Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bits of This and That.....

I recently went to an antique show and got just a few good pictures of some beautiful merchandise they were offering. It was a fun affair that I took my Mom to. Heather wasn't able to go that day, to her dismay, because this is an annual event for the women in our family! Isn't this Victorian dress just wonderful?

Look at that teeny-tiny waist. They tell me the mannequin was a size 6, and the dress would not meet in the back, so it must have been a 4! How wonderful to be that size. How did those victorian women do it? After all, corsets can only go so far....

The hat below, I believe is from the 20's, and it is just gorgeous with all of those beautiful millinery flowers. I've never seen one like it, and with a price tag of $125, I'd have to say, it is definitely worth it.

This darling settee has such beautiful lines. Can't you just see this at the end of a victorian bed? Or in a French room, under a window? (Sigh.....)

And who can get past all the beautiful blue transferware. Such a yummy blue, at that! Well, I wish I had taken more pictures, but I got caught up in the moment and forgot to take them. So, for now, and until next year's show, these will have to appease me...

I wanted to share with you the latest addition to my "little studio". Actually the studio consists of a very long table and much storage, which I am in the midsts of taking pictures to share with all of you.

Madai, my very good friend from Forget Me Nots from Wren Cottage made the "NEST" banner for me, and I think it is just the most perfect touch to my mirror and little studio.

It came wrapped up in a little package, inside the tea died envelope. Folded in half was a page from the book "The Secret Garden", and inside this page were these sweet little tags, a darling paperclip and some Earl Grey Tea! Just the most thoughtful little gift! Thanks every so much, Madai....

And if that wasn't enough, look at the sweet little butterfly collage girl she made on the outside of my package. Oh so sweet!

Finally, I am showing all of you a few things I picked up at the antique mall recently. It was not a day of finding alot of bargains, but it gave me "the fix" I needed. Hubby and I decided to take the hour drive to the AAA-76 Antique Mall in Ravenna, Ohio. But, unfortunately, I didn't read the map right and we ended up doing a big round-about! But, we had a fun day, just the two of us, and made it into an adventure. After all, we ate at the Cracker Barrel, how can that be bad???!!!

Paper for crafting, and the little book is ALL in French. Actually, I got 2 and am sharing with Heather. Below are sweet pictures that I can't wait to use in my paper art.

And, I couldn't go home without at least one old millinery hat. I was lucky to find this beauty with the roses and the 2 large flower pins.

A few more books, gardening, and a book of Psalms, and a sweet little Victorian book that when you open, it is a little chalk board.

So, that's been my adventures for the last few weeks and hope you enjoyed sharing this with me. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week and beautiful, sunny spring weather!


  1. Mom, that dress is STUNNING! How nice that they let you take photos. You know I adore the hat. I can't help but wonder about the woman that wore it... wonder what the occasion was?

    you got some really pretty things at the antique mall. That little french book is darling and such pretty hats.

    Your gift from Madai is so sweet and the banner looks so nice on your mirror. I love that mirror. Can't wait til you share your studio space!! ♥ Heather

  2. My dear Kitty,

    The Victorian dress is absolutely amazing! How much fun would it be to wear a dress like that...oh, my! The blue transferware is so pretty. Wouldn't it be fun to set a table with the pieces?

    Thank you for sharing all your vintage finds! What fun you will have in your studio creating with your new treasures!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  3. Thanks to your wishes we have that lovely spring weather right this minute! I would love to shop with you, you always find the most amazing spots and terrific merchandise. I love everything!

  4. Wow! If those are just a few of the treasures from that show, it must have been a good one! That dress is gorgeous and I would love that bench at the bottom of my bed. Of course, then I wouldn't let anyone sit on it!

  5. That dress is beautiful! Can't you just imagine a lady wearing that & strolling throught a Victorian Garden on a warm summer day??

  6. The millinery hat is GORGEOUS! And I recognized Madai's work right away ~ what a dear she is (I have two of her banners in my bedroom)! =) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! =)

  7. OOOOOHHHH! I just love that dress..That waist is something else..What a great photo...
    You really got some amazing treasures as always...I just looooove that hat you bought....
    Love the gift from Madai...It does look amazing on your mirror...Hope all is well...

  8. It is all so pretty, and Yes, that hat is amazing !!! :) I love the dress, just neautiful. I bought a mannequin the other day, what was I thinking ? lol !! She is very old and in need of help, and I don't have any pretty gowns for her. She just beckoned to me. Oh, the things we drag home. I should have gone shopping with YOU I would have brought home a sensible purchase, lol !!!!! But I have already named her, so I guess she has to stay, hee hee :) I am sorry that Heather couldn't go with you. I love my thrift/junk/antiquing days with my mom. I am sure she missed you both. :) Love your glittery gift and the ephemera is so pretty :)

  9. Kitty, the pictures at the show are beautiful. That hat is gorgeous! Great finds on your trip!

  10. What a wonderful collection of antiques. Love the dress, thanks so much for sharing your photos.

  11. Hi Kitty! That Antiques Show looks like it was wonderful. I'll take that settee!! Tell Heather I said "Hi!"!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  12. So many beautiful and wonderful items. That dress is gorgeous.

  13. Wow you did have adventures and you saw some wonderful things Kitty! That hat, oh wow, it's beautiful!
    What a shame Heather couldn't go with you :(
    Say hi to your Mom for me! xo

  14. oooooh I wish I had been at that fair, that hat was just gorgeous and the dress soo pretty .... and the size :0( ... well they were tiny in those days ....

    thanks for sharing
    best wishes Ginny

  15. Love your place full of cool stuff.
    I have a little lady bug award for you, so drop by sometime and see.
    Wasn't sure if you did this sort of thing, but I wanted to add your 'smile' to the list.
    No pressure to pass on, just smile and know that you make me smile too.
    Sunday Smiles, Candy

  16. Wow, what a fabulous show. All the items were stunning. I would have loved it all. So nice to have found your blog, and congrats on the award. Hugs, Marty

  17. That dress is a beauty! Do you remember the price? I just may have to go back in time and buy it, LOL. It looks like it was an amazing antique show. ~ Karen


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