Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Buttons and Babies....

Isn't this the sweetest bisque baby? This was given to my Mother-in-Law when my husband was born. Notice the little string around his neck with the paper pacifier at the end? I'm not sure why the baby is a red head as my husband is a brunette (well, gray now - lol)! But, he is sweet. The pictures below are of a german bisque baby that I bought at an antiques show Heather and I did in June. The detail on her dress is amazing. The lace with the gold braid, both at the waist and in her hair! So darling! Notice the blue lines that indicate socks and the brown painted on boots. Just love her. Also a sampling of the buttons Heather and I discovered on our jaunt north to the flea market that we were just a bit late for (about a week!) .

You girls will have to bear with me as I learn this picture uploading process. The picture below is the back of the doll dress on my mannequin at the bottom of this post. I'll get it right one of these days. This dress is so cute. The black velvet ribbon threaded through the dress is just too cute. Love the way the top poofs out over. And the lace edge is part of the dress, not added on!

The German bisque doll sits next to a pin cushion I bought at an Antiques Fair. The base is some sort of metal with a gold velvet cushion. Since I had so many rhinestone buttons from a recent jaunt, I pinned them to the top of the pin cushion. I have hat pins and will share those in another post with you. These collections just seem to grow!

These are some more of the button find Heather and I discovered when we went to our Big Flea Market that wasn't! So, the sleuths that we were, we uncovered a local antique shop to find the most beautiful buttons we've ever seen! The lady at the antique store told us alot of the ladies buy them up to make jewelry. Well, I haven't ventured down that road yet!
Don' 'cha just love the small mannequin with the Victorian doll dress? This was my birthday present from my kids and my husband. Notice, I put more rhinestone buttons on top of the neck! What to do with all those buttons? Any ideas? I've put her on top of one of my washstands in the dining room. Just love looking at her.
Well ladies, that's my post for today. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my finds with me. I hope to post some more photos (and hopefully get better at the picture taking!) soon....


  1. I have just hopped over from Heather's blog. I love all of the vintage treasures you too find and post. I wish I had such luck!! Love the dolls and the story behind the dollie at top is sweet! What a treasure!!! I will be back..

    another Heather

  2. well, i see where Heather got all of her lovely good taste!!! what beautiful things to look at...i am trying to get my mother to start a blog but she is reluctant...i love what you are doing here...

  3. Just beautiful, Kitty! I look forward to visiting frequently.

    All of Heather's friends from the PRH group have all been praying for a speedy recovery for your Mom.

    I'd love to exchange links with you if it's OK.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  4. Hi Mom... I love all of your photos and of course love your mannequin!! So cute what you did with the buttons at the top.. I haven't seen that.

    I had to laugh at the photo placement... anyone who has started a blog knows how tricky adding the photos can be! You will get the hang of it in no time.

    Love Heather

  5. I'm so glad to find your blog! I have to say the beautiful gifts you gave to Heather for her birthday are WONDERFUL! So so pretty. I'm also very glad that your mother is on the mend ~ xxoo, Dawn

  6. I love how you and Heather are so similar with the wonderful things you collect!!! Thanks for sharing these beauties with us!

  7. Great stuff! I'll be adding you to my favorites.

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet messages.

    I have enjoyed reading yours and seeing the pretty photos. I love the dolls! I collect dolls too.


  9. Hello again. Love all your treasures. you have a real eye for goodies! Looking forward to seeing more of your collections.
    Kim x

  10. I love that you love dolls ! They really are little people. shhhh, dont tell anyone. lol. Those are beautiful buttons ! Thank you, by the way !! Blessings,


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