Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love those Browns...

A bit of this, a dash of that..... That's what this post is about. I have some "pretty pictures" for you to see. This is from a recent "antiquing" day with Heather. She has already posted her pretties, so, I guess I am playing catch up :)
It is no secret, I "Love" Ironstone, and all those shades of white, cream, and brown. Love, love, love it!  Speaking of "Those luscious Browns", a little later in the post, I'll show you my "rose making" inspired by the sweet "Ann", of The Tin Rabbit. If you haven't been over,  you must see her blog.  Gorgeous!  But, here are a few more pictures of the shopping trip.

Couldn't pass up the old ironstone sugar bowl.  No lid, but who cares?  Love all those luscious shades.  The brown transferware dish was a great find.  It is now one of my favorites.

I know, don't you just love this simple white jewelry box with the sweet pink velvet and satin lining?   HMMMM?  I was lucky enough to purchase all the jewelry inside, as well.  3 rosaries, a few chains (for creating vintage jewelry), a few pair of earrings, and a gorgeous blue stone chain.  Ah yes, and one sweet Christmas tree pin wich needs a stone replacement.  But, it is an oldey and so very sweet.

Oh, and the lovely millinery, we couldn't believe the luck!

So, as a continuation of "the browns", I popped over to Ann's blog and saw her tutorial on making coffee filter roses (thanks Ann, I love it!).  So, I thought, why not?  I dyed my coffee filters in coffee, cut them up, as per her instructions.  Cut some hymnal petals, and then started on my first rose.  It turned out so-so, not tight enough, not enough petals,  needed more glue.  You know how it goes ~ you have to do a few before you get the "hang" of it.  But alas, I persevered, and was very happy with the last few I did. 

I did decide to add one thing.  I thought wouldn't it be great to hide a few petals of pictures inside the roses?  How fun to walk by the roses and look and know you can have a peak anytime you want...:)  I have a few other ideas that I am going to try.  More on this at a later date :) :) :)

So, off to the printer I flew, printed out a few pictures of the grandkids (in sepia), inked the back side a bit, and tucked a picture petal or two inside the rose. Here's a sneaky peak of the one petal.

I just love the fullness of these roses.  The lusciousness of "ALL THOSE PETALS".  And you can have as many as you want ~ from something so inexpensive as a "coffee filter". 

I plan on making more roses tonight.  It is an easy thing to do while watching TV.  I DVR'ed a movie from Hallmark to watch tonight, so that, with my roses, and a "cuppa" something warm sounds just right....

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  The snow is just about gone now, the tulips and daffodills are starting to pop up, the birds are all pairing up and building their nests.  I can't wait to add some other flowers to these rose beauties.....

Thanks for stopping by, and Blessings to all,




  1. Hello Kitty... oooh, I too love browns! Everything is sooo pretty, but I especially love the brown transferware dish... I have a very small collection of Brown transferware and am always on the lookout for more... your roses are beautiful, and how fun to put a "petal" picture inside... and what an incredible find in the jewelry box, full of jewelry even! Sounds like a very exciting day! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I love all of your browns. They are my favorites. Love the ironstone and the brown transferware is gorgeous. I love it, but it is so hard to find. Great idea with the coffee filter roses. Your jewelry box is fantastic and such a wonderful collection of jewelry too. Lovely. Hugs, Marty

  3. Kitty, that transferware dish you found is a stunner...and i love that jewelry box...the millinery is a beautiful score, lucky both of you...i love the roses you made using Ann's tutorial...they are gorgeous, and how fun that you added the pictures inside, that is such a clever addition to the original design!!!

  4. Kitty...Your roses are just gorgeous and I,too love,love the addition of the photos! Wonderful finds!!! I love the brown transferware...XO,Ann

  5. Mom! Ohhhh the paper flowers are so darling but the little photos inside just make them SO special! Such a cute idea. ;) I would love to try to make some of Ann's roses too.

    Love your pretty finds... especially the brown transferware dish and jewelry!


  6. Those paper roses are so pretty and creative. I love the idea! I'd like to get my hands on all the jewelry in that box! ;-) Your transferware dish is gorgeous too. My blog is sort of centered around transferware so come visit sometime. Thanks for sharing your pretty pics and ideas!

  7. Dear Kitty,

    I am so glad you found so many pretties! I love the ironstone and brown transferware! Lovely! I, too, have purchased a sugar bowl without the lid. It was too pretty, covered in roses, to pass up! The jewelry box lined in pink and all of the vintage jewelry is beautiful!

    I love the paper flowers you made from Ann's lovely tutorial. You did a wonderful job, and the addition of photos is so sweet and creative! Oh, the millinery is beautiful too!

    I hope you have a wonderful week! I am glad you are seeing signs of Spring!

    Love and blessings to you,

  8. Hi Kitty! You did some great shopping. You and Heather always have the best finds! I don't know which one would be my favorite. Love all your findings! And the roses, what a magnificent idea! My aunt and uncle are having their golden wedding anniversary (married for 50 years) next month. I think it would be a lovely idea to make them a bunch of roses and fill each rose with a child's or grandchilds photo. Thanks for inspiration! Hope that all is well with you. Hugs LiLi.

  9. After living thru the 70's I am so surprised that I could ever like brown again, but I do. You really got the hang of the paper roses. I want to try some too. Wouldn't they look nice, just the roses with no stems, sitting in a stoneware bowl or platter?


  10. Coffee filter roses? Sometimes those are just shockingly gorgeous like yours are. Its surprising how little they look like coffee filters. And your secret picture idea is cute as a bug!

    Thanks for letting me know you got your tag book, I'm glad you like it!

  11. Dear sweet Kitty,

    I wanted to thank you for your kind comment, it blessed me so much!!! I am so glad you are seeing flowers peeping out of the earth and are enjoying your flower pot full of pansies! I, too, wish you a glorious weekend! God bless you!!!
    Love, Paula


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