Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Post From Home......

A "HOME" banner was the theme of a story in a recent article in Somerset Home, Volume 4. When the feeling of Fall comes in the air, I start thinking in terms of snuggling up, lighting the fire, and putting on my comfies, everything home encompasses.

Since I am actually in another swap, I took the opportunity, and inspiration from this article to make my own rendition of the "HOME" Banner.

Madai from Wren Cottage and I decided to swap, way back in May. We decided to put absolutely no pressure on ourselves, and took the entire summer to collect, create, and find treasures for each other. Well, time is up. We are both mailing early this week. But, just for fun, I thought I would share my creation for her.

Madais' colors are brown, cream, and just a touch of very pale pink, blue and green. Madai has a way of making a person feel "Right at Home". I can just imagine, if we didn't live so far away, having a cup of tea with Madai and spending a few hours, laughing, catching up and telling stories.

Here is how I created my HOME banner for Madai:
I did not have antique cardboard picture frames to use, but I did have a picture album that had the same type of cardboard forms. I cut 4 of them out of the album and aged them with Distressed Ink (in the stamping section) which you can get at any Michaels or Joanne Fabrics.
Age both sides.
Glitter 4 letters. I used Martha Stewart's "Brownstone" colored glitter. Let dry, well.

Find 4 images you want to use and size them appropriately over the opening. I used a copy of a vintage photo, a copy of a vintage post card, and 2 images from old sheet music. Glue in place.

Take coordinating scrapbook paper (or you could use old wallpaper) and cover the backs so they look finished.
Take a stamp you like and stamp the top front of the plate. I used coffee bean colored ink.

Allow everything to dry well. Punch holes with a hole punch and thread vintage seam binding through the holes to connect all 4 album plates. Knot the beginning and ending holes so the seam binding will not slip off.

Hot glue a few ribbons and lace on the "H" plate in the upper left hand corner. Hot glue vintage millinery, in coordinating colors, on the H and E plates.

This is my interpretation of a "HOME" banner for Madai....

I hope you all have a wonderful time creating something warm and wonderful for "Your Home". Talk to you soon,



  1. That is so lovely~~you did a wonderful job!

  2. Oh WOW Mom... that turned out SO pretty. I love the papers you used behind in the ovals frames. It reminds me so much of Madai and I think she will just love it.

    love Heather

  3. What a beautiful banner you created! Madai will be thrilled with it. I feel the same as about Fall. It is a time to cozy away and nurture our homemaking gifts. You have set my mind to dreaming with your banner.


  4. Kitty, the banner you made for Madai is gorgeous...the images are really sweet...and i love the soft colors...bravo!!! she will love it:)

  5. Thanks for the tutorial for such a beautiful project! I can see one with the words F A L L on them in the turned tree colors. I do love this one though.

    Come on over and visit my newly redecorated Parlor. I'm having a give away!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  6. Thanks for the tutorial Kitty! I love the banner and I am more than 100% sure Madai will too. Great idea to use new cardboard passepartouts and age them. I will remember that! Have a nice day!

  7. Hi Kitty,
    Oh won't Madai be so thrilled with this beautiful banner! Thank you so much for showing the details. It is just lovely and will grace her home well. Yes, it is almost time for us to start to warm up our nests for fall and turn ourselves hearthward.
    I loved that you came by and left such a lovely message. It is a joy to meet you.

  8. Kitty!!!! This is insanely beautiful!! I ADORE IT!! I'm dying over here, I love every little detail of it, and I just can't believe it will be here in a few short days!! It is just perfect for Wren Cottage :) and will give the living room such a Home sweet Home, Autumn feel. I love the Brownstone glitter and all the pretty images you used. Thank you so much for making the swap so special, you are a sweetheart thru and thru.
    Gosh, I need to get with it and start picking up these mags ;)
    Lots of Love ~ your friend ~ Madai

  9. Kitty, I love this banner! It is gorgeous!!

  10. Hi Kitty,
    ...that's BRILLIANT!!!! Very good job, and oh, I do love the colors!
    Thank you very much indeed for your sweet comment!
    I really appreciated it!
    P.S I meant to say I added you to my blogroll ;)

  11. greetings, kitty!

    your banner is lovely and thanks so much for sharing your how-to.

    happy september!


  12. Kitty, I really adore your "home" banner - it's so beautiful. I've been wanting to make some kind of banner myself, so you're providing me with inspiration...

  13. Oh KITTY!! That is fabulous!! WOW, I love it! You did a beautiful kob with this, I love the items you used! Gorgeous!

  14. Kitty, I just looooooove your banner you made.. It really is just so pretty.. I love the brown glitter and the paper you used..

  15. Oh, I just love your Home Banner... beautiful!!!

  16. Wow what a beautiful banner - lucky Madai!

  17. Your banner is beautiful Kitty - Rachaelxo

  18. What a beautful banner, you did a wonderful job. Clarice


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