Monday, February 1, 2010

"Just As The Bird Sings or The Butterfly Soars, Because It Is His Natural Characteristic, So The Artist Works...

I've noticed in recent weeks, there seems to be a lingering of frustration, restlessness, maybe. One might say a feeling of "being held down", if you will. I've noticed this a great deal since the earthquake in Haiti, and the feeling of frustration over what the average person is able to do to help beyond monetary donations. This is not to say that money is not significant. It absolutely is; and without it, work cannot be done or rebuilding accomplished.

This "feeling" I am speaking of, seems to be cast over bloggers that I frequent, and even family. Maybe it is the "winter doldrums", or just a lack of inspiration. Lack of enough sunlight, maybe, you know Vitamin D?

I have had the pleasure of seeing deer in my yard (or should I say woods, as I live in the country). These sweet masterpieces of nature just amaze me at their beauty and their resilience. A little nibble of some fallen corn, a few nips of hemlock, a lick or two of green moss. Their quest is to get enough food, enough sustenance, to get them through the day and the long night. It is their "natural characteristic".

Are we content with just the right amount of sustenance or inspiration? Do we have to have the big rush of adrenaline, that huge influx of food for our souls? Is this in our nature as artists, creators, crafters, or whatever name one might be called? Can we not be happy with a "little inspiration"? What level is "Natural"?

These are the questions that have come up in my mind recently. Trying so hard to see the glass as half full, so to speak.

Are we like caged birds this time of year? Do we feel our creative wings are clipped? Do we have no purpose for creating, experiencing that rush, that joy, that "making one's heart beat faster" feeling? What makes us lose inspiration?
I feel, as I get older, that time is flying. I know alot of you probably feel the same. But I am determined to find inspiration in every day life. I am trying to be "content", "sustained" with what I find in my path.

I love my life. Am I rich ~ no, not monetarily. Do I have fame ~ no, only to those that love me. But I find richness all around me. A God who takes care of my needs, the love of my family, a job, a home; what else do I need?

As for inspiration? Just look around. Yes, even in the "winter doldrums", we can find inspiration. Beauty does abound ~ and so, the artist must work.

Blessings to all,

Title Quote by Alma Gluck.
Images from The Graphics Fairy


  1. Kitty, what a beautiful and thoughtful post...i am having the blues right now...but i feel like they are slipping away little by little...we had a small herd of deer in our yard over the weekend, i was so happy to see them...our neighbors keep having a succession of dogs that like to bark non stop...and our wild life sightings have been rare...we used to see deer all the time...foxes and coyote on it's mostly just wild turkey, they are unfazed by the noise for some reason...i think they are too focused on the corn we put out for them...

  2. Hey sweet girl !! Glad you liked your little wallpaper pack. I have been meaning to write you back !! Sweet Post, Here is my own observation. I have been in a few groups on ebay for about 5 years now, and EVERY Winter, people seem to get down. It is from all of the snow and lack of sunshine I am guessing. Here in the Southwest, this is our GOOD Time, weather is nice and cool and so pretty ! The Summer we are trapped inside because of the oppressive heat, that is when we go through our slump :) Some of the groups I was in got SO depressing, I just had to kind of stay away, I tend to be pretty happy go lucky and can't stand that, although I know it is just seasonal for most people. Anyhoo, Spring is just around the corner, with all of the Happiest Colors on Earth, so I think things will get decidedly better real soon !! :) :)

  3. Hello Kitty... very inspiring post... I too try to find beauty in each day, and Nature is my source... our Nature walk each day fills my heart and soul and I realize I truly am content... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Beautiful post Kitty! I personally don't have the winterblues as every January I start very cheerful with decluttering, making room, doing those projects that have been here for ages. It is scientifically proven though that a lack of light can really turn people down, they cannot help themself, but I think you are right that one can try at least. I think your post is very inspiring though. I love the images, Karen is a genius! The last picture comes from the Netherlands, Nijmegen is a city in the south. We export chocolate and cocoa for ages! Have a lovely day Kitty!

  5. Hi Kitty, What a beautiful post! I love what you express and especially that it is so true and comes from the heart. For many, the cold air brings some down time. For me, I strive to make it a time to nest, create and reflect. My indoor time, before the time spent in the garden. If we have these options, we are blessed, but so important to realize that around the world others are not enjoying the same free gifts struggling to survive. Certainly the winter blues are the last of their worries. You are so right. When we look around we can find inspiration among us in the simplest daily things.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. It is so nice to see you and your post is such an inspiration and perfect way to start the day thinking. Thank you for that!!
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  6. Mom,

    The Winter is beautiful, but really I do think there is something about the dark days and long cold spells that put us into a slump. No wonder the bears hibernate! I love your post and it does remind me that there is beauty all around. Love, Heather

  7. Great post..I am really enjoying the quietness of winter this hasn't always been so, though!

  8. Kitty what a beautiful and thoughtful post you have written. I do think there is something in that idea of lacking vitamin D and not getting out. Even though our weather is different in our Winter, I find I get the winter doldrums and long for Spring. I always get more motivated and inspired when there is colour and movement.
    It's wonderful that you are so rich in all the important things xo

  9. Dear Kitty,

    I know the feeling! Around this time of year I cheer myself up by thinking of my garden and I start making plans. I am starting my seeds this week and ordering a few plants by catalog. I love to paint and get lost in that for hours at a time also. I just try to keep myself busy. I love the beautiful pictures, your blog is so peaceful and pretty! Thank you for sharing.


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