Monday, March 29, 2010

Potential of a Black Box?

A few years back, I found this black box at a yard sale.  I think I paid $5 for it.  Even though the paint is a bit worn on the floral decoration, it intrigued me.  It is a generous size; measuring about 2 feet across the front.  It has a lid that lifts and a drawer on the bottom.  The paint is chippy, which I LOVE!  The color is black, which some may not like, but I just love mixing in black with my decor.  It's like a dark neutral, don't you think?

This is a picture before I had hubby move the big knob on the top, down to the drawer on the bottom.  I also had the sweetest little vintage metal pull that I got at an antique fair a few summers ago and never knew what to use it on.  So, here it is now:

The inside is a bit rough, but I have big plans.  I'm thinking a little sanding and a satin lining, maybe cream colored?  Something a bit elegant to offset the chippiness of it all.  What do you think? 
This is the top.  I adore it!  Love the muted shades against the black background.  So, this is my next project, well maybe second to the next as I've never finished the box to hold my Beautiful Life Art Journal!

Hope you all are having a good start to your week.  We have some beautiful weather on the way, so maybe I'll take this pretty little thing outside and do a bit of sanding on that inside! 

Blessings to all,


  1. Kitty, it's fabulous! When black is worn and beautiful like that, it's really special. Definitely neutral and absolutely delightful! I love the way it's hand painted and worn.
    Satin lining would be lovely - or even velvet would be nice.

  2. Kitty, I also like the box as is. A new lining will just set it off nicely. I also like the metal pull.

    Hugs Karen

  3. Hello Kitty... what a wonderful old box! It so reminds me of the box my grandmother's silver is in that I inherited... I wonder if that is what that once was??? The lid looks the same inside, and mine has satin lining in the lid, and a velvet type of lining in the bottom, and in the drawer... whatever it is, I love it! And I too love black, especially with beautiful flowers on it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. What a beautiful box! I recently found a similar one on eBay that is fitted as a silverware chest, so I wonder if yours was originally one as well. Mine is missing any hardware though and I think that the antique pull looks perfect on yours.

    I don't think that I've had a chance to say it before, but I have so enjoyed your blog. So many lovely and inspiring things!

    ~ Kelly

  5. I have a fondness for pretty boxes, as well. I love your "black beauty." The depth of the ebony color is the perfect foil for the soft, muted tone of the flowers. The metal pull is the perfect little adornment. Everything looks better with a touch of black, don't you think?

    Best Wishes,

    PS: I enjoyed your musical playlist.

  6. Kitty, your box is so beautiful...i think a satin lining would finish it off to perfection!!! ooooh, i just saw that Natasha suggested velvet, that would be so pretty too...

  7. Hello sweet Kitty,

    Your box is beautiful and so lovingly worn. What a great price you paid for it! I love the chippy paint too! I love your idea for the inside and can hardly wait to see what you do! Thank you for sharing! I am so glad you are having beautiful weather, so are we!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Love to you, Paula

  8. I'd go for satin too! Love the chippy deatails, and the black background is so dramatic!
    Happy Easter to you and yours, Kitty!

  9. Hi sweet Kitty!!! I just love the black box, it shows such character and is so beautiful to me!!! It will be so wonderful lined too....Have a wonderful Easter sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  10. It is vintage! I think cream inside would be lovely! Happy Resurrection Day!

  11. I love the tattered box! I totally agree on you regarding black being a dark neutral, I have some blacks too in my interior and I love it. Hope all is well with you. Warm wishes, LiLi

  12. Kitty amor, what a beautiful box, I love it, I think it is even perfect as is with some pretty treasures inside, but like the other have said, a beautiful satin or velvet, would be beautiful too :) I never thought of black as a neutral...but now, I am rethinking painting the 10 black cigar boxes that I got, I think I will leave them like that and just fill them with treasures :) Thank you for sharing this lil beauty with us all :) Hope you have a lovely week and a beautiful Easter! If you get a chance, please visit my lil blog and see it's new look and tell me what you think :) Besos, Rose

  13. I really LOVE this box! I love Natashas idea of a little velvet inside. ;)


  14. Oooo! I'm lovin' that box! If I'd been at that sale and you beat me to it, I'd have been so jealous. LOL

  15. Kitty, I'm just hopping over to your gorgeous blog to wish you and your family a very happy Easter! hugs LiLi

  16. Happy Easter Kitty! I just love that little box. So pretty!!! I have one that is very similar on my night stand. You can see a bit of it in my last pet photo (on my blog).

    Hope you have had a wonderful weekend, Karen xoxox

  17. Oh Kitty!! I just LOVE this box. It's perfect and will be outstanding with a new liner so you can use it.

    I also use black in every room in my home. It's such a grounding shade and brings so much drama to a vignette or as an accent.

    It's been ages since I've had time to visit and I need to go back a little further to see what you've been up to.

    Blessings, dear friend!

    Aunt May's Cottage AND
    Shades of Old

  18. That's a gorgeous box, you should get it lacquered or varnished or something.

  19. I think YES!
    Oh Kitty...I'm loving this box and I'm voting for the velvet too!
    I hope you've been busy with it since and you'll show us some photos of it soon!!!!
    Love it!

  20. Kitty, that is a beautiful old box. What a wonderful find!


    A treasured Euro Flea Market Chic!!



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