Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Love Those Cute Little Baby Quilts.....

Isn't this the cutest little patchwork baby quilt? So many blocks. So much work! It seems to have cotton fabric. I'm thinking a new backing was added over an old one because I can see striped fabric behind it. I have a collection of quilts. I haven't paid alot of money for them. But I love them. I'll put a post on soon to show you some of them.

This is a closeup of some of the fabric on the patchwork quilt. What age do you think the fabric is? Some of you quilters out there probably know. I was guessing 40's?

This is the other baby quilt I got. I just love the fabric. It has some spots and could stand washing, but I am always afraid to do that. I'm afraid the colors will run. Especially the reds. What do some of you recommend as far as cleaning? I'd love to get your thoughts.

This is some of the fabric on the back of the floral quilt. Again, can anyone guess an age?

Well, that's my post for today. I've been on vacation this week and lots of chores have been calling my name! So, until the next post.......


  1. Hi Mom! I see you got your quilts up! I love the one with the floral back.. I am only going to guess that it might be 40's as I have no idea... but aren't those big florals typical of the 30s and 40s?

    I wonder about that betty boop fabric too.. I looked it up and betty boop has been around since the 30's but don't know when the fabric may have been popular.

    love Heather

  2. Adorable quilts! I really like that red floral on the second one. And are those morning glories on there, too? Beautiful!

    Well, on the first quilt, the fabrics look to be 40's and 50's.

    Notice that pink and gray print in the bottom row of the close up and the larger tan daisy print with a thin black outline...those colors and type of design were popular in the 50's.

    In the second quilt, I think the front is 1940's, possibly even a tablecloth fabric.
    But the backing has a wide range of fabrics possibly dating from 40-50's (Betty Boop and small green print) to the 1960-70's (large blue/green floral and the orange, pink, and yellow floral).

    I can't really help with the washing. Running colors always scares me, too. LOL

    Can't wait to see the rest of your collection!

    Kimberly :)

  3. Hi !! What a pretty blog you have ! I am adding you to my favorites ! I agree , the fabrics look more 50's to me. You can rub a lemon on the spots and then wash in Woolite. That is a very gentle way to go. You could put a few drops of water on the colored area and blot with a white cloth to test colorfast as well before washing if you are unsure. This is a great link for cleaning Vintage linens : http://www.collectibles-network.com/index.php?page=en_Cleaning+Vintage+Linens+-+Part+I&p=Anitas_Stuff
    Hope that helps ! :)

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  5. You've got some great quilts there! I have a few old quilts too, from the US!!! So does my mother, and she sews quilts for fun, by hand (no machine in sight!)
    Thanks for showing them to us!

  6. Came over to say Hi, Better watch it, this blogging is addicting lol Love the quilt you acquired! Laurie

  7. Very pretty quilts, I have a friend who deals in quilts and vintage linens. She washes her quilts in Biz, then lays them on the grass in her back yard in the sun till dry. I'm fairlyl new to blogging too, pretty soon you will be an expert! If you don't mind I'd like to add you to my blogfriends. You have a wonderful talented daughter, my PRH friend.

  8. A BIG HELLO to you Heathers Mom!!!
    WELCOME to blog land!

    You are going to be addicted before you know it!
    Love those pretty quilts...I too love vintage quilts...they are so soft and well loved!

    Hugz, Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

  9. Found your blog from your daughters lovely. In Us You have the fantastic tradition of quilts, where you still can see the print. In sweden where i live they usually turned the rags into wowen rag-rugs, where theres just a shade of the colour. Good- luck whith the blog//Linnea

  10. Hello and welcome! Your daughter sent me over for a visit! love those quilts and am looking forward to seeing more of your collection. Hope you enjoy your time blogging.

  11. Welcome, welcome!!
    Love your quilts...I also have gotten an ebay quilt..a friendship one for only $40-I couldn't believe it!

  12. Hi Heather's Mom,
    I love your little quilts. I wash mine in cold water and ivory snow with a little oxyclean. I haven't hurt one yet. Yours are so cute. I love that Betty Boop fabric!

  13. I have hand washed many an antique linen in johnsons baby shampoo. Then spread in the sun to dry.

    I think the floral fabric is a tablecloth as well. Stunning quilts.


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