Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bits and Bobs......

This post is a bit of a "mish-mush" (if that is a word??). A little Valentine's Day decorating, a little over due Christmas and a few miscellaneous pictures I wanted to share. This sweet little kissing couple I found a few years ago at a sale and just love it for Valentine's Day. The perfect sentiment, I think... Below is my dry sink. If I do not decorate anything for a holiday, I always decorate this. It's right as you come in my front door, and is the center of my home, visually.

On the sink are vintage heart candy boxes, a feather tree decorated with, of course, hearts, a Bethany Lowe sweetheart box, a candle, and lots of lace. Tucked in the background is a vintage floral hat, that complemented the color scheme. I looked around for more vintage valentine boxes this year, but did not see any. Always on the hunt for these beauties....

This was my recent find at the thrift store last week. A sweet little teddy, all fuzzy and cute, was just waiting for a good home, a new red bow and of course, her pearls!

The next picture is for Stephanie at Angelic Accents. She and I both collect Pin Money purses, and I mentioned I had a Penny Jar that seemed to blend well with the color scheme. Sort of the same decorating style, don't ya think? Just love these Pin Money Purse Banks. I don't find many of them. Of course, my collection is just beginning....

And this sweetheart of a doll is another find. I've been wanting a half doll pin cushion, but have found many in just so-so shape. This one is chalk and I just L-O-V-E-D her muted colors! She is a keeper, that's for sure.

Now, this was supposed to be my last picture, and I can't seem to move it to the bottom (I'm having Blogger fits!), so it will stay where it is. This is a sample of a page out of my Art Journal from Heather's "A Beautiful Life" Art Journal Class (which, by the way is open and on Pretty Petals Boutique).

I will be doing a post on this, very soon. I have had the best time creating this beautiful journal. Using all my pretties that I normally would just stare at! I know you all know what I mean. We collect all this beautiful stuff, and then what do we do with it?

I know, I know, it has taken me a while to get this done, but, life has just gotten in the way, big time! I am so happy to be just about done and was so thrilled to see everyone's journals when they were doing their posts. It truly is a very fulfilling task.

And, last, but definitely not least, are some pictures of some things Heather gave me for Christmas. She knows I love children's books so, she gave me the most delightful Children's Story Book with stories inside like, "Little Knitters", "The Dream Fairy", and "Baby Bumbles and Dottie Dimple". How cute is that?

Then she gave me this magnificent vintage Christmas card. It truly is an amazing thing of beauty with a velvet bell with silver sparkles. I adore it. Just look at this wonderful rhinestone belt buckle. What was I saying above, something about collecting all these pretties?? :)

I've been admiring pearl handled knives for quite a while. Well, Heather started me on a new collection. Aren't they gorgeous?

And this sweet vintage crepe paper bell with delicious gold glitter on the bottom. It's hanging in my bedroom/studio. Utter sweetness!

I just wanted to give you all a bit of happiness in the devestation of the Haiti earthquake. 53 orphaned children were brought to Pittsburgh, PA today to Children's Hospital. They will be kept overnight there. 47 of the 53 have already been adopted. I understand that the children were all very excited to have an airplane ride. I also understand the dear woman that brought these children here lived in a Haitian driveway of a house for a week with over 100 children. I know we are all trying to do our part financially, but please keep these people, and especially the children, in your prayers.

Well, that's the end of it for today. Glad you all stopped by for a peak, and a chat. I'll be stopping by to see you very soon. Have a good week,


  1. Hello Kitty... oooh, all of your treasures are wonderful! Your dry sink looks just gorgeous... all of your presents from Heather are so sweet, I love the childrens books especially... happy to hear so many of the little Haitian children have been adopted already... my heart aches for all of those in Haiti... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Oh Kitty, what an adorable little penny jar! I have never seen one of those. It DOES look so perfect with your pretty pink pin money purses! Thanks so much for picturing it for me. Have you seen the money bag banks? They are also very similar to the pin money purses. I'll make a pic of mine for you soon! Do you know if your penny jar is Lefton or Napco?

    Your pictures are all just magnificent today. Heather sure got you lots of pretties for Christmas. Did you know that she is the one that finally helped me make up my mind to paint my antique kitchen table white after seeing hers? I so admire BOTH of your decorating styles so much!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. I love all the pretties you shared with us today. Either my aunt or my grandmother had a half doll like that. I always loved it. Haven't thought about it in years. Something about yours took me back. Must have been more like it than others I've seen.

  4. Your Valentine vignette is so beautiful Kitty! I love these boxes! Only for the last couple of years Valentine's day is celebrated over here. So there are no vintage treasures to be find, but of course there are romantic items here too. I'd love to see more of your journal! Heather has spoiled you again! It is so much fun to see that you both have the same exquisite taste, giving must be at least as much fun as receiving.
    Have a lovely day!

  5. Kitty, your romantic valentine vignettes are gorgeous...i LOVE your chocolate box, it is gorgeous...the only one i have ever found here was bright yellow...yuk...your gifts from Heather are beautiful, how wonderful that your girl knows just what you love...and finds the most wonderful things for you...your doll is a beauty!!!

  6. What a dear friend Heather must be....

    God Bless the people of Haiti

    Take care,

  7. Beautiful pretties and lovely Xmas gifts from Heather! The best part of your post was the story of the children of Haiti, what an incredible woman she must be to do that! Bless the little children in their new homes. Rachaelxo

  8. So many pretty things to look at. Especially the large heart candy box. I have a fondness too for vintage greeting cards. Come for a visit.


  9. What a beauty that half-doll pin cushion is - I love the colors too! Can't wait to see more of your journal pages. Love those ivory handled knives too - well done Heather :)

  10. Pearl handled cutlery- it is a DREAM of mine!!! I wish I could find some one day!
    Love all your other stuff too! And thank you for your delightful comment, Kitty!

  11. Mom, wow... so many pretty things! I LOVE that sweet little couple in the first picture. SO so sweet and perfect for valentines day. :) Your dry sink looks beautiful!

    So glad you finished your journal.. and that you enjoyed it. I can't wait to see the rest of what you did.

    SO glad you loved your presents!! Love Heather

  12. Kitty,
    This post is just filled to the max with pure beauty!!! I love that sweet kissing couple in the first picture, that is just the cutest darn thing ever..
    Love all the pretty treasures Heather got you for Christmas.. She always buys such pretty gifts..That Knife set is just gorgeous!!
    Your journal page is just soooooo pretty..I can't wait to see the rest of it..I kept asking Heather if you ever finished your journal..Can't wait to see the rest of it..
    Hope all is well..


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