Friday, March 19, 2010

Alice in Wonderland ~ Tag Book Swap ~ It's Here!

Oh, I was so happy to see the tag book package arrive from Karla's Cottage.  In spite of Karla's bout with the flu and then tendinitis, and pleurisy, Karla persevered and sent out the tag books.  I sure hope you are feeling better now, Karla.  That was quite a string of nasties! 

But, here are the pictures of the tags.  I just love it all grouped together, Such a luscious looking little book.  I had to create a few extra of my own tags to include, just so I could remember what I created. 

On the cover is Karla's very own tag.  So so sweet, with Alice and "the key" to the tiny door.  Love all the layering.   I learned so much doing this swap.  I can see how to layer now, and use "extra touches" to make the tags even more wonderful.  I'm including a copy of the backs of the tags so you can see that the girls didn't stop on the front, but continued to create such beautiful backs, most with their signatures.

I'm not going to add to much text now, but just enjoy the tags....

And all I can say now, is I just loved this swap.  I hope to join in the fun again.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Have a great weekend...

Blessings To All,



  1. Kitty amor, these tags are absolutely beautiful! How I would have loved to have taken part in something as beautiful as this swap...but my creative skills would have been to embarrassing to share :) But these lil books are true heirloom treasures! Too bad, reg. paper copies can't be bought of these by us wanna be artists and novices :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful Alice book with us all! Besos, Rose

    ps...I never got a chance to comment on your journal that you made from your daughters tutorial...It came out STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL...actually left me speechless...I am gonna buy ger tutorial and try my own hand at making something lovely too :)

  2. Hi Kitty,
    The tags you received are all gorgeous, simply stunning, but I have to say that the ones you made are beauties too. I saw that Suzanne Duda(?) received one of yours! Those tag book swaps are great aren't they? You can keep the tags easy somewhere within reach, to enjoy them over and over again.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend with your family, warm wishes from afar, LiLi

  3. Oh Kitty!!!
    I love your tag book!!!! I've been hopping and looking at everyone's beautiful Alice tags, wishing I had joined Karla's swap. So much talent out aren't you glad you joined in???
    Lovely work Kitty, I hope that one day we'll be in a swap together :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Wow Kitty! The Alice tag book is so fabulous, you all did an amazing job!

  5. Dear sweet Kitty,
    I love all of the Alice tags! Everyone did such a wonderful job. They are all so beautiful and creative!!! I am going to have to try and make some tags! :) I am so glad you added some of your own pretty tags!

    Have a blessed day!
    Much love,

  6. those are all wonderful...i had seen Sandy Babb's on her blog, and i see you got some of hers...i love how she did Alice's skirt...enjoy your tag book Kitty!!!

  7. What a beautiful tag book…
    I just love how they came out…
    I scrolled down on your blog and took a peek at the tags you made as well, gorgeous…
    I am also enjoying the music that you have on your blog today…


  8. Gorgeous tags Kitty, I can hardly wait to get mine.

    Hugs Karen

  9. I LOVE how the tag book turned out! What an absolutly fun swap! So glad you enjoyed it and your tags were stunning.

    love the music!


  10. Wsa the last tag your''s awesome! I really enjoyed this swap too but I wish I had gotten one of your tags. ;o)

  11. I love the tags I got too! So glad you liked mine! Andrea

  12. I miss having the piles of tags in my studio!! I used to take breaks to look through them all.


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