Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cherish The Children

I was reading a poem in a vintage children's book I have about "Baby Gets A Tooth" by Edgar A. Guest, and it reminded me of my 7 year old grandson, Christian, and the recent loss of the 2nd front tooth! He was very happy it was out, as it was loose at such an odd angle, but he was extremely concerned with the slight bleeding that goes along with the loss of such an important tooth.

Children fill our lives with such joy, no matter what the generation, and especially those grandbabies! This reminded me of the children's books I was accumulating, so, I gathered up all that I had. It seems I have a little collection beginning, and the little poems and stories are just delightful!

I just LOVE this verse (above) from the poem by Robert Louis Stevenson's, "A Good Boy". I can see in my mind's eye an angel keeping watch over my very own grandsons, all through the night.

I have purchased some of these books at antiques fairs, Heather, my daughter from Pretty Petals, has given me some, and Madai, my sweet friend from Forget Me Nots from Wren Cottage, has given me a few. All together, they make the start of a nice little collection.

But, I did not stop there, I thought about the trading cards and images I had of children. So I gatherd these, and put a few on this post to share with you.

No matter what the age, our children are the light of our lives. My daughter is 30-something, and she is still the light of my life. It is now, so wonderful, to share things with her as an adult, that I could not, when she was a child. But, those childhood years are so very precious.

In the picture above, I gathered together some baby shoes, laced with vintage seam binding, a few postcards, the camiosole of a child's slip, and one of Heather's baby pictures. This is my favorite picture of her as a baby. Her little eyes full of wonder, and dark hair, just like her Daddy. Such a sweet memory.

In the picture below, this is an album that Heather bought for me. It is filled with presidential newspaper clippings, but I just love the cover. Two sisters, for sure. How they look alike! I wish they would take pictures like this today with children....

And didn't they just make the covers of the books so enticing! Such beauty in just that part of the book, alone! Madai recently gave me the Alice in Wonderland book in the middle. Thank you, Madai. I just love it! The images inside the book are amazing, as well.

"The Summer Children" is a poem by Edgar A. Guest, which I adore. And another by Guest called Boy or Girl.

But of all the poems that I have read and love, I have to say, This little note that was given to me when Heather was born will always be my favorite.......
Cherish Your Children, today they are small
The toys, the clutter, sticky hands, and all!
For tomorrow will come and time does give way
Those beautiful memories in your heart will stay.


  1. Kitty, what a great post...that picture of Heather is just adorable!!! well, she is adorable all the time, you really raised a darling girl...i love all things baby...and i really adore those old picture/story books...i snatch those up whenever i can find them!!!

  2. You and Heather both have such a great taste. We would say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! That photo of Heather is sooo sweet, and I like to read that your relationship with her gets even better and better. I love the treasures you showed us, thanks for sharing. I hope that spring has arrived too in your place and if so enjoy it!

  3. Kitty, What a beautiful post! I also love the old childrens books and love when they have beautiful fronts. Over the years I have found several books and booklets for children pre-1900m I cherish them! thank you for visiting today and especially your kind words! As i have said before my blogging family of sisters is like non other! Bless you doll, Lori

  4. Hi Kitty! I was so happy to see you stop by my blog today, I have missed you :)

    This is such a lovely post! Your collection is just beautiful :) Your grandson is such a cutie, lol! I have a seven year old son too and he was so happy when he lost his front teeth too! Arent they precious? I love seeing Heather as a baby too! She is just precious!


  5. Oh Mom... this is SUCh a lovely post! so many things I love... and they all go together so nicely. So sweet what you did with my baby picture... haha. I love that one too. Thanks for your sweet words.

    Funny about Christian and his tooth.. you know he keeps telling me that it wasn't really supposed to fall out now and that it would not have bled if he didn't hit it off of the bus seat. lol. that was like weeks ago!

    LOVE The goodies from Madai... she is a real sweetie that one.

    love you, Heather

  6. I just loved this post!!! That little Christian is a hoot... I just love that picture of Heather as a baby..
    You have so many wonderful things. I love all the images you have and those books are just amazing.

  7. Kitty, this post makes me weep. You are so right, there is nothin gin this life that fills me with more joy than my Princess. Like your Heather she is the light of my life! Take Care - Rachaelxo

  8. You should check out Discoverybox. They are great for Kids aged 9-12 and are supporting World Book Day this month, which encourages children to explore books and reading!

  9. Hello Kitty,
    This is my first time to your blog. I am coming from your daughter's blog. Talent and prettyness runs in the family. I love your blog and all the pictures. I'll have to be back.
    Have a great weekend!!

  10. Hi Kitty,
    What a beautiful post. I love the sweetness of the little ones. The picture of Heather is so very sweet.
    I love the story of your grandson's tooth. What a precious memory to hold on too. Thank you for sharing.

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment.
    I so enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. See you again soon.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  11. Such a pretty post! I love children's books as well. Just bought some oldies today at my favorite old bookstore.
    You are lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. :)

  12. Kitty, What a wonderful post! I'm lucky enough to have a very close relationship with my daughter too. I can't wait to have grandchildren some day. I must have the same Edgar Guest books. I love his poetry. It still brings a smile. And I love old children books too. You have a wonderful collection.

  13. What a lovely, touching post! You are indeed blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and grandson so involved in your life! Treasures, such as those in your post, are good reminders of all the "gifts" that we have in our lives!

    My adult daughter (28 years) lives half-way across the country in Seattle--too far for this mama! Enjoy the times you share!

    Happy spring,

  14. Hi Kitty! This is one of the sweetest posts I've seen in a long time!! Love the What is a Girl page! Heather's baby pic is just adorable placed in that sweet vignette!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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