Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ooooh-h-h-h-h-h, I LOVE that GREEN.....

I have been without a computer for almost 2 weeks! UGh! It's been frustrating, to say the least. So, I thought I would get a quick post out to all of you. I've missed visiting with you. Since "May" is my very favorite month, I thought I'd post about the color green. Here in Pennsylvania, May is the "greenest" month of all! Just gorgeous. So, inspired as I am, here are a number of my favorite pictures, in no particular order.

Above, green is the color of the day last year at an antiques fair. Many shades of this luscious color!

Oh so pretty, this green table and chair with rose petals and such a gorgeous screen!

And who can resist this vintage card of marching angels in their sweet green/blue robes. Definitely 60's, don't ya think?

And the sweet fairy picture below. Not sure, but I may have borrowed this from Stephanie. If I have, Steph, please forgive me, I just loved it......

And the green sleeves of vintage Victoriage dresses. Oh so elegant. Dresses had such beautiful detail then, didn't they.

And the shade of this green coutier gown is just incredible. Hand coloring at its best. Lovely.

And a bolt of green ribbon that is just irresistible. Just love it. It's waiting for a special project.

And a bit of green garden inspiration. Yes, it is time to get those fingers dirty. Just love the thought of it!

Hope you have enjoyed my tribute to the 'green' month of May! Have a wonderful week. I'll be popping by to see all of you...


  1. All of the greens are just gorgeous, but that lushious garden is just about the greatest. I would love to have that. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love this green post! What gorgeous photos of the flea market, well all photos are lovely! Here May is the greenest month of them all too and it's my favourite. Have a nice green day!

  3. I VERY much like your photos. Green is one of my favourite colours. The green doors, I like very much! The little children walking with candles is so sweet!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  4. Oh la la! I love this green... so springy and fresh. I love that screen in that one photo of the flea market... but we have enough screens don't we? hehe

    That little fairy picture with the butterflys IS so sweet!

    ♥ Heather

  5. I love Green too. It goes with so many other shades too. You can muddy it up, or prissy it up. Green always works :) I may just have to do a road trip this summer and visit these wonderful markets in the Northern US. I am 45 minutes from the border so I should really go sometime with a few of my girlfriends. You make it look so wonderful!!! Have a lovely May weekend! Karen

  6. What a fabulous post, my friend!! Loved all of the greens and the photos of the flea market!! Wish I had gone with you...that screen would not have stayed there!

    Come visit me!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  7. Hi Kitty, oh I just love your post. The pics are all wonderful. I love May too and all it's beauty. Here in Texas it is very green now but once it gets really hot, it will fade with the sun!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. Really Love your "green" post!!

    Come on over to my blog... I am having a huge Give Away! !

  9. Your green is fabulous! The green gardens are inspiring, too! Don't you feel so envigorated with the fresh spring greens?

    Happy day!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  10. OOOOOOHHHHH! I'm just loving all the green to...Your post captured so many beautiful shades of green...I just loooove your fountain with the fern on it..Your garden is just amazing...
    I'm glad you liked the photos of the fairies. That is one of my favorite images that I have..I loved the colors in that photo so much...

  11. Oh, I do love green, and I'm loving your green post. I'm with you on the getting my hands dirty. Love this time of year.

  12. iwas wondering if i could use that picture of the fairies as the background of my blog? Xxx <3

  13. To anonymous - You can surely use the picture, but I got it from someone else... Happy New Year.... Kitty


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