a dreamy white dress! i love all your choices! so beautiful!

  10. Hi from the Vintage Prom! Your dresses are sooo dreamy - especially the off the shoulder pink one! And the shoes are fit for a fairy princess! Beautiful!

  11. All the dresses are gorgeous but I really love that first one..and the shoes are like Cinderella slippers!!! Sometimes it's so hard to choose exactly what we want to wear...especially when there is so much to choose from!

  12. All the gowns look wonderful together - pure eye candy:)

    best wishes Ginny

  13. Hi!
    Nice to meet you at this prom. I can perfectly understand that you cannot decide which gown to wear as they are both gorgeous! Perhaps I can wear one from you as I still haven't find mine.
    Aaaaah and those shoes, aren't they just like Cinderella's? But I wouldn't leave one of those anywhere ;-D
    Have a nice party! Love LiLi

  14. Oh my those are beautiful gowns and you REALLY own them!!!! Gosh wish I had my virtual dream gowns, but...they are tiny!!! Come visit! Great prom!!! Lori

  15. Geez all these gowns are so gorgeous!

  16. Oh gorgeous, love that screen and what a perfect spot to display your dreamy dresses!- Rachael

  17. What gorgeous vintage dresses!! That white one is just sooo dreamy!

    See you at the prom!

  18. Yummy Kitty !! I like the pink one. :) Happy Thanksgiving !! I hope you have a wonderful day, with lots of love. Hugs, Rhea

  19. Where did you get that fabulous gown?!?! My mom threw out or gave away all my old prom dresses. Sheesh, how could she!! But those shoes are also jazzy and snappy, lady.... just tooooo cute!! Love the tribute to your dad also. Very sweet, honey.

  20. Ouuu Miss Kitty I love both gowns... lucky you to own them!

    What a beautiful display!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by family and friends!

    Hugz, Dolly

  21. Your dresses are over the moon! I love all the flowing goodness. How will you ever pick my dear?

    I'm so sorry for your loss as I have just read about your dear dad. My thoughts are with you.

  22. Hi there. What a lovely blog. It's really one of my favorites. Is it okay if I visit you more often and perhaps add a link to your blog on mine?

    Bye! Anja

  23. OMG...Your gowns are fabulous!
    I am so sorry I missed the prom but I am having such a great time going to everyones elses.

  24. Hi Kitty! What a dreamy post this is! Love your screen, prom dress & all the other lovelies hanging on your screen! You & Heather have such an eye for decorating!!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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