Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nice Matters Award....

Well, I can only say I am truly humbled by being selected by Rhea of Sweet n Shabby Roses and the most wonderful, sweet comments from Dawn of The Feathered Nest. You both are
so kind-hearted and sweet. If anyone deserves this award, the both of you do. God has certainly given you a lions share of talent! We are all truly blessed by your generosity of spirit and your lovely talents.

I'd love to quickly pass along this award to:

Kathy at Shabby Roses Boutique - welcome to blogland and for being such a sweet person.
Bertie at Aunt May's Cottage - you and Rhea were two of the firsts to welcome me to blogland. Thanks for being so kind and generous.
Natasha of Natasha Burns Artistic Creations - you were so welcoming to me and truly a lovely, lovely (and need I say talented?) person.
Sophie of Sophie Honeysuckle's English Decor - you are so very sweet and have such wonderful talent decorating your home. I enjoy your blog immensely.
And last, but certainly not least....
My daughter, Heather of Pretty Petals - I would never have had the ability to meet all of the wonderful people in blogland if it were not for your patience with me and your generosity of spirit. Love you, honey.
There are so many of you that I love reading your beautiful blogs. They inspire me, calm me, and fill my heart to overflowing, at times. Thanks to all of you for just being out there....
p.s. - Blogger seems to be messing up my spacing. Just ignore it... lol!


  1. What sweet people you nominated ! I wanted to name Heather too, but someone had already nominated her ! Then I found out that you could nominate more than once !! Darn ! You are one Nice Lady !! And well deserving !!

  2. Mom, you are so deserving of this are alway so nice and kind to everyone!!Thank you for your sweet words and you are right... the girls you listed are all so sweet and well deserving! Love, Heather

  3. I agree completely with Heather!! You definitely deserve this award!! And thank-you so much for nominating me!! I'm thrilled, and thank-you for the lovely comments too!! You've made my day!!!

  4. Thanks so much, Kitty, for the honor! I feel very humbled to be in such company as those you listed. They are all so deserving and so are you!

    You always have such uplifting comments when you visit that it makes it all worthwhile the hours spent writing and posting pictures. And, I LOVE visiting your blog!

    Now, I have to go look at some of your nominee's blogs, too! Thanks again, sweetie!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  5. Thank you so much Kitty! I have in turn nominated everybody, LOL!

  6. How lovely to visit you, I didn't know Heather's mum was up and blogging:) where have I been...? Welcome to blogland and what a great award to be given.

    best wishes Ginny (England)

  7. Kitty, congrats on your NICE award ~ you & Heather are two of the sweetest people I've met!

    Angelic Accents

  8. Hi Kitty,
    Thanks so much for nominating me for this special award!You are too kind!
    If you hadn't already been nominated yourself you would have been top of my list too!
    Kathy xo

  9. Have just discovered your blog Love your collection of enamel.

  10. Kitty, isn't it fun to get an award for being nice! Love your home.



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