Thursday, August 27, 2009

"I Thought Of You" Swap with LiLi M......

The sweet Stephenie Gray of Just A Little Bit Pink hosted this lovely swap called "I Thought Of You". I was paired with LiLi M, much to my delight! I have been following Lili's blog for quite a while now and love her creations, the sharing of her travel and heritage, and love the way she supports the many women and friends in blogland. Thank you, Lili, for being my swap partner. It has been a privilege to be paired with such a wonderful lady!

Well, the day came when my package arrived. Lili and I had mailed them just about the same time. From Pennsylvania in the U.S., it takes about 5-7 days to get from the Netherlands to my little tiny town of Darlington, PA. I grabbed the camera, and was off on my beautiful adventure!

I was careful to take things out neatly, and lay them out so I could take pictures. Lili's wrapping was simply elegant. Don't ya love the little pillow of the two angel girls, all glittered up? Just love it. And the divine scent of lavender grabbed my senses right away! The little bird tin is just a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Inside is a tiny bird in a nest.

Below is a gorgeous gray/purple rose covered plate, loaded with all kinds of goodies with just a smidgin of fairy dust....

And below are laces, hankies, ribbons, beautiful jewelry, and of course, a smattering of Paris!

I am showing you all of the treasures together, but Lili actually sent out 3 separate packages. Talk about loving it until the end! Here is a tiny doll head in a tiny tin, a lovely pendant and Lili's sweet note....

A paper covered box with tiny seashells and playing cards. Ribbon, a whole roll, and tiny blue seed beads in the sweetest little bottle.

And of course, my love for Bibles and old hymnals. Lili so generously sent me a hymnal in her language and a New Testament. To me, such treasures!

And let's not forget about the sweet fairies. This is an adorable book. This will be a joy on a rainy afternoon to sit and quietly read with a cup of tea or cider.

And the ephemera, papers, wallpaper and postcards. I can't wait to use some of these lovely papers in my creations. I just love it all.

Lili covered this sweet box with wallpaper and decorated it with a Paris theme. Inside were the papers in the above photo. In the little pink envelope, Lilli wrote, "I Thought Of You". What a beautiful keepsake. It is just perfect for mementos.

And isn't this a sweety?? A half loaf of bread done in redwork. OOOOOHHHHHH! Need I say more?

German scraps, a tiny little prayer book. You know it must have been a little girl's. Pages from a book with Lili's stamping, stamps. Oh, my.

I about fell over when I saw these gorgeous silhouettes. I absolutely adore them! All kinds of thoughts are going on in my head for creations with these.

Beautiful fabrics and wallpaper.

I tried to get a good shot of these buttons. They are just so beautiful. The little hair pin is darling!

Religious charms, stamps, and tags. More fun to come with these!

And yes, a PARIS map! Beautiful book pages. All the possibilities!

Whew! I know! What wonderful treasures. Lili made this one of the best swaps I have ever had. Thank you, dear friend. Just know I treasure it all and can't wait to create. All the while, I'll be thinking of you, with a smile on my face, and wonderful memories....


  1. Kitty, LiLi is a blogworld darling!! You gave her the most beautiful treasures and she gave you the most beautiful treasures back. Rachaelxo

  2. OMG!!! Lili really did think of you and sent you some really amazing treasures.. Can't wait to see what you create with them.. I just love it all.. That map is really amazing.. Hope all is well..

  3. OMG you girls were just perfect partners for each other. Some wonderful treasures have been shared

  4. Kitty, LiLi surely sent you a wonderful swap package!!! i love all of the tins you got, they are so sweet...and all of the paper pretties will be so fun for you to play with...what a great swap!!!

  5. This was a swap that was perfectly matched.
    Your package to her was fantastic and hers to you like wise.

    A treasure beyond treasures was found in your box.



  6. Kitty, you have made such a beautiful post, thank you very much. I am so happy that you like what I sent you. It was so much fun gahering all pieces for you and thinking what you might like. One of my friends asked me; do you pack and unpack your treasures over and over again? I have to admit, that is what I did, but hopefully this weekend I start creating. Hope you will have fun creating with your new supplies too. Hope all is well and you and your family have a great weekend!

  7. You lucky, lucky girl. Everything is just as I would have expected from the sweet Lili M.

  8. Beautiful collection of treasurers, thanks for sharing a peek with us all.

    Can't wait till it is time for the vintage stocking swap again. Swaps are great fun, you get to meet all kinds of lovely new bloggers.

  9. Wow Kitty you received some amazing treasures - love that she sent you a bible and hymnal in her language! What a fun swap this was!


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