Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Thought Of You Swap and Catching Up....

The sweet Stephenie Gray from "Just A Little Bit Pink" is hosting the "I Thought Of You Swap". Today is the day parcels are to be shipped. I was so happy to have been paired up with Lili from LiLi M. While Lili lives in the Netherlands, I feel as if we live right next door to each other. You know how you connect with certain people? I have felt that "connecting tug" since the first day I started blogging with Lili. So, I have put a "sneak peek" of some of her goodies. Hope she finds them all delightful! I can't wait to get my box. It is so interesting swapping with an international partner. Something I have not done before. I feel like a child at Christmas, just waiting for Santa to arrive!

And of course, Heather and Stephenie, both, have already blogged about our craft night. But I wanted to show you pictures of my charms. The pictures are a bit dark, so please forgive. But, I am happy with the results. When I first put on the solder, I had lumps and bumps everywhere! Heather helped me smooth them out, but after practicing a while, it slowly came to me. Of course, it will take a bit more practice to feel good about sharing some of these. But, such satisfaction in accomplishing the task at hand!

Here are the backs. What is funny about this process is, the backs are just as important as the fronts. And you like to have something that sort of ties them together. It takes a while to cut your pictures and decide what you will pair up.

And in ending this little post, I wanted to share a picture with you that I thought was just adorable. Please feel free to use this beautiful angel as she is smothered with these gorgeous roses. Hope you all have a beautiful day, and I hope you all end the day with someone "That Thought Of You".....



  1. Kitty, the peeks of your swap gifts for LiLi look wonderful!!! i am sure she will be so thrilled to get her pretty package from you:) i love all of the charms that you and the girls made...they are all SO looks like you are all soldering pros now!!!

  2. ah, you are so sweet Kitty, *blush*. Thanks! I love that sneak peek and it sure feels like Santa is coming.
    You and the girls did such a fine job soldering. Just like Lori says, you all look pros, amazing after just one lesson from Heather, she can be very proud of herself and having such good students. Cannot wait to see more, of all! Have a nice day!

  3. Love the swap goodies and your soldering is just gorgeous! I used to do stain glass when I was in my twenties. I really should get out all my supplies and start to create. Great job! Karen

  4. Kitty, I looooove your peeks.. I Just looooove all the goodies you got for Lili..She's really going to love them... Your charms look sooooo pretty.. I really just adore the images you used in your charms.. That really was lot of fun and I really enjoyed our craft night..
    PS: Andy loves the jam..So do I, but at the rate he's going I might not get anymore(hehe)...
    I'm still waiting for my soldering iron to come in the mail..Can't wait til it gets here...

  5. Hi Kitty,
    Lili will love the lovely things you have put together for her.
    I have always wanted to learn to do these charms. Your are so pretty. Great job.

  6. Your peek looks SO lovely Mom and since I have seen it I know Miss Lili will LOVE it! You did so good with your soldering... I think your charms turned out SO good! It was fun to do something new!

    love heather

  7. Hi Kitty,

    What fun you must have had making the lovely charms with Heather and Stephenie! Your charms turned out fantastic--both the fronts and the backs. What a memory keepsake of a fun evening your shared together.

    Thanks for sharing all your talent! You are amazing.

    So glad you good stop by Rose Cottage for a bit of a chat, too.

    Have a great week,

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  8. Hello sweet lady,

    Being a recipient of your pretties in the past, I know Lili M will be over the moon thrilled when she gets your parcel!!

    And yes I wholeheartedly agree, you did a phenomenal job with your soldering projects Kitty.
    They turned out so, so, so pretty! How fun to coordinate the back and the front... One of these days I will have to give it a try. So many crafts, so little time :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Wow your charms are gorgeous too! Gosh you girls all make it look easy, yet I know its not - I love the glitter highlights you added to that one with the buildings in it. So pretty!

    And thank you Miss Kitty for passing on the lovely bouillon cup/saucer to Heather for my swap package. I adore Limoges and I don't have one of those yet, so I am thrilled to add it to my collection! And don't tell the Limoges purists this haha, but I'm thinking I will actually use this over the winter as I'm a Lipton's cup-a-soup addict lol. Probably not nearly the elegant concoction that the Victorians had in mind for this graceful piece of china, but using it will add a little beauty to my day and I will think of both you and Heather every time I do!

    Your swap peek looks delicious, can't wait to see more details-


  10. Your charms turned out really cute!! How much fun to be the recipient of all those cute things you are about to send.

    happy day,

  11. I just saw the package you sent Lili on her blog- oh my gosh- I believe it when she says she was tearing up by the time she finished opening everything. I've swapped with Lili before and she made it a point to include things that I wouldn't normally see in the US. I'm anxious to see what goodies she put together for you.


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