Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Belated Valentines

You all remember that "B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L" vintage valentine box that Heather's hubby gave to her for Valentine's Day! If not, pop on over to Pretty Petals Blog and see for yourself (click here). Well, the day I picked that up for Hubby Joe, I bought two for myself. I wanted you all to get a load of these. (Forgive the bad quality of the pictures, it was a gray day, the lighting was bad, need I say more! )

Needless to say, I am JUST DELIGHTED to own these gorgeous vintage candy heart boxes! Both have gorgeous fabrics and of the big one has those lovely, lovely, millinery flowers!

Well, gotta go. Lots to do today. You all have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon.....



  1. Wow Kitty these are fabulous! We don't have these beauties in Australia, well - not that i have seen! i love them!

  2. They are beautiful, what a lucky find. Rachael

  3. Oh, goodie, I'm glad you kept some for yourself. Sometimes, we moms end up giving everything to our kids, don't we? I saw on Heather's blog that you had helped her husband out in finding the perfect gift, it is so sweet.

  4. Love these Mom!! When you aren't using them for display you can keep some trims or things in there as pretty storage.


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