Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally, A Place To Create.....

Well, it is finally done (well, maybe never done, right?) But, my little creative workspace (should I call it a studette?) is now a workable space. After all winter of my dear, sweet husband, building me a very long table, buying storage bins, and sorting through all of my "stuff", I think I can say, I have a studio.

Now, this is not a grand studio, by any means, but, is a great little place for me. My house is small, but I do have 3 bedrooms, and have no children at home. So, I did take one of the bedrooms and carved out a space against a wall, and took over the closet.

Forgive the quality of some of my pictures, but I've been taking them over and over again, without alot of luck.

My husband took an unfinished interior door (Lowe's), and added legs and trim, and painted it white. Underneath are plastic drawers. Yeah, I know, plastic, yuk. But, this is the most workable solution for me. At least I can keep things organized. In my closet, I have 3 large shelves and more plastic bins, to hold even more "stuff".

In this big cupboard, I have alot of my quilts, fabric, linens on the top. In the bottom half, I have magazines, paints, and misc.
Around, the room, I tried to use every nook and cranny. The little white stand by the bed is not filled, and is waiting for more "stuff" to be bought. The vanity is just a place for my pretties and inspiration.

Shelves above the table hold my jars and dishes full of "yet to be used" supplies. I don't have alot of wall space in my room, so I use this 3 tiered stand for "Inspiration".

A white planter and white milk glass jars atop a mirrored dresser tray hold buttons, beads, notes, and misc.

A sweet angel picture, that I absolutely adore, sits on the shelf, watching over me. Apothecary jars are filled with lace, forget me nots, and old millinery. Pink refrigerator dishes are ready to be filled.

If you are looking for a good desk lamp (in silver), that has the new natural daylight bulb, go to Lowes. I think I got it for $30. And, it is a nice size, and the head of the lamp moves up and down to give light where needed.

An old wire basket sits atop a stool I got on one of my very first auctions, years ago. Of course, I paid too much for the stool, as I got caught up in the excitement. But, it's a keeper.

On my desktop, I use an old toast holder to hold my punches and some tools. Can't have too many pens, either, right?

And for that "all too precious" old wallpaper, I have an old wood bin. Just perfect for keeping it safe!
I found some old sewing machine drawers at a yard sale a few years ago, and found some great old hardware at the Washington Antiques Fair last year. So, I had hubby put the hardware on the drawer. It holds some of my postcards and old photos. This drawer sits atop an old set of wallpaper covered drawers that Heather gave me. I just love it. Of course, it holds "more stuff", like glass slides for my future self-taught class on soldering, more paper, and misc.

Well, that's a tour of my little studio. Hope you all gained a tip or two. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


  1. OH WOW!!! What a BEAUTIFUL creating space...I just love every little detail..I'm really just speechless.. I love your apothocary jars filled with all your little goodies...Just love that desk...Just amazing..

  2. It's wonderful Kitty! So pretty and so organised! I love all your supplies, I'd love to play in there :)

  3. Hi Kitty,
    WOW the creative space you made is just terrific. So wonderfully organized and cottage cozy at the same time. I love all your treasures used for supply keeping and unique storage.
    I can see you having the best time creating in your wonderful room.
    What an inspiration, thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  4. Mom, your little corner of the house is SO pretty. You did such a great job of organizing your supplies and keeping everything beautiful at the same time. I love the mirror with the nest banner from Madai. So sweet. You have so many beautiful things! Now, keeping it organized when the supplies just keep growing is the hard part.. haha.

    Love Heather

  5. What a fun place to create in.

  6. OH Kitty!! You are so lucky!! What a fabulous place to create! I would love to have a big space of my own like that :) I cant wait to see your creations!!

  7. Kitty, i love the work space you carved out for looks just wonderful...such a very pretty room too...i wish i had my own little work space...maybe some day

  8. Thank you for sharing your pretty studio!! Mine is still a work in progress; so you have provided me with inspiration!

  9. I love every bit of it. Thank you so much for sharing. Yes its very inspiring. I am going to have a space too, soon. I'm looking at blogland for ideas and yours is very creative.

  10. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful job you have done organizing your creating space. I'd love to do that one day but am always overwhelmed at the thought of even knowing where to start on my 'hideous' closet of vintage hoard, so 'hideous' it remains haha. Maybe this summer...

    Can't wait to see the new goodies you create in your new 'digs' :)


  11. I really like your "studette" - so full of pretty things and supplies, all so nicely organized. what a wonderful place to do some creating!

  12. What a fabulous place to create!! Very inspiring. I can't believe that table is a DOOR!! Hubby did a great job. You are very lucky, my friend!!

    Happy Creating!!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  13. Job well done and great pictures...pretty things.

  14. Oh my goodness! I love your studio!!! It is all so pretty! I would definately be inspired working in this pretty studio! What a great table that your husband made! I just love everything!!! I think I need to go rearrange some things in my little studio!

  15. What a great studio! You have made quite a lovely, organized and inspiring space for your creative adventures!! I look foward to your amazing creations.

    Happy May Day!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  16. Kitty, all I can say is WOW.... you have such a beautiful space to creat in. I love all the inspiration you have put around the room and I would have a hard time leaving it.

    thank you for dropping by the other day.


  17. It's beautiful and very inspiring! {I have been working on cleaning my studio for so many months it seems like no end in sight! Yours gives me hope ;)}

  18. Oh that's great! Soon you will be thinking of ways to remove the bed! That's what I contemplate. Think of all the space we could gain by losing the guest bed, LOL. My space is only used as a guest bedroom for a few days of the year after all.

    Your new desk is great! I look forward to seeing your creations. ~ Karen.

  19. Hi Kitty! You have such a wonderful new place to create! Love it! I also love all the creative storage spaces & your little tiered inspiration piece. Old sewing machine drawers always have special uses in my home, too!

    Angelic Accents

  20. Wow I can see where Heather gets her great taste of all beautiful vintage pretties, from her mum :0)x

    Happy mothers day to you.

    best wishes Ginny

  21. ohhhh!!!! I LOVE your new space Kitty! Everything is so organized and beautiful at the same time.
    I adore all the beautiful glass jars filled with goodies :) and your hubby did a phenomenal job on your desk, what an excellent idea, might have to borrow that ;)
    Love the bin to keep all your tall rolled up papers, good tip.
    I wish I could step right in and poke around and play with you ;) hehehe ~ Thanks for posting a pic of the NEST banner, great spot for it!;)
    Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day!!
    Lots of love ~ Madai

  22. Kitty, What a BEAUTIFUL studio! The photos are so lovely..
    Great creative workable space.
    I think it's a very grand studio!
    Glad I paged down to view this delightful room..
    Blessings! ~Mary~ :-}


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