Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Treasure: To Regard Or Treat As Precious; Cherish

I have found in a most recent experience that there are little "life treasures" hidden for us to discover. Regardless if experience is defined as “good” or “bad”, these little "treasures" allow us to see "what is" and "what could be" within our own lives and to those lives we touch, everyday. If I dig and unearth this treasure, then I will go down this path, and if I unearth that, then, behold, something altogether different, and maybe a bit more glorious, may be waiting for me. Forgive my babbling, but these experiences keep occurring and I feel the need to share.....

We, as humans, seem to have a knack for interpreting “bad” experience as something evil, a sort of, “What Have I Done Wrong To Deserve This”? But lying, just beneath the surface, a bit murky at times, is the chance to unearth a “treasure”.

My Mother had a recent stay in the hospital. She came to the hospital by ambulance, which always sets the anxious tone we begin to feel; praying all the while that upon arrival, I would find her OK, and without a terribly serious medical involvement. My Mother was admitted for a potential heart problem, and after much testing, she was “pronounced” just fine ~ just a bit of hietal hernia and much anxiety. Praise the Lord for that outcome.

During Mom’s 3-1/2 day stay in Cardiac Care, I met the most wonderful people. Her roommate, “Vanetta” was dealing with pneumonia and other complications. She was “healing medicine” for my Mother. Vanetta was sweet but vocal, and had a richness of faith and family. My Mother tends to stay to herself, but this woman brought her out of her shell. I would walk into their room and Mom would be helping her in or out of bed, calling in their lunch order and/or ringing the nurse bell for something needed. Mom got to unearth her own treasures during this stay. She called Vanetta after she was released from the hospital, and now, they plan on staying in touch. If you knew how difficult this was for my Mother, you would know how much of a true treasure this is. :)

One of my very own treasures was the opportunity to strengthen the bond between my Mother and I. This opportunity comes in the most unexpected ways, when I least expect it. I'm usually absorbed in the moment or some task I need to perform. And then, there it is, the treasure awaits.

Another treasure was meeting so many caring doctors and nurses; even those working in the gift shop and snack shop, all giving a caring glow to my day, each day.

So thank you to all those that work in the health care field, the hospitals, the ambulance attendants, the ER nurses and doctors, the medical test specialists, those that deliver the patients to and from. Due to all of you, Mom and I found treasure. We can’t thank you enough.

Heather’s post on saying “Thank You” is well timed. I would like to take that lead, and join with her to say, Thank You, to all my dear blogger friends, family, and readers who “honor” me every day with their thoughts, comments, and words of inspiration. To know I am a tiny thread, intertwined among many, creating this beautiful blogging community gives me much comfort. For this I am so very grateful.

God Bless You all this year through. Wishing you “glorious experiences” when finding your own life treasures.


Much thanks to Karen at the Graphics Fairy for all of her beautiful clip art that brightens my day and alot of my blog posts! Blessings to you, my dear friend....


  1. Beautiful Post Kitty ! So sorry that Mom went through all of that, but so glad that Angels surrounded her and you through it. Prayers lifted ! :)

    Please when you get a moment, stop by my Blog. You won something !! :)


    Rhea :)

  2. What a wonderful post dear Kitty!!!! So many good things come from something that could have been really bad ~ a true lesson for us all sweet friend, to look beyond and find the good...find the lesson. I love your analogy too, that we are all threads, woven into the fabric of this wonderful blogging community ~ I'm so glad your mom is doing good, and that she found a friend!!!! So glad you are here....Hugs and love, Dawn

  3. Kitty, what a lovely post!!! i am so happy that your mother is doing well...and that she made a friend in the most unlikely place...i hope that Vanetta is doing well also...

  4. What a wonderful blog post Mom.. your words are are so eloquently put. I read in some magazine this week about Michael J Fox where he said that "happiness is a choice"... oh so true! I am so glad Mam is feeling better and so glad she met Vanetta too...
    Love Heather

  5. Hi Kitty,
    True and beautiful words...Rene'

  6. Hi Kitty,
    What a lovely post! How wonderful that you were able to still see the blessings in this situation. I'm so glad that your mother is alright.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I'm so happy that you found some images that you could use!
    P.S. I see that Heather is your daughter. She is such a talented and kind person, you must be so proud of her!

  7. What an inspiring post. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments about my pets. they are all so sweet and I feel get a little neglected this time of year when we are not outside as much. They all spend a lot of time on the porch.

    Enjoy your week.


  8. What a marvellous post Kitty, in so many ways. I think you sometimes have to look for hapiness and you did in a terrific way. And you are open to good things coming out of less good things, which is an example to us all. Sorry to hear of course that your mother had to experience this, but fortunately it all went well. I think Heather is right too: hapiness is a choice. People should be happy to be healthy and to have each other, but to a lot of people that is just normal. They don't know how rich they are until they loose one of those two. Thanks for your post that learns us the true treasures of life, amongst them friendship. I am so happy to met you in blogland Kitty and even happier when I read this post, thanks for being one of the best blogfriends! Warm wishes, LiLi

  9. You are so right. There's always something good in every situation and every person. We just have to open to it.

  10. Happy Belated New Year Kitty. I am glad to hear that your mother is doing well. As a wife of a health care worker, I'll say thank you for him. I truly believe that most of them are angels on earth.
    Have a blessed new year!

  11. Hi Kitty - What an uplifting, beautiful post - so glad your mother is ok, and what a blessing for her to find a friend in the next bed over :)

  12. God bless you too Kitty! What a truly inspiring post!! God often presents us with blessings and opportunities to grow in ways that aren't at first obvious or apparent...thank you for the reminder to always look a little deeper...

    :) T

  13. Such a lovely post, Kitty! Very thoughtful and insightful. I pray that your sweet mother continues to do well (and Vanetta, too!).

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comments about my pin money purses. I'd so love to see a pic of your penny jar!! Hint Hint!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. Ohhh, Kitty, you are amazing! I loved reading this post so much, everything you write pulls at my heart strings... I am so happy to hear that your mom is doing allright. How wonderful that she was able to make the best of the situation... and it is good to read that you found so many sweet people in the hospital, they are under so much pressure and sometimes get a bad reputation, but there alot of wonderful and caring caregivers out there.

    You are a treasure Kitty, but not a hidden one, you shine your light for all of us!!
    Love you!! XOX Madai

  15. Kitty, how very true. I can count many blessings from my own hospital stay in November, no matter how sick and scary that experience was - the doctors and nurses and everyone else were fantastic to me. (However, my roommate is still there and will sadly probably die soon)

  16. Hello Kitty.....What a beautiful post! Touching words for us all to think about....so glad your mom is doing good!
    xo Tiffany

  17. a beautifully written post Kitty. Indeed there is hidden treasure everywhere you look! Happy New Year lovely lady! Rachaelxo


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