Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Garden Is In Bloom.....

The summer is flying by, but I am enjoying each and ever second. I thought it was time to show some garden pictures. I just love all the colors they bring. It just makes a person "happy" to see all those divine shades intermingling.

I wasn't going to start with vegetables, but since Blogger wasn't cooperating tonight, I thought, OK, vegetables, it is. I only put some vegetables in pots, and that's enough. A little lettuce, some tomatoes and peppers, and this year, an eggplant. Isn't the eggplant bloom just so cute? Can't wait ot make eggplant parmesan. I'm open for recipies!

My neighbor, Mitsy, puts in a big garden and always shares her bounty with us. Thank you, Mitsy, I'm loving every morsel! She gave me some turnips. Can't wait to cook those up.

These impatience remind me of sherbert colors. All different flavors. Just delicious! And the butterfly bush is new to the garden this year. It's not very big, but I have about 4 flowers on it. Such beautiful shades of purple to lavender! Oh my! Just gorgeous. My little grandson has one, as well. He says he saw a hummingbird on it. What a sight that would be!

As I've said in the past, I don't have much luck with hydrangeas. But these are the new everblooming variety, blooming all summer. So far, so good. The flowers start green, turn to white, and then have just a blush of pink on them as they mature. I just love them! I'm hoping they weather just fine. Any tips on hydrangeas are absolutely welcome!

The back deck has a little garden and tiny frog spitting water into the pool. The snapdragons are wonderful this year. The clematis has already bloomed.

I've been fighting with the raccoons this year for digging up my pots. But, I think I've won the battle. Hubby put out the live trap to catch them the other night. When he catches them, he takes them over to the state game lands and sets them free. But, what did we catch? A Momma raccoon and a baby in the trap, and a baby laying next to it waiting for her Momma to get out. Hubby said he'd take the two over. I said, "Oh No! You cannot split up that Momma and her babies!" What else can you do? Those babies were so so cute.

I just love the double ruffled petunias.

For Mother's Day, Heather gave me a basket of beautiful flowers, tied up with a tulle bow! It was gorgeous; a basket I had always admired in her home. I was delighted with it. Here are the flowers, just growing like crazy! I love that chartreuse green. It has little spikes of pink flowers that come out the top. Not sure what it is. A viola and a trailing vine, which is just beautiful.

I also got a new hollyhock this year. I went to a sale at a local antique store, and she sold flowers, as well. I just love the fullness of this bloom. Beautiful!

Winter was especially hard on the lambs ear, but it is bouncing back nicely. It is a sturdy little plant. And, as they say, soft as a lambs ear.....

One of my statue angels praying under our American flag. I can't help but feel she's sending up a prayer for our country and our leaders. Can't we all use a little prayer? The plant under the flag gets little pink flowers in the spring (Forget the name).

A peek into the main flower bed with the gazing ball and the fountain.

And of course, my precious little lambs. Just love them. The ajuga ground cover is starting to take off.

That's the tour of my garden. It's wonderful getting out in the sun and digging around in the dirt. So, put those garden gloves on ladies, and get dirty! Of course get the Flexall 454 and heating pad ready. Some how I am not as flexible as I used to be!

Have a great week,


  1. Kitty, it's beautiful, sugar. I'd like to see the whole deck though if you can get a pix of that. It might give me some ideas for this desert area that gets soooooo HOT!

  2. Kitty, your yard and flowers look so pretty...i never could get hollyhocks to do well for me...yours is gorgeous!!!

  3. Kitty, your garden is so pretty. It is winter here and everything is wet and bleak looking! My Princess loves lambs ears, she picks them and strokes them across her face! Rachaelxo

  4. Kitty, your garden is a delight! We even share the same taste in flowers and plants! I was never having luck with Hydrangeas too, but now for the second year in a row, since we revamped our garden, it is filled with hydrangea flowers. The secret; A. don't forget to feed them, there is a special fertilizer on the market for these plants. Second: we went on holiday in May in stead of in Summer, so that our hydrangeas don't dry. Keep them moist! I love your Hollyhocks too. I did plant them last year but they didn't come up and they didn't come back neither. Here you see Holyhocks especially in the narrow streets in town, where people don't have gardens, but do want some flowers and green and I think I will hunt for seed next month. I'm already gathering for you, what fun!! Have a nice day!

  5. Kitty, Your flowers look amazing..I love all the pretty colors..I love your lambs tongue and the hollyhocks are so pretty..I can't get them to grow in my yard...Love all the garden statues also...Hope all is well..

  6. Mom, your garden looks BEAUtiful!! I always admire the way you grow your gardens. They always look so nautral and peaceful unlike my unruly messes. For not having alot of sun where you are, you do SO well and have so many beautiful plants.

    I love the little lambs too, they are my favorite and the angel praying under the flag... that is so sweet.

    love Heather

  7. Such beautiful pictures - your garden is lovely! And I love the raccoon story :o)


  8. Hi Kitty :)

    WOW, your garden is gorgeous!!! You are so lucky!! I love hydrangeas. I have been wanting a butterfly plant!! Everything looks so perfect! Heather is so sweet, she always comes up with the prettiest ideas :) For some reason, I CANNOT post on her blog. No matter what browser I use :( I am going to have to email her.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog this morning :)

    Big Hugs,

  9. Hi Kitty,
    Your garden is lovely. You certainly have a green thumb. Everything is beautiful. So nice to have veggies too. I sure miss that here in Texas. Just too hot here for vegetable plants. I used to make fried eggplant. Slice, dip in egg and coat with flour. Fry till crispy. Layer with tomato sauce and sprinkle parmesan cheese.
    I like it without the sauce too. So good.

    Sounds like you are enjoying the summer.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. What a beautiful garden, I just loved your post and will be back to visit your blog again and again.


  11. Your garden is beautiful, Kitty. I love your pink hollyhock - I'm trying to get some to grow at the farmhouse and they're far from blooming!

  12. Kitty,

    Your garden is growing so loverly! I could just sit having tea for an entire afternoon. You have been so creative with all of your gardening.

    Thanks for sharing such lovely images!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  13. Good Morning,
    just popping in with my cup of tea and catch up with you and your latest adventures ;)
    I loved the horses and the sheep from your trip, they are so beautiful, what a treat for you to see them on your vacation!
    And your garden, oh well my dear, it is BEAUTIFUL!! It is so colorful and peaceful with your darling touches of sheep and angels... so serene, what a lovely place to meditate and just be.
    The lambs ears are a favorite of mine and your impatients are doing soooo good!! I love them, I have them in my flower boxes up front and they just perk up any shady spot.
    And I wanted to mention again how beautiful your soldering art turned out, a real pro!! The combinations of the front and back are just perfect and tell sweet stories.
    I've enjoyed my visit so much dear friend, so nice to know that you are only a click away. I'm so blessed to know you Kitty, your sweet spirits touches me thru all you share.
    Hope you have a lovely day and are finding time to enjoy...
    lots of love ~Madai

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