Sunday, June 14, 2009

By the Sea, By the Sea.....

Hubby and I haven't taken a "true" vacation for quite some time. So, we decided with our 25th wedding anniversary, we were overdue! There is nothing like being by the ocean to make a person unwind. It was truly a wonderful vacation. We both are feeling restored and have wonderful memories. Never having been to the "Outer Banks", North Carolina, we lived it up like true tourists. Soaking up the ocean and the sun, seeing all the local attractions, and eating all the scrumptious seafood we could hold in the days we were there. I recommend it highly for any of you looking for a vacation destination.

There are historical sights, light houses, gardens, and lots and lots of water! The picture above is the first picture I took when we arrived. I just had to get a picture of the ocean. Nothing cures "the build up of life" like walking along the beach!

This is a shot from the Currituck Light House. I did climb the 200+ steps to the top, but could not walk out around the top! Just couldn't do it. But, hubby did and took this amazing picture. While in the northern part of the outer banks, we four-wheeled in an open air jeep to see the wild horses. These are amazing animals and I will post about that next time.

But one of my all time favorite spots was the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island. You all may remember how much I love the statues and urns. Here is the sweet face of a cherub on a wonderful planter in the garden. How angelic! And below is a boy playing the flute. Waer drips out the end of his flute pipe. A more calming sound, there never was!

Beautiful pink roses in the rose garden.

And a long view into the formal garden. A knot garden with boxwood and herbs planted in the interior. Just lovely!

And did I tell you about the hydrangeas! I have been trying to get my hyndrangeas to grow here in Pennsylvania for a number of years and without success. These beauties are amazing! What's the secret? A local woman told me they don't like the hot afternoon sun and if they are not blooming, move them. So, that's the plan.

Can't you just feel the cool of the shadow after being in the sun!

And did I tell you about the hydrangeas! LOL! LOL!

Well ladies, that's all for now. Hope you are all well and happy and enjoying the wonderful summer here up north. Sit back and have a glass of "sweet tea" and soak up the joy of this beautiful season!



  1. Mom, your pictures are SO pretty. What a beautiful place to visit. I am so glad you had a nice time and got to relax a little. I can't wait to see the horses! those hydrangeas are beautiful! wow

    love Heather

  2. Kitty, What a beautiful place to spend a vacation! That garden is gorgeous! I have good luck with my hydrangeas but I have to really baby them in the summer. I'll be back to see the pics of the horses. I would love to see them in person some day!

  3. Kitty, i am so sorry that you didn't come to Leesburg with us...but it looks like you had a wonderful getaway really is beautiful there...and i am happy that you had such a good time...Happy Anniversary:)

    ps: i did buy both of those bonnets

  4. Oh Kitty, you must have had such a great time! Your photos are stunning! I love hydrangeas too. As we have a moist and mild climate, they do well over here too. I think every garden should have at least one (if possible in the climate off course!).
    Happy anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary Kitty!!! What a gorgeous place, WOW!! I would love to go there! I am so glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourselves!!


  6. Kitty, your pictures look amazing...I'm glad you had a wonderful time on your vacation...Congrat's to you and Ted for 25yrs of marriage..I agree with Heather those hydrangeas are just stunning...Now I can't wait for mine to blume in my yard..I really wish you were able to go to Leesburgh with us.. You would've made it extra special....Anyway, hope all is well...

  7. What a wonderful vacation!! I am afraid if I ever went to the south I would only come back long enough to sell the house & collect my "boyz" & belongings!!

  8. Hi Kitty, Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary. What a glorious way to celebrate and vacation on the Outer Banks of N.C.
    Your pics are amazing. Love the statues.

    Love your flower pics too. Here in Texas we have lots of sun and heat too so I put my hydrangeas in the shade near the house. They start out like the pink ones you have then they turned this gorgeous sage green with pink tips as they aged. So far I have I think I have them in the right spot.
    I love your blue!! Gorgeous.

    ALl my family is originally from PA. Small world!!
    Have a great day.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  9. Kitty, what a lovely spot. It looks so peaceful. What a nice way to celebrate your anniversary.

    Hugs Karen

  10. Dear Kitty,

    What a lovely, lovely vacation spot! You have created wonderful memories of the time celebrating 25 years together! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of the fantastic time you shared by the sea.

    Congratulations and best to you and your honey on 25 years!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

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  12. OH my gosh Kitty it looks so beautiful there! Sounds like you had a great time for your special anniversary! Congratulations xo

  13. Congratulations on being married 25 years! How wonderful. What a lovely photos. I love hydrangeas but mine haven't done too well...
    Take care
    Isabelle x


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