Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life Is A Test......

Thanks to all of you for stopping by my blog. I promise you I will be more diligent in putting lots of pictures on the blog and sharing my finds, as well as my home. Last night I had the time to take some photos and will soon put some new posts.

Heather and I have been quite busy this last week as my Mother had a small stroke. Those of you that have had serious illnesses in your families can relate to what absolutely needs to be done to get your loved ones back home. Mom is home now and improving a little every day. Dad is so happy to have her home. They have been married 57 years and he is absolutely lost without her. I think she missed him too (ha! ha!), even though it might have been a stretch to get her to say that.

My Mother is absolutely the strongest person I know. Her strength is a daily inspiration to me. If anyone can come back from this life test, she can. Please keep her in your prayers.

Talk to all of you soon!


  1. Hi Kitty,
    I will surely keep your Mom in my prayers. You certainly are a loving Mother and Daughter!
    With Kindness,

  2. Hi Kitty,
    So glad your mother is improving, I was so sad for Heather when she told me about her. You're all in my prayers xo


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