Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Joyful Mish Mush

Hope you all have been doing well. I can't believe we are at the end of summer and facing Labor Day. The grandbabies are back in school as of today. The little one is going to Kindergarten. This is a big deal with riding the bus and all. The big one is 13 now. Where did the time go? They're growing up so fast! Love them to pieces!

I put my Flickr photo on last night. I hope to add lots more pictures for you all to enjoy

For this post, I thought I'd share some of my hat pins with you and other pretties at the bottom of the post. These are just an assortment of the black hat pins. Some are wood, some are stones with rhinestones and some sequins.

A little look at my hat pin holders. The one in front (better picture later) I got from a lady in Cape May who handpainted these and other lovelies. I'm not a rose painter, but I've always admired her work. she did the sweetest little business card holders as well.

Love those old shakers for the pins! Aren't they gorgeous! They look so pretty with the tall hat pin holder.

I've not always loved it, but Amber seems to be one of my new favorite colors. Maybe it's fall approaching?? But I love the depth of the color...

Amythest and pink glass. Love those 2 shades. They're so romantic and girly....

This is my first box creation. I worked with old wallpaper (which can be challenging). Don't look too closely as you'll see my mistakes. But, for a first attempt, I'm happy with the way it looks. A spray of ribbon roses on the left and a cluster of vintage buttons. Loved the little girl in the Acme Soap ad with her apron full of posies... Dark haired girls always remind me of my lovely daughter, Heather.

I put a little velvet ribbon inside to cover up the seams and used tiny pink rhinestone buttons in the corners. I had some difficulty deciding what to do with the inside lid. But, all-in-all, I am happy with the results.

Now these beautiful things I bought from Rhea. You all might remember her "Cherish" box that she sold a while back. I snatched it up quite quickly! Love it. Here's the contents. Lovely tags and Christmas tags and a hand painted shell and button and a little hankie. Oh, don't forget that sweet ballerina!
Don't ya just love this little girl on the box! She's just so sweet! Rhea is so talented! Love her stuff!

I loved the box contents so much I asked Rhea to paint me some shells and buttons. Originally I thought of them as gifts, but can I part with them? Oh, I don't know!?!?

Well, that's my post for today ladies. Hope you like the pictures. It's always nice to look at lovely things to inspire and just to take the blood pressure down a notch! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, lots and lots of lovely pictures!! I will look at them more than once, you can be sure! So pretty & inspiring!
    I think the box you made looks FABULOUS!!

  2. Love all the photos! Doesn't Rhea do a wonderful job on every project she develops! Lots of talent in that pretty head. You are so lucky to have gotten so many wonderful treasures! Love the tiny painting on the buttons. Very pretty.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  3. Love all of your hat pins !! And the pretty hat pin vase. Your box is very pretty, I don't see any mistakes at all !! Glad you like your shells !!

  4. I love your hat pin photos! they look beautiful!!

    What a good job you did on your box Mom... and I don't see any mistakes either. We are always more critical of our own work I think.

    Rhea's shells and buttons are sooo pretty! I love mine too.

  5. Kitty, such a beautiful job you did on your box! Love your pretty "K" on it, too. Now if it just had an "S" I would have to come take it away from you!!

    Rhea's Cherish box is a prize, too. You must have snatched that one quick. I don't remember seeing it. She does the prettiest things.

    Love your hat pins & those gorgeous S & P shakers & that hatpin holder. I must take another looooong look now!

    Angelic Accents

  6. Kitty it is all such beautiful stuff~ i really enjoy visiting here! I have popped over often to see the happy goat and he never fails to make me smile. And your new post is so wonderful. I am loving that box you made, it is absolutely fabulous!!!! Love all the trims and the paper is divine. It's all just so perfect! Rhea's items are very beautiful, the shells are the sweetest things ever!!!

  7. Hi Kitty,
    I just love your hatpin holders and your collection of hatpins are just beautiful!
    Also that box you made is fantastic! I couldn't see any mistakes...I think it looks perfect!! Love that wallpaper you used, it is so pretty.
    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  8. What a beautiful collection of hat pins and holders! Your first attempt of the box is fabulous! I think you did a wonderful job!
    Rhea's box and shells are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.


  9. What beautiful things. I particularly like the hat pins, wish we wore hats more these days and I love the pink glass and amethyst ones.
    Kim x

  10. hello Kitty I have never been here before but loved your blog. You have some lovely things. I like your box! The hatpins are gorgeous. cherry

  11. I love how your box turned out. So pretty! I'm a big fan of rhea too! She does lovely work!

  12. I love the things Rhea makes. Your hat pins and holders are just gorgeous. Love the china painting on the holders.

  13. HOw did I miss it that you were Heather's mom??? Heather has such wonderful taste and pretty things and I can see you do too. Love the wallpaper box and the ribbon flowers!

  14. Hi Kitty! Your hat pins are beautiful!! I love the holders as well ~ And your covered box is just perfect!! I love it ~ xxoo, Dawn

  15. Hi Kitty! Nice to meet you and thanks for leaving a message on my blog!! I will be adding you to my list of favs so I can come back for visits. Can you just mail me those hat pin holders? he he. They are gorgeous. I have two and both have the pink roses on them. Love them! Glad to have you on my list and have a wonderful day! Becky

  16. PS: The box you made is fantastic! You did a wonderful job and it looks devine! xo

  17. Kitty,

    I love all your beautiful things. Especially your hat pins..what a wonderful collection!

    Your box is gorgeous...you are quite the "creator" of beautiful things.:)

  18. Found your blog linked from the Vintage Stocking swap and just had to say you have the most delightful creative space here. So many beautiful things to look at.


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