Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Parcels Between Friends" Swap....

Oh, what a wonderful day it was on Thursday at my house! The bell rang, my heart skipped a beat, and there my dear sweet mailman, Ed, stood with the much awaited box from a friend. Just look at this darling label. This sweet little girl is holding a "dangling" rose heart.

I ran for the scissors, cut open the box, folded out the flap, and there, in all its glory stood this amazing sight! How can you be welcomed any better?

OK now, can you guess who it might be from? Surely I've given you a "HUGE" clue!

My dear friend, Madai, from Wren Cottage and I decided to have a swap way back in May. We have a history of being swap partners due to being paired by Heather, my daughter, from Pretty Petals, "Junque In My Trunk Swap" last year. But, due to this and that, and because we absolutely wanted "NO PRESSURE", we got our boxes shipped off last Tuesday. We took the summer to shop, hunt and select for just the right things.

I gently pulled out these deliciously wrapped parcels - all wrapped in vintage linens! All adorned with sweet ribbons, pins, german glass glitter embellishments.... (sigh..... big sigh.....). So elegant.

Beautiful ephemera. And in the little blue envelope were those precious seeds from Madai's post on striped Four O'clock flowers. She received the first seeds from this flower from another wonderful friend! Passing on the seeds of friendship. Just love it....

And look at all of this. Look how she made a "delicious" little banner for the books, "For Loving A Book". Just seeing how she made this sweet little banner made me want to open each and every one of those sweet books. And isn't that sheep so cute.

And look at this wrapping. Just love it... Inside is a baby picture, atop a baby dress.

She also sent this sweet goblet, the stem has a cherub. So beautiful. Can't wait to drink from it. Or maybe I will use it to store some wonderful little treasures in my crafting area.

More ephemera. This little picture says, "The Fairy Goldfish". Isn't that just too cute! And of course, "The Secret Garden" pages..... I know it is from Madai when I see these..... Madai also sent a CD children's story of "Le Petit Prince" (The Little Prince). I listened to the author's name, but could not spell, so please forgive. I haven't had a chance to sit and relax and sip a cuppa while listening to this CD, but I am relishing the thought. Here it is, below, all wrapped up so sweetly.

Now, here is such an amazing thing. I opened the box and found these wooden hands and just about fainted. They must have come from a doll? These are so very precious. And look at the sweet charm Madai attached. It was laying on top of this sweet butterfly, which is done on the flap of an envelope. How creative, how inspiring. It just made me want to rethink how I package things. How to create differently. Madai is one talented sweetheart!

Madai creates these wonderful banners. This particular one is done in silver german glass glitter, and it will go above or around my nativity set. This picture does it no justice at all since it just shines like a diamond!

And the sweet blue tin you saw in an above picture was wrapped so beautifully inside. Beautiful rhinestone jewelry. I believe this is a sweater guard because it has 3 clips n the back and a pair of beautiful earrings.

The treasures inside.... A sweet pin cushion. This was owned by two unmarried sisters who were born in the 1890's. Isn't it just adorable?

And she did not forget my sweet tooth. A delicious selection of those divine "Two leaves and a bud" teas, lemon curd (just like eating lemon pie!) and these delicious chocolate biscuits covered in powdered sugar, I might add... YUMMMMMM!

And such sweet refinement??? These Noritake soups are just so sweet with their dainty florals and the lovely pin that was on the top of the package. It was all wrapped up in this lovely linen they are sitting on.

In keeping with the sewing theme (which I love sewing paraphanalia), look at the graphics on these wonderful needle cards. Why don't they make stuff like this anymore?

And now for the grand finale! If it weren't for Madai, I would not have such a wonderful selection of children's books. She added to the meager few I had last swap and now all of these lovely books. Look at the graphics on these and feast your eyes.... Just so wonderful....

So, Madai, my dear friend. Thank you so much for all of these beautiful treasures. Our "Parcels Between Friends" swap was more memorable than I could have imagined. I'll be thinking of you, all the while, as I read these sweet books and listen to "Le Petit Prince"......


  1. Oh my, you really did receive such precious and gorgeous gifts. What a thoughtful friend. Such wonderful treasures that I know you will cherish forever. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh what beauty over here, what great swap of friendship! I think I love everything too, don't know where to start as it all is so beautiful. Le petit prince is one of my favorite books and I know that you will love that too. That little sheep is so cute and how about all these ephemera and books? I love needle books too and I totally agree with you on that: why don't they make things like this anymore? And when they do it just isn't the same quality. What joy and inspiration. Great idea using vintage linens as packaging. I am sorry that I left the baby's slips at yesterday's antique market :-( when I see this. Enjoy Kitty, you deserve it, have a great week!

  3. Kitty, i am just amazed by all of the beautiful swap treasures that Madai sent to you...everything was obviously chosen with great care to appeal to your taste...i love those little hands with the charm...and the childrens books are so sweet, the wonderful graphics on the covers are darling...i can't possibly comment on everything, as there is so much to admire...but i would say you are lucky indeed to receive such a wonderful package!!!

  4. OMG!!!! Madai really sent you some amazing treasures.. I can't pic a fav because I love it all..I bet you're really loving it all.. Your new banner is also very pretty.. You did an amazing job on it...

  5. Okay Miss Kitty, my heart is fluttering...for TWO reasons actually!
    First, I am so honored that you stopped by and left a comment on my little blog! For heaven's sake, you are Heather's mother! Oh I ADORE Heather and I am so honored to meet you too!!! I love reading her stories of how you two shop together and how you surprise her with the prettiest and most thoughtful little gifts! You are such a sweet mother, you make me miss mine so much more!!!! :)
    Second, Madai loves you very much too and the whole box was totally heartfelt! Such beautiful gifts, she knows exactly what you appreciate and love. Those children books are beautiful! I would faint if I found at least one as pretty!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us, I'm sure you are still touching each piece and placing everything in it's perfect spot.
    Thanks again for making my day with your visit...I'll be sure to stop by again soon!!!
    everything vintage

  6. Mom, wow wow! Madai sent you such LOVELY treasures... and they are all chosen to suit your tastes so perfectly. I can't imagine finding those children's books around here, you know we have looked! so many sweet ones! I bet you were thrilled to have this pretty package arrive on the day you were home not feeling well from work. I love how everything was wrapped so beautifully and I also love the beautiful behold the child banner... that will be stunning at Christmas. Such a wonderful swap!

    I LOVE your new banner!!! You did GREAT making it. I also love your new background color with it.

    love Heather

  7. Wow! Wonderful treasures!! beautiful blog..
    Thanks so much for sharing them.

  8. Oh Dear Kitty,
    It does my heart good to know that you liked your parcel! I had such a fantastic time gathering for you sweet friend! Your photos are just gorgeous, thank you for sharing them. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL the so many AMAZING gifts you sent me... I'm still in shock, lol! I posted some pic's on flickr and will do a post on the blog soon, it is so much fun to share :)
    This was so much fun and I am over the moon with your sweetness, creativity and generous spirit and of course your friendship is the BEST gift ever! Just to get a little email from you makes my heart soar :)
    Thanks again for everything my talented and sweet friend!
    XOX ~ your friend ~ Madai
    PS You made your new banner?!!!! WOW, truly FANTASTIC!! I'm sooo impressed!! It's adorable!!

  9. OMG how fun, how cool, how amazing to get such goodies in the mail!!! I especially like the little envelope with seeds from your friend's garden in it :) Thank you so much for coming by my blog...yours is just lovely!

    :) T

  10. Another amazing swap, wowzers! Such pretty wrapping of such lovely treasures - love that banner she made for you, and all the china - perfect!

  11. P.S. Sent you an email, let me know if it doesn't get to you!

  12. Thank you for sharing your children books. I know you will cherish forever.

  13. WOW! You received some gorgeous items! I love all the pictures you shared.
    Have a great week,

  14. All your images are soooo nice!

    so glad I saw you over at French Larkspur!

  15. Oh my goodness Kitty, indeed a parcel between true friends. All so precious and so thoughtful and so beautifully presented - Rachaelxo

  16. the look on that little sheep's face is just priceless!

  17. Hi Kitty,
    You sure got a lot of sweet things in your swap...what a lucky girl you are. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and for your very sweet comment. Hope you come and visit again soon. Have a wonderful day.


  18. Hi Kitty,

    What a gorgeous and meaningful swap you shared with Madai! Each gift was so beautifully presented--each was selected with so much love and care. Thank you for sharing such inspiration!! I imagine you were just so touched by each lovely gift of friendship. You will treasure Madai's deep kindness and talents for years to come!

    Your new banner is fantastic! I really like the colors and feel of what you have created.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Rose Cottage for a chat. I hope you come again for a bit of tea. I will always have the tea kettle ready for you and a pretty china cup in the butler's pantry -- of course, something with roses!! You can pick out your favorite, too! I will always have your name on it for you! Thank you for all your means a lot these days.

    Have a lovely day~
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  19. Kitty, the treasures you received are just amazing!! Madai really did a good job. Everything is stunning and so romantic! I love the creamy colors and all the lace. And those books are fabulous!! I nknwo you are going to have so much fun with everything! I love the idea of a no pressure swap! Wonderful!

  20. OH wow....what heavenly goodies....what a neat name to a swap too. They are so fun to do! Thanks for coming over my way...your blog is lovely. cherry

  21. What beautiful items! I am a sucker for vintage and antique books, and those wooden doll hands are gorgeous - they would make a very unique paper weight!


  22. My stars...what beautiful...lovingly thought out gifts your friend sent you...They are just gorgeous and you did a beautiful job displaying them in your pictures...I wish I had that talent, I have some gifts still in boxes because I worry I won't do them justice. Could I talk you into taking the pictures for me? I would even throw in a slice of Godiva cheesecake :) Rose


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