Friday, July 20, 2007

Gardening Goodies......

Come along with me and have a glimpse of my garden. Many years ago, when I pulled everything out of this oddly shaped little area, I lovingly referred to it as "The Mud Hole". It is sort of a triangular area, tucked between the front of the house and the sidewalk which approaches the house at an angle. We have a great deal of trees and needless to say, alot of shade. It has always been challenging to find plants that will grow in those little areas that may get just enough sun to plant a "sun loving" plant. Of course the sun lovers are the ones with all the bright beautiful blooms! But, as the years have progressed, I have found some "middle ground" with my garden, and so, we are both happy! The picture above is of the latest addition to my garden. A cute little lion spitter fountain. Not too big for my area and allows a beautiful plant to sit in the top with adequate drainage. Love it. The sound of the water falling into the small pool below is just heavenly!
This little darling has been with me quite awhile. My angel has been glued back together as her feet fell off! But, don't despair, I think she is stronger than ever! She goes in the garage in the late fall and back out in the early spring! She has just enough weathering and moss to make her just scrumptious to look at! As all gardeners know, all the little gardens/flower beds are a constant work-in-progress. She sits in a little flower bed that is no exception to that rule!
I've purchased delphiniums before and have not had alot of luck with them. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to keep these beautiful plants happy? I just love the yummy blue!
A small pond (and I mean small), off my deck in the back of the house. We bought the little frog spitter for the pond when my first grandson was just little. He'd take his buckets and cups and play in the tiny pond. When it would get so hot, I'd strip him down except for his diaper, and he was happy as a lark! Grandson #2 has had some of the same joys! The clematis seems happy here.
I have to say, I love love love these sheep! I do love sheep. Have collected quite a few German sheep and will share that collection with you another time. At Christmas, I sometimes leave them out and put little bells around their necks. They look adorable in the winter with snow piled high atop their heads! They look so cozy sitting here amongst the ajuga and lambs ear!
Well, you have to have a few bunnies? Right? Here's a Mom and Baby bunny sitting underneath my morning glories which seem, this year, to be running a little late. They are just now getting towards the top of the bell pole and I have not had any blooms yet! I'm looking forward to that. Just love morning glories!
This rabbit reminds me of Peter Cotton Tale! He has a wonderful amount of moss growing on him. Just too cute for words!
Pots lined up like soldiers and a few of my new arrivals ready to be planted in the garden.
Need I say more about this plaque? A while back it broke in two. I was heart broken. My wonderful husband got the right kind of glue (maybe Gorilla Glue??) and glued it back together. I just love it!
This chimney pot is my prize! My grandmother who has only been gone a few years now, always had gazing balls in her yard. This one is in honor of her and sits nicely on top of the chimney pot! Chimney pots, for those that haven't seen them, are old chimneys from the tops of buildings here in my area. Probably from around the turn of the century. I've seen people fill them with dirt and plants flowers and ivy in them. Gorgeous!

A kitty cat and another of my cherubs. She sits on a bench watching anyone coming down my walk.
St. Francis of Aseci (spelling?). I love the idea that there is someone watching out for the animals.
Well, that's my post for today. I could have put a ton more pictures in, but will save more for a later date. I'd love your comments on your gardens and what you do to make them special? Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.
Just to let you all know, my mother is coming along from her stroke. She is getting stronger every day. Getting things lined up for her therapy and more tests has been a bit of a problem, but we are getting there! Thanks for all your prayers. Please keep praying!


  1. Oh Kitty, your garden is absolutely gorgeous!! I loved all the pictures you posted. You definitely have a green thumb ~ the garden statuary is so beautiful too. I'm so glad you glued together the pieces that were broken over time. I just love it all! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Mom... your garden pictures look beautiful and i haven't seen the fountain yet in person so I am happy to see it here on your blog. It is so pretty with the fern on top!!! It is just what you needed for your fabulous "mud hole"

    Everything is Heather

  3. Oh Kitty, that just feeds my soul to see your pretty garden. Living in the desert I long for a bit of green, and your garden is so tranquil. I love all your statues ! Still praying for your Mom.

  4. Wow, Kitty, how serene your garden must be! I just love all the statuary. Especially love the cherubs & those precious lambs!!

    You are coming along so nicely with your blog. Love all the pretty pics of your home, am looking forward to more. You are in my favs to visit!!

    BTW, I have been looking for a chimney pot ~ they just are sooo expensive around here! And your first pic with the chandelier lit, looks like it should be in a magazine!!

    Angelic Accents

  5. Kitty, what a treasure you have in that lovely garden. It's like your own little piece of Heaven! I love all the statues. Oh, to have a "mud hole" like that....

  6. Kitty, what a lovely garden area,
    I have a small corner I call my "angel garden". Each piece you have is beautiful, especially the lambs!
    I've added your blog to my blog friends, please add me to yours.
    Isn't this fun? thanks,

  7. Congratulations on your new blog, it's looking gorgeous! I love the look of your stone cottage! I'm also really glad your mum is on the mend!

  8. Thank you for letting us visit your garden, it is just beautiful. Laurie

  9. Hi Kitty,
    Thanks so much for visiting my new's lovely to meet you!!

    And I just love all the pics of your garden, it looks so beautiful! It's the kind of garden that my kids would love to play in...the little pond and the weathered ornaments are so special. I will have to show it to my son, at just 7 he is already a keen gardener ~ we have the garden knomes to prove it too!!

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  10. How beautiful! I have a triangular area, that I call the weed hole! I need professional help with it!

  11. Your garden looks beautiful - love all the statues particularly the angel.
    Kim x

  12. Your garden is devine :) I can just imagine myself being right there when I look at all the lovely photos you shared.

  13. What a magical and inspiring garden you have Kitty!!!!

    Oh and thank you for adding my website to your fave sites, that is so sweet of you!

  14. Your garden is absolutely enchanting. You have a wonderful collection of statues. I especially adore the sheep. Your ajuga looks so healthy. I just planted some for the first time. I'm thinking I may need to move it to a shadier spot. So glad to have found your blog!

  15. Kitty, your garden is so lovely, what a delight for the eyes.

    I love all your garden statues, (I think my favorite has to be your "glued" angel!) pretty. I have always wanted a fountain, too...Heather is right, it is so pretty with the fern.

    Wishing you a lovely week,

  16. Your garden is just gorgeous. thanks for sharing all that beauty and the ststues.

    Where is your Halloween Swap items? I'm holding my breath? smile.


  17. Your garden is just gorgeous. thanks for sharing all that beauty and the ststues.

    Where is your Halloween Swap items? I'm holding my breath? smile.


  18. love your St. Francis of Assisi( my best guess!) Your garden is lovely but I must admit I was looking for your fun swap goodies today. Hope all is well with you seeing you have not posted for awhile. Take care.

  19. Oh my Kitty; I just love you garden, and all of your garden friends. You have such a green thumb, and a eye for decorating. Just love it all.
    My yard is still a work in progress, and long progress. lol. I am having fun though.


  20. Love that purple gazing ball! I've seen gazing balls used as a centerpiece for garden spinner. I think they're positively dazzling!


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