Saturday, May 8, 2010

Welcome to the Porch!

I know I have been absent from blogging for a little while, but I took an "unannounced" blogging break.  Sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing to allow yourself to "catch up".  I know you all know what I am talking about.  Spring came on beautifully, and after that horrid winter, well, it was time to just enjoy.

In honor of the beautiful spring we are having, I just wanted to invite you all over and have a little "sit down" on the porch!  It is not a grand porch, or a veranda, or a big, long, wrap around porch, just a "teeny little porch".  Enough for 2 chairs and great conversation, all the while enjoying some sweet and tangy lemonade.  If I had to pick between lemonade and iced tea, I think it would be lemonade, every time.  We should take a poll.... lemonade or iced tea, what do you prefer?

A sweet old cupboard I found last year at an antique mart. Love it with the angel statue that had its little feet glued back on. They seem to be holding just fine. This little cupboard sat on the porch all winter long, and held up just fine. But, I think I am tempting fate. I will find a place for her this winter, inside, away from "the elements".

This old metal table was another find.  Since this picture I have painted the top white, but I think I need to give it another coat.  Do you all remember these tables?  What era?  The 70's?  60's?  I just love it.  It's coffee table height.  Maybe a tad higher.  But I do love it.
And of course, what could be better than a mindful thought, "Water Your Spirit With Faith".  A constant reminder that our Dear Lord looks out after us, through all of our ups and downs.  God Bless You All.  Here's hoping you are all having a wonderful spring, and for those friends in the Southern hemisphere, a lovely fall!

Blessings to all,


  1. Madai Rodgers08 May, 2010 20:09

    Hellooo sweet friend!

    It has been way too long!! I apologize for my absence, lots going on in my little world... studies, possible relocating, so I can totally understand "unannounced" blogging breaks!
    It's so wonderful to see that you are enjoying spring in your neck of the woods!
    Your porch is so beautiful!! And I think I remember that little darling cupboard!! And the table is adorable!! What a fantastic find Kitty!
    I also loved your hydrangea wreath!! So pretty!!
    Thank you also for sharing the lovely thought on your cute plaque, a timely reminder :)

    Lots of love and hugs to you dear one!
    XOX your friend always ~ Madai

  2. Oh, almost forgot, lemonade please :) and a sweet chat with you!

    This is where you can find me sweetie while things sort out :)
    Have a lovely Sunday and a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

  4. Dear sweet Kitty,
    I have missed you! So glad to 'see' you sweet friend! I love your pretty wreath and your lovely porch! I would love to have a glass of lemonade and a great conversation with you! I love the cupboard and table~ wonderful finds!!! I love the sweet plaque! Yes, that is a wonderful reminder! Thank you for reminding me how our dear Lord looks after us through our ups and downs! God bless you!!! Much love, Paula

  5. P.S. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  6. Happy Mother's Day Kitty! Love all your Spring decorating :) Hope you have a great day! Karen

  7. Mom, I love your little porch so much. You always have it fixed just right and so welcoming. I LOVE the rusty old table... you always find the bestest finds. I would have snatched that up too. I can't wait until the cold goes away so we can plant our flowers.

    Love you lots! Heather

  8. Hi Kitty,
    love your little porch and each and every decoration! The blue wreath is perfection!
    Tea, definitely tea, no ice please ;)) but my very favorite is always hot tea with milk (and ice please! I know it's silly but I like it this way;)).
    Hugs, and thanks for the sweetest words to me today!

  9. oh what a lovely porch Kitty!
    i'd happily sit there drinking lemonade with you :) xo

  10. Welcome back. Pretty porch! Please pass the lemonade friend


  11. I most certainly understand Kitty! Your porch is lovely! I can see where Heather gets her style from! Rachaelxo

  12. So wonderful to have you back Kitty.
    I just adore that rusted table.

  13. Hi dear friend! I've been wondering where you were! I so love your front porch ~ very inviting. I prefer sweet iced tea ~ guess it's just a Southern thing with know iced tea is the wine of the South!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. Hi Kitty! I did enjoy my blog break, thank you. You porch is lovely, that hydrangea wreath is sooo beautiful. I do hope you have a very nice weekend with your family and that the weather is fine. We had such a long and cold winter here too, but now we are enjoying spring, hence there is less time to blog. Ah, as long as you are happy! Hugs, LiLi

  15. Beautiful!!!!!! What a lovely place to go and hang out.


  16. Kitty, i was coming over to tell you that i missed you and that i hope you are having a wonderful summer...i guess i missed this post...your porch is welcoming...have fun playing in your flowers:) see you when you get back...


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