Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A sampling of the cottage...

I'm sorry it has been a while since my last post. Life has been getting in the way in a very big way! So, just for fun, I pulled together some of my favorite pictures of my cottage to give you a bit of a "tour". The picture above is old millinery and of course my beloved "strawberries" and velvet millinary, arranged on a huge silver tray that I found for $15 at the thrift store. Just love how it looks on the tray.

I was a collector of "primitives" when I first started collecting antiques. I could never resist these "child size irons. I have about a dozen of them, but here are some of my favorites. Can't you see a little girl in days gone by mimicking her Mama with these irons?

I'm sure many of you have seen these lambs before. But, they are my very favorite garden statues. I just love them snuggled down in the boxwood and lambsear.

These mini oil lamps are a sampling of the "milk glass" lamps that I have collected. These are impossible to find now. I cannot believe how hard it is to find things I could find 10 years ago. But, I am thankful for the ones I do have. They are sweet in a combined collection.

And where would I be without ironstone? Simple but beautiful, don't ya think?

Not sure if I have ever shown you my tiny guest bedroom. This is a poster bed I found at an antique sale. Just love it. I had to have the mattress cut down from a double, as it is just a bit smaller. As they say, people were much smaller back then.

And again, child size sewing machines! Just love them. What happened to these traditions? Where little children would sit with their mothers to learn these things? I think we are missing the boat on these old traditions. What do you think?

Well, thanks for touring a bit of my home with me. I hope to be around to see all of you soon. My hubby and I are taking a quick vacation, but I'll be back soon and can't wait to catch up with all of you! Hope you are enjoying your summer,


  1. Hi Kitty, I really liked the little tour of our cottage. So many lovely treasures. I just love the little sewing machines and the display of old millinery is gorgeous. Enjoy your vacation


  2. Kitty, your cottage looks very pretty...the little sewing machines are adorable...have a great vacation!!!

  3. I love touring through your house Kitty, somehow I have the feeling that you could give us more and more tours without showing the same collections. Ah it is a bug isn't it? I love these childrens irons too and those small sewing machines. Yes you are right about missing the boat on these kind of toys. Today children don't learn sewing, neither knitting nor crocheting, but with the recession going on these are getting more popular everyday! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I just love the tour of your cottage!!!! You really have some beautiful treasures....I just love your mini milk glass oil lamps...They really are hard to find...I have a couple, but not many... Those little sewing machines are just to cute...I think I really would've loved to learn how to sew at a young age..I would be whipping up alot of sewing pretties now(hehe)... The little lamb statues are just adorable...I love how you have them nestled.. Hope all is well and have a great vacation...

  5. Hi Kitty, your guest room looks very pretty and inviting!
    I loooooove those garden lambs! Adorable!!
    Cute little sewing machines too!

  6. Thank you for the personal tour of your lovely home. It is fun to see what other people collect. It was fun to go around with you and i enjoyed my visit. Have a great weekend. xo Joan

  7. Hi Mom, Love the photos of your cottage... and what a beautiful cottage you have!

    The teeny sized irons really are a treasure and they look so cute all lined up.

    I love your collection of ironstone... you really do have an amazing collection!

    love Heather

  8. You have a great collection there.

    I love that guest bed of yours, I have to laugh as we British have been putting up with smaller beds for a long long time.
    I broke out of the norm and bought myself a 6ft bed, the luxury LOL (I think you call it a Queen size?? ha ha )

    best wishes Ginny

  9. What wonderful collections you have. I especially loved the milkglass lamps. I don't think I've ever seen one before. And, your bedroom is lovely toooo.


  10. Hi sweetie!
    I loved taking the tour! Love all of your collections... I want to start a collection of ironstone too, you have some really beautiful pieces! And the lambs are really precious... and the little childrens toys are the best, love them too! I agree with you, there's a bond that is created with mothers and daughters when they learn to play house by mommies side... thank you for sharing your little world.

    Hope you enjoyed your get-away, very well deserved I'm sure!
    Lots of Love ~ Madai xo

  11. Oh and forgot to say that your guest room is BEAUTIFUL!! Great job! Lucky guest who gets to sleep in there... like going to a B&B...ahhhh!


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